Google’s ChromeOS slid pass macOS as it encroached on Windows market share in 2020

The rising tide of PC sales during the pandemic helped lift the boats for Windows PC manufacturers, Apple MacBook sales, and even the adoption of ChromeOS. According to market research firm IDC,

Microsoft Teams now lets Mac users share system audio with Meetings participants

The desktop version of Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that will enable Mac users to share system audio with other meeting participants. So far, this capability has been limited to the Windows client, but that's starting to change. ... Read more

Microsoft Edge's surf game is now available on other web browsers

Along with the rollout of Microsoft Edge 90 and its list of new features the team also rolled out its timewaster surf game to other browsers. Back in November of 2019, the Microsoft Edge team enabled an 8-bit surfing game ... Read more

Tune in to OnPodcast this Sunday at 9 AM PT! We're talking to a Windows Insider MVP, recapping the S

Greetings, readers! OnMSFT here with an announcement. OnPodcast, the podcast is on schedule this week for 9 AM PT Sunday on YouTube Premiere for yet another episode. For this week's episode, we're chatting with a special guest, Windows Insider ... Read more

Microsoft Edge Canary comes to Android with the promise of daily updates

Microsoft has quietly released a new Canary version of its Edge browser on the Google Play Store, which Android users can install alongside the regular version of the app. Microsoft Edge Canary for Android was first spotted on Reddit (via ... Read more

PowerToys experimental version 0.36 is now available with Video Conference Mute tool

Microsoft has released a new update of its PowerToys suite of tools to users running the pre-release versions. The experimental version 0.36 contains all the additions and fixes that were included in version 0.35, along with the much-anticipated Video Conference ... Read more

Microsoft Lists app is now available for Apple's iPad tablets

The relatively new iOS Microsoft Lists app updated to Version 1.36.14 this week. While this update did include the usual minor improvements and bug fixes, it also added support for iPad. Microsoft Lists has only supported the iPhone since it ... Read more

Microsoft Remote Desktop app updates twice for Macs with new functionality and fixes

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Apple’s Mac computers updated twice this week with a variety of changes. Among the more noteworthy changes made with these app updates is the addition of support for Apple Silicon (Apple’s new ARM-based Mac ... Read more

Microsoft’s new Digital Marketing Center is a free alternative to Squarespace for small businesses

Microsoft announced today that it’s launching a new website creation service intended to help small businesses “expand their digital marketing efforts, allowing them to grow their business.

New optional patches are available for Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 2004

Microsoft has just released new optional patches for Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 2004 which include a couple of minor fixes. The updates will appear as “KB4601382″ in Windows Update, and the new bits address an issue with screen rendering after opening games with certain hardware configurations,

Office Insiders can now generate PowerPoint presentations from Word documents

Microsoft is adding a nifty new intelligent feature to Word on the web that will let users automatically convert text-based documents to PowerPoint presentations. This capability is currently rolling out in preview to Office Insiders (Targeted release customers),

UI 第二篇:基本UI - Levi-段玉磊

1.UI书写:一个小练习图片如下:代码如下:@implementationAppDelegate{UIControl*control;UILabel*label;} label= [[UILabelalloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10,50,300,50)];contr...


执行力也是一个颇具争议的名词,几路观点各执一词,有说执行力差是执行者的能力问题,也有说执行力差是管理者目标不明 […]

业界良心?iOS版 Office 编辑不再需要订阅

早在今年 3 月,微软就推出了 Office for iPad,将 Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 带到了 iOS 平台。微软的这一举动受到了 iPad 用户的欢迎,因为 Office for iPad 上架至今的下载量已经突破了 4000 万次。

《SQL Server企业级平台管理实践》读书笔记——几个系统库的备份与恢复 - 指尖流淌

master数据库master作为数据库的主要数据库,记录着SQL Server系统的所有系统级信息,例如登录用户、系统配置设置、端点和凭证以及访问其他数据服务器所需要的信息。

Harvard-based Xfund Closes A $100M Second Fund

Xfund, the investment firm based at Harvard, has closed a second fund of $100 million. Founded in January 2012 as as partnership between the university and NEA, Breyer Capital, Accel Partners, and Polaris Partners,

iOS 8 安装率目前已超70% 静待系统大更新

威锋网讯,在今年的 1 月份,苹果的官方数据显示 iOS 8 的安装率已经达到了 68%。尽管不少的报道提到安装率和去年同期的 iOS 7 相比提升还是比较缓慢,但苹果还是希望其最新的操作系统能拥有更高的安装率。  

A New Paint Made From Glass Reflects the Sun To Cool Down Cars and Homes

The sun’s harsh rays don’t just turn metal surfaces into flying pans, they can also accelerate deterioration and corrosion, and make it harder to keep structures cool.

Nerdy Paper Lanterns For Those Who Prefer Star Wars or Treks

Paper lanterns are the cardboard furniture of the lighting world. They’re light, they’re cheap, and they’re incredibly fragile. But there’s even more reason to take good care of these paper lanterns from ThinkGeek:


中国常州2016年4月12日电 /美通社/ -- 4月11日晚,有媒体记者发表《无锡尚德总裁唐骏应海关协助调查天合光能或涉同类案件》的报道,并在原文表述称:“知情人士告诉本报,被海关请去调查的还涉国内另一大光伏巨头 -- 天合光能(TSL.NYSE),不过记者尚未拨通天合光能相关人士的电话。”对此,本公司郑重声明,该报道涉及天合光能的内容严重失实,公司并不存在有任何员工“被海关请去调查”的情况,望有关媒体记者恪守新闻真实性原则,将职业操守常存心中,避免误导。 关于天合光能 天合光能有限公司(TSL)是全球领先的组件供应商,一流的系统集成商和智慧能源的开拓者。

Google Says It's Just Too Hard to Come Up With a Name For Android N

Nougat. Nutter Butter. Nutella. Nope. Google just can’t think of a good “n” name for the latest version of Android, so Google wants us to come up with it. What? Google wants us to search for something?Read more...

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