New Windows Feature Experience Pack improves reliability of the handwriting input panel for Beta Cha

Microsoft has released a new Windows Feature Experience Pack update for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel. Coming in at version 120.2212.3030.0 it is for Beta Channel Insiders who are on Windows 10 20H2 and apparently also some Insiders who have opted in to receive the Windows 10 21H1 Update,

Google’s ChromeOS slid pass macOS as it encroached on Windows market share in 2020

The rising tide of PC sales during the pandemic helped lift the boats for Windows PC manufacturers, Apple MacBook sales, and even the adoption of ChromeOS. According to market research firm IDC,

Microsoft’s new Digital Marketing Center is a free alternative to Squarespace for small businesses

Microsoft announced today that it’s launching a new website creation service intended to help small businesses “expand their digital marketing efforts, allowing them to grow their business.

New optional patches are available for Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 2004

Microsoft has just released new optional patches for Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 2004 which include a couple of minor fixes. The updates will appear as “KB4601382″ in Windows Update, and the new bits address an issue with screen rendering after opening games with certain hardware configurations,

Office Insiders can now generate PowerPoint presentations from Word documents

Microsoft is adding a nifty new intelligent feature to Word on the web that will let users automatically convert text-based documents to PowerPoint presentations. This capability is currently rolling out in preview to Office Insiders (Targeted release customers),

Windows 10 Insider build 21322 is now available in the Dev Channel

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 preview build 21322 for Insiders in the Dev Channel. This is a minor update that actually removes a couple of things such as the 3D Objects folder in File Explorer,

5 things the new Microsoft Edge does great that Google Chrome can’t

If you didn’t already know, Microsoft has a new Edge browser, and it’s a lot better than what we’ve now come to know as the “legacy” version of Microsoft Edge.

Google’s been lobbying for more scrutiny into Microsoft’s liability for SolarWinds hack

Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has attempted to put the screws to Google through public statements and private lobbying while the company fends off several antitrust cases globally. Fortunately, for Google,

Microsoft Teams will lets users share Meet Now links without starting a meeting

Microsoft is adding a new feature in Teams that will enable users to copy and share a Meet Now without starting the meeting first. According to the Teams roadmap, this update will begin rolling out to the Microsoft Teams Mac and Windows desktop clients and the Web app in late February.

Microsoft reveals new Games with Gold for March

Microsoft has announced March’s Games with Gold titles, and it’s a pretty good selection of titles this month. The list includes Warface: Breakout and Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. On Xbox 360, meanwhile, the titles include Metal Slug 3 and Port Royale 3.

Getting started with LinkedIn Part 2 – for students

As an undergraduate, you must have heard of LinkedIn? LinkedIn allows users to manage career opportunities, network, and demonstrate personal accomplishments. Through the platform, a person can find a job, explore a particular industry, and reach out to potential employers.

Build 2014 recap: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update, and the Start menu returns

4G手机放量难 中移动或将扩大补贴范围


Deadspin Sepp Blatter Will Resign | io9 One Thing the Game of Thrones TV Show Does So Much Better Th

Deadspin Sepp Blatter Will Resign | io9 One Thing the Game of Thrones TV Show Does So Much Better Than the Books | Jezebel How to Fix a Racist Frat | Lifehacker The Patriot Act Is Changing. Here’s What That Means for Your Privacy | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

还在讨论 Apple Pay?Google 想让让你动动嘴就完成支付

activiti自定义流程之整合(三):整合自定义表单创建模型 - Past_Future

本来在创建了表单之后应该是表单列表和预览功能,但是我看了看整合的代码,和之前没有用angularjs的基本没有什么变化,一些极小的变动也只是基于angularjs的语法,因此完全可以参考之前说些的表单列表展示相关的内容,这里也就直接进入到下一个步骤,创建流程模型了。 在之前的创建流程模型一节里,我讲

Dildo-drone will fly out of your crotch and into your heart

Drones: they deliver weapons, Amazon packages, and now — enormous orgasms.A new drone by a mysterious company called Dildo Everything gives dildos the wings to fly. Sure, it's entirely possible that the product is a fake ( leads to nowhere). But who cares?

The fourth awakens as the Microsoft Store celebrates Star Wars Day

The Microsoft Store is featuring Star Wars products and deals in honor of May the Fourth.The post The fourth awakens as the Microsoft Store celebrates Star Wars Day appeared first on WinBeta.

We Finally Know What Causes Volcanic Lightning

Image: Martin Ritze Volcanic lightning is one of nature’s most epic displays, but what exactly causes the phenomenon is a longstanding mystery. Now, by studying high-speed footage of electrified volcanic outbursts at Mount Sakurajima,

Kratos' new dad role colors his story in the next 'God of War'

Kratos, the thunderous star of God of War, returned to the fold with an epic gameplay demo at the start of Sony's E3 press conference. But his arrival raises questions for series fans: is this an open-world game now? What’s the role for Kratos’ son?


GSMA移动连接指数为该产业致力于普遍接入互联网的工作提供支持 伦敦--(美国商业资讯)--GSMA已推出一款新的在线工具,用于评定全球逾130个国家让其无法上网的公民连接移动互联网的能力。GSMA移动连接指数(GSMA Mobile Connectivity Index)用于评定每个国家推动移动互联网普及的四大促成因素:基础设施;可负担性;消费者就绪状态;和内容。该工具将多个来源1的同类最佳数据进行整合,旨在支持移动产业和更广泛的国际社区致力于实现普遍接入互联网雄心壮志的工作。  

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