Purr-fection! Aubrey Plaza Is Going to Voice Grumpy Cat in a Lifetime Movie

Pawnee's most apathetic resident is going to be the voice of the moodiest cat on the InternetMashable has confirmed that Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza has been cast as the voice of Grumpy Cat in the upcoming Lifetime movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. In other words,

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Show us your best Grumpy Cat scowl

Grumpy Cat has finally hit the silver screen and she's none too happy about it! Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever premieres on Lifetime Nov. 29, and we're totally not excited about it. But we are teaming up with Lifetime to prepare for it with this week's photo challengeImage:

Grumpy Cat TV movie ratings not great; we doubt Grumpy Cat cares

Grumpy Cat may know how to carry a meme well past its prime, but everyone's favorite sour puss isn't exactly a TV star, it seems The Saturday night airing of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever , the cat's big movie debut, bowed to a stale 1.8 million viewers,

Garfield and Grumpy Cat finally meet, bond over misery

There's only one cat in this world that rivals the apparent misery that rocketed Grumpy Cat to fame. That cat, of course, is Garfield.Garfield creator Jim Davis met Grumpy Cat at the 2015 Licensing Expo on Tuesday.See also: Grumpy Cat will be the world's most miserable comic book heroImage:

Sorry, Internet: Peter Dinklage Has Never Met Grumpy Cat

Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat did not take a selfie together. Sorry to break your heart, Internet.

Earl the Grumpy Puppy is the Internet's favorite new grouchy animal

Move over, Grumpy Cat, there's a new pouty animal ready for Internet stardomEarl, a second-generation Puggle (that's a pug-beagle mix) has won the hearts of thousands after its photo hit the front page of Reddit last month. Since then,

Grumpy Cat's Christmas movie: Watch the first clip

Paws everything — you're about to hear Grumpy Cat's voice for the first time everParks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza provides the voice of the Internet's grinchiest feline in Lifetime's Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, and we have the first clip from the filmSee also:

Grumpy Cat will be the world's most miserable comic book hero

Following deals for merchandise, endorsements and even a Lifetime Original Christmas movie, the hardest working cat on the Internet is backAnd this time, Grumpy Cat is a comic book hero.See also: Meet the artist who made a Grumpy Cat bust out of baconImage:

15 Grumpy Cat-inspired scowls ... because the holidays are the worst

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever premieres on Lifetime Nov. 29, so we partnered with Lifetime for this week’s photo challenge, and asked you to send your best Grumpy Cat face (or your pet’s, family member’s or friend’s)See also:

Grumpy Cat Christmas Movie Will Bring Holiday Jeer to Lifetime

Grumpy Cat would like to wish you a very crappy ChristmasThe Internet's most famous cat will bring her holiday grump to Lifetime this December for the live-action movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Grumpy stars as a lonely kitty in a mall pet store,

Grumpy Cat's 'Guide to Life' Coming to Bookshelves

The Internet's most curmudgeonly and successful sourpuss has her stink-eye on the New York Times bestseller list once again.Grumpy Cat's latest book will hit bookshelves August 5, just in time for you to reevaluate your lifeThe Grumpy Guide to Life:

This electric motorcycle runs on 15 parts made via 3D printer

Ready to upgrade from your e-scooter?The NERA electric motorcycle is a functioning bike that was made using a 3D printer. The only catch — it's just a "use case" example for a German 3D printing company to show off its material-making skills. SEE ALSO:

Save up to $265 on Calphalon pans at Macy's (with promo code) during this massive Black Friday sale

It's officially the time of year where life starts to feel like a big Food Network cooking competition show — starring you as the only contestant. Maybe you're the master chef of the house, preparing to wow your entire extended family with your most decadent holiday recipes.

