Area 120 is beginning to use Google’s massive reach to scale HTML5 GameSnacks platform

Hundreds of millions of users, especially in developing markets, don’t own high-end smartphones and can’t afford fast data plans to enjoy much of anything on the web. Google has been exploring multiple ways to better serve this segment of the user base.

Sources: Lightspeed Venture Partners is close to hiring a new London-based partner to put down furth

Lightspeed Venture Partners, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm that has backed the likes of DoubleClick and Snapchat, is in the midst of hiring a new London-based investment partner as it looks to put down further ties to Europe, TechCrunch has learned.

How to ace the 1-hour, and ever-elusive, pitch presentation at TC Early Stage

Lisa Wu, a partner at Norwest with investments like Calm, Plaid, Opendoor and Grove Collaborative, has a message for founders: Think like a VC during your pitch presentation. After all, accepting capital isn’t simply adding more money to your balance sheet.

Hear from Black Female Founders, Latinx founders, Startout and Socos Labs next week at TC Sessions:

We’re less than a week away from TC Sessions: Justice 2021, a deep, day-long exploration of diversity, inclusion and equity in tech. On Wednesday, March 3, leading experts, founders, social justice warriors will discuss topics ranging from systemic bias,

Aurora acquires a second lidar company in push to bring self-driving trucks to the road

Aurora, the autonomous vehicle company that recently closed its acquisition of Uber’s self-driving subsidiary, has snapped up another startup.  This time, Aurora is buying OURS Technology, the second lidar startup it has acquired in less than two years. Aurora acquired Blackmore,

Only a few hours left to buy early-bird passes to TC Early Stage 2021

By now you probably know that we’re hosting two TC Early Stage events this year — one on April 1-2 and another on July 8-9 — each with its own set of topics, speakers and content — both designed to help nascent startup founders build a better, more successful business. What you may not know […]

Jumia co-CEO Jeremy Hodara talks African e-commerce, and his company’s path to profitability

This month, African e-commerce giant Jumia released its second full-year financials for Q4 and its fiscal year 2020. The results were mixed — active customers and gross profit increased, while orders and gross merchandise volume (GMV) fell.

Jamaica’s JamCOVID pulled offline after third security lapse exposed travelers’ data

Jamaica’s JamCOVID app and website were taken offline late on Thursday following a third security lapse, which exposed quarantine orders on more than half a million travelers to the island. JamCOVID was set up last year to help the government process travelers arriving on the island.

Android’s latest update will let you schedule texts, secure your passwords, and more

Google today announced the next set of features coming to Android, including a new password checkup tool, a way to schedule your texts, along with other improvements to products like its screen reader TalkBack, Maps, Assistant, and Android Auto.

Project management service ZenHub raises $4.7M

ZenHub, the GitHub-centric project management service for development teams, today announced that it has raised a $4.7 million seed funding round from Canada’s BDC Capital and Ripple Ventures. This marks the first fundraise for the Vancouver,

Archer Aviation aims to launch network of urban air taxis in Los Angeles by 2024

Archer Aviation, the electric aircraft startup that recently announced a deal to go public via a merger with a blank-check company, plans to launch a network of its urban air taxis in Los Angeles by 2024. The announcement comes two months after the formation of the Urban Air Mobility Partnership,


深圳和苏州2014年8月11日电 /美通社/ -- 深圳微芯生物科技有限责任公司与苏州康宁杰瑞生物科技有限公司今天宣布,双方已就战略合作达成一项框架性协议,计划整合双方的优势技术资源,探索微芯生物选择性组蛋白去乙酰化酶抑制剂(HDACi)新药西达本胺与程序性死亡受体 1配体(PD-L1)抗体KN035联合使用的抗肿瘤协同作用新机制,期望在短期内获得突破性成果,为众多肿瘤患者带来新的希望。


《日落过载(Sunset Overdrive)》这款游戏经常毁掉我对事物的专注力,不过这正合我意,在我体验这款 […]


鲍里斯-约翰逊、切丽-布莱尔、莱昂内尔-巴贝尔、特雷弗-曼纽尔和昂山素季将作为演讲嘉宾出席全球法律峰会 伦敦2014年11月19日电 /美通社/ -- 将于2015年2月23日至25日在伦敦举行的世界级国际法律与商业活动 -- 全球法律峰会 (The Global Law Summit) 今天宣布,伦敦现任市长鲍里斯-约翰逊 (Boris Johnson)、Omnia Strategy LLP 创始人兼董事长切丽-布莱尔 (Cherie Blair QC)、《金融时报》总编辑莱昂内尔-巴贝尔 (Lionel Barber) 和 Rothschild Group 全球高级顾问、前南非总统府部长(1994年至2014年)特雷弗-曼纽尔 (Trevor Manuel) 将出席此次峰会。 


一、竞品确定 据从做手游发布的同学那了解,苹果手机助手中pp助手和91助手的用户量较多,itools和同步推量 […]

微软想要的不只是Android与iOS 1亿次下载

微软第一次在iOS平台推出Office应用还要追溯到2013年的6月,但当时iOS上的Office并不好用,同 […]

纳尔科在中国正式推出新一代 3D TRASAR 冷却水技术

业内领先的一站式水管理解决方案,更强大的处理能力,帮助企业实现商业目标 上海2015年11月9日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,纳尔科,艺康集团的子公司,在中国大陆和港澳台地区,正式推出新一代 3D TRASAR™ 冷却水技术。

明益街坊?買 Surface Book 或 Surface Pro 4 即送 Xbox One ?

每當一款產品準備推出新型號時,為求將舊型號散貨,廠商往往都會實行減價措拖。不過 Microsoft 最近就推出 …The post 明益街坊?買 Surface Book 或 Surface Pro 4 即送 Xbox One ? appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.


【媒体报导】10月18日消息,奇迹暖暖手游携手施华蔻在今日的更新中将施华蔻经典斐丝丽同款娃娃造型套装上架游戏商城。近币购买,价格还不贵,有积蓄的玩家快去收藏吧!奇迹暖暖手游本次携手施华蔻上架的斐丝丽娃娃 ... ...



不升iOS 10也可以通过预测键盘输入表情啦

在 iOS 10 中用户可以通过输入的方式,让键盘顶栏显示一些他们想要使用的表情。而有的用户不愿意将自己的设备升级到 iOS 10,那就没法用这个新功能了。那么在这里我们像你推荐一款新的插件 EmojiSuggest,这样在 iOS 9 中你也可以享受类似功能了。  EmojiSuggest 支持用户使用各种各样的表情来替换文字,比如开心、伤心、生气的表情等。

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