Prep your patio for summer with outdoor furniture on sale at Overstock

Check out our favorite outdoor furniture picks from Overstock's semi-annual sale as of April 8:OUR TOP PICK: Safavieh Outdoor Living Rocklin 4-piece Outdoor Set — Save $418.26BEST FOR BACKYARD NAPS: Shella 2-person Portable Garden Swing Hammock with Stand — Save $30.95BEST FOR AL FRESCO DINING:

The 15 best dramas on Disney+ to stir your feels

Looking for a movie that really moves you? Try one of the dramas on Disney+. The streaming service offers a range of family-friendly films that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for a compelling period piece, an enchanting musical,

It was tough, but we found the 21 best movies on HBO Max

When HBO Max launched in May of 2020 boasting thousands of hours of content, they weren't lying. The streaming service that came into our lives by way of yanking Friends from Netflix has proved to be an endless source of movie magic,

What will Apple unveil at their 4/20 event?

Apple leaked their latest event date a little early, but what other leaks will prove true? Dive in with us to find out what we expect to see on 4/20! Read more...More about Apple, Ipad, Mashable Video, Apple Event, and 420

Facebook's most popular post about the J & J COVID vaccine was posted by a conspiracy theorist

Anti-vaxxers are having a field day with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine news that broke earlier this week.And that news is helping them go viral on Facebook.

Spotify launches voice-controlled 'Car Thing'

Whether your road trip soundtracks consist of music, news, entertainment, or talk, Spotify's Car Thing has you covered. The new smart player, currently available to select users in the U.S.,puts your audio library just a voice command, tap, turn, or swipe away.

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' introduced another surprising new villain

Just when it seemed like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had all of its players set up for the endgame, episode 5 threw a curveball that changed the MCU playbook again. That curveball was Julia Louis-Dreyfus appearing as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, sometimes known as Madame Hydra.  

We want to swim with this slithering, underwater robot snake — Strictly Robots

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon created a robot snake that can now slither underwater.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Robot, Underwater, Carnegie Mellon, and Robot Snake

Nintendo has launched a Spring Sale, featuring a few discounts that are worth checking out

TL;DR: Nintendo has launched a Spring Sale that spans a few different publishers, featuring discounts on both big franchises and indie darlings. Nintendo is the latest to join the Spring Sale bandwagon, following huge sales from both PlayStation and Xbox.

KitchenAid's dough-proofing convection oven is $60 off

Save $60: The KitchenAid KCO255BM dual-convection countertop oven is seeing a more than 20% discount as of April 8, dropping it to just over $200.All countertop ovens are not created equal. Everyone knows what a toaster oven is good for:

Don't go hiking without this portable filter that makes dirty water drinkable

Save $17.97: The LifeStraw personal water filter removes bacteria and parasites from water, and it's on sale for $11.98 as of April 8.You might not think about how to get safe drinking water until you're in a situation where you don't have safe drinking water available to you,

London Cinema Will Recreate the Town in 'Back to the Future' This Summer

Movie lovers will get a chance to experience a cult classic firsthand in London this summer. A local theater and events company will create an immersive movie screening of Back to the Future in July and August.Future Cinema stages "live cinema experiences,




前言 做交互设计也有好几个年头了,最近一直在思考一个问题,我们这些俗称线框仔的交互设计师,如何保持自己的竞争力 […]


12月2日,据科技博客网站TechCrunch报道,用户喜欢应用的一个意想不到的后果是应用“泛滥成灾”。应用商 […]





【一周10篇 • 精选】| 听妈妈的话,看完这篇后多陪陪她




Vine 创始人新产品 Byte:打破 Vine 设定的移动社交法则

如果把短视频应用 Vine 比作有拘束的创作——最多只能用手机拍下六秒的视频来讲述故事,那么在 Dom Hofmann 看来,Byte则是摧毁了约束,让用户在嘈杂纷繁的元素中进行创作。

Trump says he won't tweet as much if elected president

Donald Trump loves Twitter, but if he's the next guy to occupy the Oval Office, his late-night tweet storms may take a back seat."For years, if somebody did bad stuff to me, I couldn’t fight back," Trump said in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity. "Now I have @realDonaldTrump,

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