The iOS Google Photos app can now do what some iPhones can't

Photo shots fired!Google announced an update to its Photos app for iOS on Monday. Now, iPhone users can edit the background blur and focus of portrait mode images within the Google Photos iOS app. Customized portraits, here you come!SEE ALSO: Does the Google Pixel 3 have the best smartphone camera?

The 17 most bizarre moments from 'The Crimes of Grindelwald'

This post contains many, many spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.Now that some people have seen Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald it's time to discuss some of the movie's more shocking, upsetting, and truly bizarre moments. SEE ALSO:

Confirmed: Season 4 of Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' game will be finished

It's official: Skybound Entertainment will release the final episodes in Season 4 of Telltale's The Walking Dead.Skybound, for those who don't know, is the publishing label co-founded by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. The company's been a longtime partner on Telltale's series,

Tech gifts you absolutely shouldn't buy for yourself or anyone else

We review a lot of products here at Mashable. Some are good, others are really great and earn our Mashable Choice badge, and a few end up being complete trash.

People are freaking out over this iPhone curser trick

This quick trick makes texting way easier, and people can't believe it's existed this whole time. Trying to drag the iPhone curser is always a hassle; no matter how precise you try to be, your fat thumbs will always get in the way of typing.

Scientists Dissect One of the World's Largest Squids

Scientists at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa dissected an enormous squid — and broadcast the entire process live onlineThe colossal squid, a species native to waters near Antarctica, is one of the largest squids on Earth, according Kat Bolstad,

Amazon Unveils More Affordable Tablets With Increased Power

Amazon’s current approach to the tablet market can best be described as “Moar!” The company unveiled five new tablet options, the Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HD 6 and HD 7 and the Fire HD 6 and 7 Kid’s Edition options on Wednesday, along with a couple of new E-Ink-based ereaders.See also:

Amazon’s Kindle Voyage Is Its Lightest E-reader Ever

Amazon’s long-term vision for digital e-readers is paper. Literally, a device that looks, feels and acts like paper, with the exception of it being a screen that can refresh and interact with the reader. Though that dream is years or decades away,

解决Dropbox无法连接的问题 - 夏雪冬日

小伙伴们可以看看: 同步共享服务Dropbox从6月18日开始再次遭到封锁,原因是DNS污染。

InkCase Plus:普通手机也能体验电子墨水屏

安锋网 7 月 16 日消息,据国外媒体报道,国外一家名为 OAXI S的科技公司推出了一款名为 InkCase Plus 电子墨水屏幕手机外壳,专为 Android 手机打造。  




摘要 : 神经猫是一个很奇葩的故事,一直看到很多人在刷朋友圈,一直没太在意,直到看到神经猫的一个神经数据:一名美工及一名程序员,用1.5天开发完成。神经猫上线一天后获得了23.4万个用户和86.

Beats Music消息: 有喜有忧究竟会何去何从

威锋网讯,根据分析公司 AppAnnie 报道,Pandora 和 Spotify 这两个音乐流应用在音乐相关应用下载排行中分列第一和第二,这并没有太大的意外。

人人影视再陷危机 电影没了 美剧还在?


25 festive life hacks for a stress-free holiday

The holidays and the weeks leading up to the festivities can be stressful for most, so it's important to cut corners and make your life a little bit easier wherever you can.Although we can't reduce stress from your family members,

为什么大部分汽车的怠速转速都在 600 - 800 rpm 左右?

个人观点,欢迎指教交流。怠速转速的设定一般会牵涉到以下方面内容:1. 排放 怠速转速降低,HC和CO的排放量是增加的趋势,怠速过低,燃烧恶化,污染物的排放更是不会好到哪里去。

英國研發電子鼻 憑呼氣可偵測癌症


Uber 在 48 个城市降价了,是动态定价的错么?

处于负面漩涡之中的 Uber 近日宣布了一项举措,他们将在美国的 48 个城市进行降价,包括奥斯汀、圣迭戈和迈阿密等。Uber 希望在不降低司机收入的基础上扩大用户规模。

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