Without Scotland, UK Loses Global Clout

At every checkpoint in eastern Ukraine rebels in teeshirts and combats, khaki bandanas around their heads, kalashnikovs slung across their shoulders, demanded to see our documents"Scottish television!" we would cry as we showed our British passports.See also: Disunited Kingdom:

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Founder of Street Soccer Scotland uses a Lumia to fight poverty

David Duke, the founder of Street Soccer Scotland, explains how Lumia helps him organize his nonprofit’s efforts to fight poverty in Scotland. According to Duke, “one in five children in Scotland live in poverty,”...

Scotland benefits from fibre broadband rolling out at record speed

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been boasting that 150,000 homes and businesses have been covered in the fastest rollout of its kind in the UK.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/11/11/scotland-benefits-from-fibre-broadband-rolling-out-at-record-speed/

Scotland to enjoy fast broadband push

The £410 million Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is moving forward as 90,000 homes and businesses across 18 Scottish local authorities are set to get fibre broadband.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/23/scotland-to-enjoy-fast-broadband-push/

Can David Cameron Stay if Scotland Goes?

Prime Minister David Cameron makes his last campaign trip to Scotland on Monday. By the end of this week, he will know whether the country he was elected to run has shattered on his watch.

What's Next for Scotland?

GLASGOW, Scotland — Scotland voted 'No' to independence on Thursday. After a long night, here are some of the key questions to consider: What happened?

Digital Scotland broadband rollout brings fibre to 90,000 Scottish premises

Some 90,000 homes and businesses (in 18 local authority areas) will feel the benefit from the programme which targets areas not covered by commercial fibre deployment.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/17/digital-scotland-broadband-rollout-brings-fibre-to-90000-scottish-premises/

NextGen Expo Scotland 2014: What to look out for

NextGen Expo Scotland is one the calendar's biggest events designed to bring together professionals from the public, private and third sectors in Scotland.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/13/nextgen-expo-scotland-2014-what-to-expect/

Scotland Decides: the Economics of the Unknown

NORTH QUEENSFERRY, Scotland — You know what it’s like in a city with a football team, on a big day?

Scuffles in Scotland After Vote Against Independence

There were scuffles in Scotland on Friday after crowds for and against independence gathered at the center of Glasgow,

UK Offers Scotland More Autonomy Ahead of Independence Vote

LONDON — The British government plans to offer Scotland more financial autonomy in the coming days, as polls predict a very close vote in the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

This girl realizing we don't 'live inside the earth' is better than most reality TV

Before we begin, we'd like to clarify that we do not live "inside the earth." We live on the surface of the earth. Should we have to spell this out? Probably not, but better safe than sorry.On Wednesday, Twitter user @LoveMahalHappy tweeted a video of her sister realizing that, in fact,

Black Friday 4K TV sales start now: Get the cheapest OLEDs from Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more

Shopping in the UK? Check out the Black Friday TV deals we've found just for you.If you're shopping for a new 4K TV on Black Friday this year, you're in luck.With Black Friday quickly approaching (it's on Nov. 23 this year),

Everything we learned about 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 this week

Much like winter, Game of Thrones is coming. While most details about Season 8 of Thrones have been kept under wraps by HBO, the powers that be have decided to allow a few cracks in the wall of information as the final season approaches — here's what was spilled just this week. SEE ALSO:

Creepy 'Black Mirror' board game 'Nosedive' lets you rate your friends

If you've ever wanted to feel what it's like to be in an episode of Black Mirror, now's your chance.A Black Mirror-inspired board game called Nosedive was revealed Thursday,

The Dyson Ball vacuum is on sale for $230 off at Macy's, dropping the price to just $199

Who's excited to host their entire extended family for the holidays?! Yeah, we get it. And apparently so does Macy's, since they currently have the Dyson Big Ball Multi-Floor Pro Canister for a whopping $230 off its listing price of $429.99. The holiday season means lots of celebration, food,

Facebook cuts ties with political consulting firm Definers

They smoked, but did not inhale.Facebook has decided to stop working with the consulting firm Definers, the company wrote in a statement published Thursday. It also denied that Facebook ever contracted Definers to do opposition research-style work on its behalf.

Why modern life needs modern banking

Ad Content from CitiFrom eschewing bar soap to turning their noses up at mayonnaise, Millennials just want to do things differently—and that’s true in many ways, including reimagining how our society views common life decisions.Mostly,

'The Mindy Project' Season Premiere Could Make Anyone Love the Show

The Mindy Project returned with a new season Tuesday night on Fox, several long months after the show finally got main characters Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina) into a proper relationship togetherAnd the wait was well worth itFrom the start of the episode,

The Latest Twitter Meme is a Passive-Agressive Bunny

The latest meme to hop on Twitter isn't another nonchalant emoticon such as the Smug Shrug. It's a passive-agressive bunny.Twitter has long been a forum for members of the media to have an open dialogue, to share ideas and stories in a productive environment.

'Sun-filled, Cosy, Chic': Common Rental Lingo Translated By Bondi Hipsters

SYDNEY — The Bondi Hipsters know how to speak in real terms for Australia's under 30s. So in typical style,

Must Reads: The Meteoric Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird and More

During the week, we consume words in snackable, tweetable bites. But on the weekends, we have the time to take a dive into the murkier, lengthier depths of the Internet and expand our attention spans beyond 140 characters. We can brew a cup of coffee and lie back with our iPads, laptops,

13 Unexpected Sources of Energy that Could Save the World

If humans are going to keep living in the style to which we're accustomed, we need to find alternatives for fossil fuels. Partly that's because we need to reduce pollution — and partly because those fossil fuels are going to run out.

加载JSON文件,Plist文件 - easywang

1.加载JSON文件a.JSON文件的路径NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"XXXX.json" ofType:nil];b.加载JSON文件 获取Data数据NSData *data = [NSData dataWi...

LED不新潮!復古味十足的「LED 1.0」燈具


Intel终于整合基带:3G Atom年底见

想做好手机平台,没有强大的通信技术和整合的基带芯片是绝对不行的,NVIDIA Tegra就在这方面栽了大跟头。Intel同样在通过各种方式努力,第四季度就会带来第一款整合基带的Atom处理器。

I just can't get enough of this awesome underwater missile launch

This is the first underwater launch of the BrahMos, the world's fastest cruise missile in operation capable of flying at Mach 3.0. I just like to see it pausing and changing direction in mid-air, like a scene from Robotech. The BrahMos is one of the reasons why aircraft carriers are obsolete.

Dr. Dre Takes Tim Cook's Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Snoop Dogg, Eminem

Here's one fun consequence of Dr. Dre joining Apple's ranks after Beats acquisition: the top men of business and technology are now 'down' with the most popular personas in hip hopThus, when Tim Cook (who himself was nominated by Phil Schiller) nominated Dr. Dre for the ALS ice bucket challenge,




传统的球赛直播,都是利用场馆周围的摄影机拍摄比赛情况。不过 GoPro 的出现为拍摄提供了新花样——第一人称视角直播,整体效果会多有代入感呢?  


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