Registration for TC Disrupt 2021 is now open

Mark your calendar for TechCrunch’s annual celebration of the startup community — TC Disrupt 2021 returns this September 21-23! At Disrupt, you’ll rub virtual elbows with the thousands of startup founders, investors and innovators building cutting-edge products and companies.

Sources: Lightspeed Venture Partners is close to hiring a new London-based partner to put down furth

Lightspeed Venture Partners, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm that has backed the likes of DoubleClick and Snapchat, is in the midst of hiring a new London-based investment partner as it looks to put down further ties to Europe, TechCrunch has learned.

How to ace the 1-hour, and ever-elusive, pitch presentation at TC Early Stage

Lisa Wu, a partner at Norwest with investments like Calm, Plaid, Opendoor and Grove Collaborative, has a message for founders: Think like a VC during your pitch presentation. After all, accepting capital isn’t simply adding more money to your balance sheet.

Hear from Black Female Founders, Latinx founders, Startout and Socos Labs next week at TC Sessions:

We’re less than a week away from TC Sessions: Justice 2021, a deep, day-long exploration of diversity, inclusion and equity in tech. On Wednesday, March 3, leading experts, founders, social justice warriors will discuss topics ranging from systemic bias,

Aurora acquires a second lidar company in push to bring self-driving trucks to the road

Aurora, the autonomous vehicle company that recently closed its acquisition of Uber’s self-driving subsidiary, has snapped up another startup.  This time, Aurora is buying OURS Technology, the second lidar startup it has acquired in less than two years. Aurora acquired Blackmore,

Only a few hours left to buy early-bird passes to TC Early Stage 2021

By now you probably know that we’re hosting two TC Early Stage events this year — one on April 1-2 and another on July 8-9 — each with its own set of topics, speakers and content — both designed to help nascent startup founders build a better, more successful business. What you may not know […]

Jumia co-CEO Jeremy Hodara talks African e-commerce, and his company’s path to profitability

This month, African e-commerce giant Jumia released its second full-year financials for Q4 and its fiscal year 2020. The results were mixed — active customers and gross profit increased, while orders and gross merchandise volume (GMV) fell.

Jamaica’s JamCOVID pulled offline after third security lapse exposed travelers’ data

Jamaica’s JamCOVID app and website were taken offline late on Thursday following a third security lapse, which exposed quarantine orders on more than half a million travelers to the island. JamCOVID was set up last year to help the government process travelers arriving on the island.

How to overcome the challenges of switching to usage-based pricing

The shift from pure subscription to usage-based pricing is nearly as complex as going from on-premise to SaaS.

Kleeen raises $3.8M to make front-end design for business applications easy

Building a front-end for business applications is often a matter of reinventing the wheel, but because every business’ needs are slightly different, it’s also hard to automate. Kleeen is the latest startup to attempt this,

Area 120 is beginning to use Google’s massive reach to scale HTML5 GameSnacks platform

Hundreds of millions of users, especially in developing markets, don’t own high-end smartphones and can’t afford fast data plans to enjoy much of anything on the web. Google has been exploring multiple ways to better serve this segment of the user base.

Lytro Founded A Movement, But The Illum Camera Isn’t Where That Movement Is Headed

Lytro’s new Illum camera is the company’s second take at hardware, and by all accounts a significant improvement over the original light-field camera. It offers all the same post-capture focus changing abilities, and the more recently-introduced perspective shifting features,

Angry Birds CEO Resigns Because Who the Hell Still Plays That?

There was a moment in recent history when Angry Birds, a smartphone game people play on the toilet, was poised to sweep all of pop culture. There would be Angry Bird theme parks, museums, stuffed animals, and tampons. Now, that dream is dead.Read more...

雷军:小米手机4将发布双11低配版 降低内存至2GB价格1799元


Intel To Expand Core M Broadwell Line With Faster Dual-Core Processors

MojoKid writes: Intel didn't waste much time following-up on its initial Core M lineup launch. The company has added 4 more Core M models to its roster. Like the launch chips, these four are dual-core designs that support HyperThreading to enable an effective four logical threads for processing.



23 stunning pieces of Severus Snape fan art in honor of Alan Rickman

Harry Potter fans have come out in full force pay tribute to Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in the film adaptations of J.K. Rowling's books.See also:



继“北京杭州双主场”后 天猫宣布发力一线城市

3 月 8 日下午消息,在启动杭州+北京双主场战略半年后,天猫方面宣布将全面提升一线城市服务,天猫超市作为先锋,携 10 亿元红包等重礼砸向北上广深杭五大城市。  10 亿红包砸向北上广深杭  一线城市是商业 ... ...

Java 多态透析 详细理解 - 此去经年ぢ

1:什么是多态 一个对象的多种状态 (老师)(员工)(儿子) 教师 a =老钟; 员工 b =老钟; 2:多态体现 父类引用变量指向了子类的对象 Father f = new Son(); 父类引用也可以接受自己的子类对象 1:Father类 1:非静态成员变量x 2:静态成员变量y 3:非静态方法

二叉树(大体框架) - Young_For_You

二叉树的简介: 树形结构是一类重要的非线性数据结构,其中以树和二叉树最为常用。二叉树是每个结点最多有两个子树的有序树。通常子树的根被称作“左子树”(left subtree)和“右子树”(right subtree)。二叉树常被用作二叉查找树和二叉堆或是二叉排序树。(这些结构呢在后面的博客中将一一讲

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