Spec wars: How does the iPhone 6 stack up against the best of Windows Phone?

The new iPhone(s) are out! But how does the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus stack up against the flagship Windows Phone devices - the Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia Icon, and the HTC One M8?

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Spec wars: How does the iPhone 6 stack up against the best of Windows Phone?

The new iPhone(s) are out! But how does the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus stack up against the flagship Windows Phone devices - the Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia Icon, and the HTC One M8?

Minecraft Marketplace Spring Sale is taking up to 75% off skins, textures, and more

The Microsoft Marketplace is running a Spring Sale today, featuring up to 75% off in-game items such as world, skins, textures, and other content.

New Edge Insider browser can change user agent strings based on what website you’re visiting

One of Microsoft’s biggest reasons for making the switch from EdgeHTML as a rendering engine to Chromium has been that certain sites just don’t work well in Edge. Other sites, however, especially video focused properties like Netflix and HBONow,

NES, SuperNES, and Game Boy Castlevania games will soon be playable on Xbox One

The complete list of all eight games for the Castlevania Anniversary Collection have been announced.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead gets massive Collector’s Packs

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series is coming to and end, and Skybound Games now is accepting pre-orders of the Collector’s Packs for the game to fans of the episodic series.

How to Install Microsoft Edge Insider Updates

With all the Edge Insider news, it’s probably best to have the latest update installed. If you are looking to update to the latest Edge Insider build, whether it be the Canary Channel or Dev Channel, the Edge Insider browser should update automatically,

Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available on MSDN

It now appears that Windows 10 build 18362.30 and Windows Server 1903 are now readily availble for download on the MSDN servers

Konami brings 8 retro 80s video games to Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

Konami is bringing eight of their classic 80s video games to the Xbox One today with the release of the Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection. Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection comes with the full versions of Scramble, TwinBee, Nemesis (also known as Gradius),

New job listing reveals Microsoft's idea for the future of Windows

Microsoft is just about to unveil their next major operating system, and with improvements to Windows Update being one of the main factors with this release, it does raise the question as to whether or not Microsoft is planning to change the way Windows is updated. Well,

3D printing gets even easier in Windows 8 -Microsoft updates their 3D Builder app

Microsoft's board of directors gets two retirements and two new additions

Microsoft has announced that Teri List-Stoll, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Kraft Foods, and Charles Scharf, chief executive officer of Visa, have been appointed to the company's board of directors. Dave Marquardt and Dina Dublon, who are currently on the board,

Google Glass Available to Anyone — for One Day Only

Next week, anyone in the United States will have the chance to become a Google Glass Explorer, but only for a brief time.Google announced a plan on Thursday to expand its Explorer program with a special one-day promotion allowing anyone in the U.S. to purchase Google Glass.

微软捐赠10亿美元 帮助美国学生购买低于300美元的Win设备


Injecting Liquid Metal Into Blood Vessels Could Help Kill Tumors

KentuckyFC (1144503) writes One of the most interesting emerging treatments for certain types of cancer aims to starve the tumor to death. The strategy involves destroying or blocking the blood vessels that supply a tumor with oxygen and nutrients. Without its lifeblood,


提供10,000部智能手机,帮助数据收集并了解埃博拉援助需求,向 NetHope 拨款提高现有连接性 西雅图2014年11月17日电 /美通社/ -- 慈善家保罗-艾伦 (Paul G. Allen) 今天宣布他和 Paul G.


微软对研究与开发(R&D)的投入力度是众所周知、有目共睹的。微软 2014 年在 R&D 上共投入 了约 104 亿美元,排名世界第四,仅次于大众汽车、三星电子和英特尔。

Windows 10 rumor: First look at Microsoft's new browser leaks onto the web - is this Spartan? (UPDAT

Update: Our sources claim that the screenshot above is fake. Take it with a grain of salt.Early last week, we told you about confirmation that Microsoft is working on a successor to Internet Explorer, going by the name of Spartan.  Now today,

Marriott Considers Offering Netflix, Hulu And Pandora In Hotel Rooms

Marriott, recently in the news for attempting to block private hotspots, is working to offer familiar entertainment via their in-room video systems. Marriott International is testing out new in-room entertainment in eight hotels across its chain (which is, admittedly,


英文原文:Special report: How we really use our camera phones  人们每时每刻都在拍摄照片和视频,Instagram 和 Vine 已经成为了网络社交的新宠儿,这与移动设备拍照的便利性分不开,也是个人媒体发展的产 ... ...

网商抢滩春晚“明星同款” 服装、道具都热卖


Snapchat 完成 18 亿美元新一轮融资

来自知情人士的消息称,聊天应用 Snapchat 在最近一轮融资中获得 180 亿美元的估值。Snapchat 本次 F 轮融资 18 亿美元。参与 Snapchat 本轮融资的投资方包括 General Atlantic、红杉资本、T.Rowe Price、Lone Pine 和富达 (Fidelity) 等。 根据 CrunchBase 数据,算上去年五月通过出售普通股筹集的 6.5 亿美元的资金 ,Snapchat… Read More

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