Index closes $200 million dedicated seed fund to intensify multi-stage thesis

The once quiet world of seed investing became frenetic a few years ago as dedicated seed funds and angel networks increased in scale and velocity. That environment has now crescendoed into the present world of the seed capital hurricane: funds galore,

Daily Crunch: Squarespace files to go public

Squarespace is going public, Apple shares some music payment details and Twitter bans the founder of the right-wing media organization Project Veritas. This is your Daily Crunch for April 16, 2021. The big story:

Peloton responds to concerns over Apple GymKit integration

Third-party hardware integration can be a tricky thing. Peloton this week raised some eyebrows by dropping Apple GymKit compatibility for its Bike Bootcamp program. Users were, naturally, quick to react.

Business continuity planning is a necessity for your fund and portfolio

A business continuity plan does not have to be complicated or long, but it needs to tell you or your senior team how to keep big things moving forward and what's needed to get things done.

Katie Haun on saying yes to Coinbase and where a16z’s crypto fund is largely placing its bets now

Coinbase, the newly public cryptocurrency exchange, has had it share of ups and downs. Still, the nearly nine-year-old, San Francisco-based outfit got a lot right ahead of its highly successful direct listing this week, and among those things, seemingly,

SpaceX wins NASA contract to develop human landing system for returning to the Moon

The winner of NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS) contract award is SpaceX, which bid $2.9 billion for the privilege of developing the means by which NASA astronauts will return to the lunar surface for the first time since the Apollo program.

Extra Crunch roundup: UiPath’s IPO filing, predicting revenue, how to pivot properly, much more

Thanks again to Bryce Durbin for creating my favorite TechCrunch illustration of all time.

AI-driven audio cloning startup gives voice to Einstein chatbot

You’ll need to prick up your ears up for this slice of deepfakery emerging from the wacky world of synthesized media:

As working out goes virtual, Moxie raises $6.3M Seed+ round led by Resolute Ventures

With the pandemic sending the planet indoors to workout, the at-home fitness market has boomed. It was only in October last year that three-year-old Future closed $24 million in Series B and Playbook (streaming for personal trainers) raised $9.3 million in a Series A.

Tines raises $26M Series B for its no-code security automation platform

Tines, a no-code automation platform co-founded by two senior cybersecurity operators, today announced that it has raised a $26 million Series B funding round led by Addition. Existing investors Accel and Blossom Capital participated in this round,

Spend management startup Ramp confirms $115M raise at a $1.6B valuation

This morning, Ramp, which provides corporate cards and spend management software, announced that it has closed $115 million across two investments, the latter of which valued the company at $1.6 billion. The Information first reported that Ramp was raising new capital.

Preview of 30 different 750-850 watt power supplies

Power supplies with 750 to 850 watt are very popular among enthusiasts with serious gaming rigs. We tested and compared 30 different models so you can choose the right one for you.Read more:


大家可能对于Twitch这个名字很陌生。然而我们先看一组数据,是对于全美互联网峰值时期流量来源的占比。其中有很 […]



Meet Amelia: An artificially intelligent computer set to transform business

As 2014 races into the home straight, a new artificially intelligent computer system has been unveiled with the promise of transforming the global workforce. She’s called Amelia.Read more:

EMC Partners With Hippo To Gain Customer Experience Management Foothold

EMC and Hippo announced a partnership today in which Hippo, an open source web content management platform, will integrate with EMC Documentum, EMC’s enterprise content management software.As with all good deals, each partner gains something.

微軟 Translator 軟件 Windows 10 用戶免費下載

Microsoft 日前在 Windows Store 上載了全新的翻譯軟件 Translator 10 Beta 版,讓 Windows 10 用戶可以 免費下載試用。軟件的功能頗強,用戶無論以文字輸入、鏡頭拍攝還是通過咪高峰讀出文字,軟件都可以進行翻譯。

再谈适应度地形(fitness landscape)——基因突变的上位效应(epistasis)

(本专栏之前有一篇文章也围绕适应度地形讨论了一些进化上的问题。有些基本概念本文不再赘述,请参考:适应度地形的粗糙程度(Ruggedness)1932年,Sewall Wright在他的一篇经典论文里,第一次提出把基因型和生物生存能力的关系用适应度地形(fitness landscape)来进行描述。

Chariot for Women:一项女性专属的拼车服务

曾经做过 Uber 司机的迈克尔·佩雷兹(MichaelPelletz)正准备推出一项标新立异的拼车服务:这项服务的所有司机和乘客都将会是女性。Chariot for Women 将从 4 月 19 日开始在波斯顿地区提供服务。不过我们真的需要一项如此特殊的拼车服务吗?事实证明这种需求是存在的。… Read More

Get a close-up view of Falcon 9's landing with new SpaceX video

Incredible footage shows SpaceX's "fastest and hottest" Falcon 9 landing from three angles.More details: Read more...More about Space, Landing, Rocket, Spacex, and Tech


空状态作为一种页面形式,通常被定义为页面的特殊状态。交互设计时空状态多为最后的产出物,甚至是等到开发/QA询问 ...

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