Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders go live tomorrow

Samsung has chosen to set pre-orders going from tomorrow, the same day the iPhone 6 goes on sale, with the Note 4 to hit shelves in three weeks’ time.Read more:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders go live tomorrow

Samsung has chosen to set pre-orders going from tomorrow, the same day the iPhone 6 goes on sale, with the Note 4 to hit shelves in three weeks’ time.Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be revealed on 3 September

Launch event invites will go out mid-August, for a pre-IFA launch – just as was the case with the Galaxy Note 3 last year.Read more:

Apple iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spark SMB phablet frenzy

Data released by EE shows that a fifth of employees at small companies intend to acquire a larger screened smartphone with 10 per cent intending to use it to do all work on.Read more:

Samsung Set To Unveil New Galaxy Note Smartphone On August 13

It looks like Samsung will unveil the latest version of its Galaxy Note phablet series — and potentially a new addition to that product family — on August 13. Read More

IFA 2014: Galaxy Note 4 and Edge will lose out to Apple’s iPhone 6 launch?

It’s the war of the phablets, and it looks like Apple will win this round, on top of the fact that its recent financial numbers were better than Samsung’s.Read more:

Watch our unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet

So here we are in 2014 and Samsung is still the leader of the large screen movement, although imitators are catching up. How does the Samsung Galaxy S4 stack up to its competition?Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be unveiled on 3 September

The next Note phablet will be revealed at almost exactly the same time it was last year, with the screen size expected to stay the same, but the resolution upped.Read more:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delayed for the UK, now on sale 17 October

Those of you who were expecting to pick up your shiny new Samsung phablet today will be disappointed to find out you’ll have to wait another week.Read more:

Samsung Touts Video Chops With Two More Big Screen Phones

As expected (and amply leaked), Samsung has today whipped back the curtain on a pair of new flagship smartphones, announcing two new phablets: the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ at press events in New York and London.

Can Apple Usurp Samsung's Phablet Empire?

Apple, it's said, will finally take the plunge into large-screen phones next week with the unveiling of both a 4.7- and a 5.5-inch iPhone at its event in Cupertino, California. If you're not sure why, you only have to look at what Samsung revealed today.In a three-city event held in Berlin,

Twilio snaps up SendGrid in $2bn deal

Multi-billion dollar deal sees email API platform snapped up by Twilio.

Is your business ready for the end of Windows 7?

Many organisations not even sure when end of life will happen.

One in six businesses unprepared for a data breach

Majority of organisations worried about security, but not everyone's doing something about it.

Google to charge device makers to use Chrome and Search in the EU

EU's Commission forces Google to unbundle Chrome and Search.

Is a travelling exec your biggest cyber risk?

Here are a few best practice tips to help keep your employees safe whilst out of the office.

IBM launches mobile security training centres

X-Force brings the power of security to your door.

Amazon launches new solar power and recycling programs

Online giant making moves to reduce its carbon footprint.

Want a peasant-free social network? This one costs just $9,000 to join

Social media users looking to join a more exclusive website may want to try Netropolitan, described as “an environment where you could talk about the finer things in life without backlash.”Read more:

Gold Apple Watch Edition may be very expensive, possibly even five grand?

The stainless steel version will tip up at around a grand as well, at least according to one pundit who has spilled his thoughts about Apple’s likely pricing scheme.Read more:

How to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 8

Apple’s brand spanking new iOS 8 operating system is finally here and is available as a free download for all you Apple users. Are you ready to make the jump up from iOS 7?Read more:

这架遥控车可能比某些跑车还要快,每小时可跑 188 英里

分类: 交通相关Nic Case 这架名为 R/C Bullet 的遥控车外观虽然像一条滑梯,不过大家不能因为它外观有趣而看小它呢,因为它刚刚打破了世界纪录,跑出每小时 188 英里(302 公里)的速度,快得差点连摄影机画面都跟不上。

sencha touch tabsidebar 源码扩展 - 嘿煤贵

先上图看效果没错,这是一个sencha touch 项目,而这里的右边推出效果(下文叫做tabsiderbar),使用插件tabsiderbar来扩展的.插件js下载地址:这里的插件实现的效果为:工...

Rogers And Shaw Team Up To Launch A Netflix Competitor For Canada Called ‘Shomi’

Canadian cable giants aren’t just going to watch their audience slip away to streaming services – two of the nation’s biggest providers have joined forces to launch shomi, a new subscription-based service that provides access to shows on-demand, with apps for tablets, phones, web,

双十一电商备战:或迎来降温拐点 商家更趋理性


What it's like being inside an artist's sketch book

I'm imagining this animation by Minhyuk Jang called Rocketboy as a glimpse into the note book from the kid in the back of the classroom. It's a little dark mixed with a lot of imagination and is sketched in a way that reminds me of those outside of the margins doodles that we all made.

Windows 10整合Autodesk Spark 将大力推广3D打印功能

据外媒报道,大部分业内人士都非常认同3D打印将成为改变人们生活的一大科技技术这一观点。日前,微软公司就决定在自己最新的系统平台Windows 10中加入对该打印技术的支持。

六月份PS Plus会员免费游戏:《合金装备5:原爆点》潜入预演

近日,索尼宣布了6月份PlayStation Plus会员的免费游戏名单,打头阵的竟是PS4版《合金装备5:原爆点》(包括港服),为即将到来的续作《合金装备5:幻痛》作潜入预演,虽然游戏流程较短一直受人诟病,但此次免费为会员推出亦是诚意满满。



Honor Harris Wittels today by reading 30 of the comedian's funniest tweets

Harris Wittels — comedian, writer, producer, Twitter king, creator of the term #HumbleBrag, Phish lover — died one year ago today, Feb. 19thSee also: 9 reasons we should all wish we were pet fishWittels was just 30 when he lost his battle with addiction.



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