Both& introduces a line of D2C transmasculine clothing

Historically, the transmasculine community has been neglected by the fashion world. But Both& is a new brand looking to offer clothing tailored specifically for transmasculine bodies. The company was founded by Finnegan Shepard,

Daily Crunch: Squarespace files to go public

Squarespace is going public, Apple shares some music payment details and Twitter bans the founder of the right-wing media organization Project Veritas. This is your Daily Crunch for April 16, 2021. The big story:

Peloton responds to concerns over Apple GymKit integration

Third-party hardware integration can be a tricky thing. Peloton this week raised some eyebrows by dropping Apple GymKit compatibility for its Bike Bootcamp program. Users were, naturally, quick to react.

Business continuity planning is a necessity for your fund and portfolio

A business continuity plan does not have to be complicated or long, but it needs to tell you or your senior team how to keep big things moving forward and what's needed to get things done.

Katie Haun on saying yes to Coinbase and where a16z’s crypto fund is largely placing its bets now

Coinbase, the newly public cryptocurrency exchange, has had it share of ups and downs. Still, the nearly nine-year-old, San Francisco-based outfit got a lot right ahead of its highly successful direct listing this week, and among those things, seemingly,

SpaceX wins NASA contract to develop human landing system for returning to the Moon

The winner of NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS) contract award is SpaceX, which bid $2.9 billion for the privilege of developing the means by which NASA astronauts will return to the lunar surface for the first time since the Apollo program.

Extra Crunch roundup: UiPath’s IPO filing, predicting revenue, how to pivot properly, much more

Thanks again to Bryce Durbin for creating my favorite TechCrunch illustration of all time.

AI-driven audio cloning startup gives voice to Einstein chatbot

You’ll need to prick up your ears up for this slice of deepfakery emerging from the wacky world of synthesized media:

Comet announces $13M Series A for ML model building tool

There’s been a lot of investment in machine learning startups recently as companies try to push the notion into a wider variety of endeavors. Comet, a company that helps customers iterate on models in an experimentation process designed to eventually reach production,

Omada Health launches the Omada Insights Lab to help improve healthcare outcomes

Omada Health, one of the U.S.’s original virtual healthcare providers, today announced the creation of the Omada Insights Lab.

Verizon and Honda want to use 5G and edge computing to make driving safer

Honda and Verizon are researching how 5G and mobile edge computing might improve safety for today’s connected vehicles and the future’s autonomous ones.  The two companies, which announced the partnership Thursday, are piloting different safety scenarios at the University of Michigan’s Mcity,

Axure教程 关于Axure rp触发事件中IF和ELSE IF的使用说明(6)

IF=如果ELSE IF=否则,如果举例: 事件“天气变化时”用例1:IF True 下雨 执行 带伞用例2:ELSE IF 下冰雹 执行戴钢盔用例3:ELSE IF True 执行 什么都不带什么意思呢?在Axure里,默认一个事件中的每个用例都是有 ... ...

T-Mobile在西雅图率先推出VoLTE支持 AT&T将紧随其后


Daily tech deals: £170 off Acer TravelMate B113 i3-3227U

It's deals deals deals time again on ITProPortal. Check out this Acer TravelMate B113 i3-3227U, reduced to £279 from an RRP of £449.Read more:

不该打开的APP别手贱去碰: 《donTouch》


技术党的干货铺:「掘金」试图成为中国的 Hacker News


威锋网 1 月 26 日消息,通常来说,像无人机这样的设备总是可以在很多方面起到作用。而我们都知道,作为无人机来说,通常最大的作用点都在拍摄方面。因为它可以完成一般人很难做到的航拍,并且相对来说不需要太多的成本。毕竟,如果你要租一架直升机进行航拍的话,可能每次的使用费用就够买一架不错的无人机了。  而通常,我们看到的航拍都是在城市当中完成的。毕竟,现代城市一般都是非常拥挤的,在这种情况下,往往只有在空中才能完成最佳的拍摄效果。而在探险类的纪录片当中——比如亚马逊森林探险之类的,我们则经常可以看到很多水下拍摄的镜头。

15 colourful and glitter-filled photos from the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Image: AAPOne of the world's largest LGBT celebrations took over the streets of Sydney last night in a flurry of colour, booming speakers and sequins.The 38th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras saw a reported 300,000 people line the streets to watch around 170 floats associated with various clubs,

闲鱼宣布用户超1亿 将投入1亿元深挖“鱼塘”


【Galgame】大图书馆的牧羊人 汉化硬盘版

八月社的大图书馆可是十分出名的作品(再一次八月脸233) 无论是剧情,还是画风(233),还是游戏整体体验都非 […]

This would've been one of the ballsiest NBA shots ever - if it counted

Marco Belinelli of the Charlotte Hornets nearly pulled off one of the cheekiest shots in NBA history Thursday night. Nearly. Stupid rules. There should be an exemption for this. SEE ALSO: The Warriors are officially moving to San Francisco. Hopefully it doesn't ruin everything.

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