Seth Rogen and James Franco Strip Down for Jimmy Fallon's Birthday Surprise

It has to be pretty difficult to come up with decent gift for someone like Jimmy Fallon, who just turned 40 on Friday. For the wildly successful host of The Tonight Show, you have to think outside the box.The nearly naked duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco definitely fit the billSee also:

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Jennifer Lopez Challenges Jimmy Fallon to a Tight Pants Competition

Sorry, Jimmy, but J. Lo has the tightest pants in townThe pop star stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday and challenged Jimmy Fallon to a tight pants competition. Fallon put up a good fight, wearing a pair of white wash denim that accentuated all the wrong spots,

Now Jimmy Fallon has hurt the fingers on his other hand

Jimmy Fallon should probably be more careful.Four months after the Tonight Show host needed emergency surgery to save one of his fingers after a fall, Fallon hurt his other hand in a spill at a party in his honor on Saturday.See also:

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rap with an iPad app

Jimmy Fallon proves it's easy to be a rapper, provided you have two things: an iPad and Will Smith.Fallon, who described himself as a "classically trained beatboxer," used an iPad app called Loopy to quickly re-create the beat of "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock. Then,

Jimmy Fallon hospitalized for hand injury

Jimmy Fallon has called off Friday's taping of The Tonight Show after being hospitalized for a hand injuryA spokesperson for NBC confirmed to Mashable that the host is doing "fine" following the incident,

Jimmy Fallon Throws Big Balls at Julia Roberts' Face

Things are getting a little R-rated over at The Tonight ShowJimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts played a risqué round of Face Balls on Thursday's night's show. It's a game during which, literally, each player throws plastic balls at the other's face. If this is what fame affords you,

Here's how Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger

Jimmy Fallon made his return to The Tonight Show Monday night following an incident that almost left him down finger.The culprit? A braided rug.See also: Jimmy Fallon hospitalized for hand injuryFallon came back to share the gory details, explaining,

8 things that could happen on Universal Studios' new Jimmy Fallon ride

Jimmy Fallon has given us a lot throughout his late-night tenure, from lip-sync battles to TV parodies to a profound appreciation for The Roots. And in 2017, the Tonight Show host will enter a new frontier: He's going to star in his own ride at Universal Studios Orlando. The ride's name:

Heidi Klum Teaches Jimmy Fallon the Sexy 'German Roll'

Jimmy Fallon is one lucky fellaThe Tonight Show host got down and around with supermodel Heidi Klum in a recurring sketch called "This Is How We Roll." From what we can tell, it's basically Fallon's strategy for getting very, very close to very, very pretty celebritiesBut, it turns out,

Sandra Bullock makes a mean hand-crafted sundae on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock really has a way with her handsOn Wednesday night, the Blind Side actress visited Jimmy Fallon to do a rendition of the late night show host's popular segment "Real People, Fake Arms."Acted out within a mock Canadian soap opera titled "Jacob's Patience,

Watch Tom Cruise Breaking Jimmy Fallon's Face

Add Jimmy Fallon to the list of people who want to break Tom Cruise's faceThe actor and comedian played a competitive round of "Face Breakers" on The Tonight Show on Wednesday. The rules are simple: The first person to smash all the glass with a football winsSee also:

Gwendoline Christie correctly predicted who would end up on the Iron Throne 2 whole years ago

This article contains spoilers in abundance. If you haven't watched the Game of Thrones finale yet, look away now. It feels good to be right. So it must feel pretty wonderful right now to be Gwendoline Christie, who successfully predicted the ending of Game of Thrones a whopping TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO.

Dell XPS Desktop, Fire TV Stick, Dyson Cyclone V10, and more deals for May 22

Has your desktop had its days? If you are looking for an upgrade, we have found a great deal on a Dell XSP Tower. It retails for $1000, but there is currently a $300 off coupon making it only $699.99 which is a steal, you'll be silly to pass up the offer.

5 password managers on sale

Still filling in passwords manually? Is your fallback password still "PASSWORD" or "NOTMYPASSWORD"? That's basically irrefutable proof you should get a password manager. And if you're simply using iCloud Keychain's basic functionality (and finding it less than helpful), we stand by that statement.

Raspberry Pi kits and courses on sale

Here's a toughie: What do a coffee-making robot, a GIF-printing camera, a smartwatch that runs Windows 98, and "Furlexa" — that is, a Furby equipped with Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant — have in common?The answer, dear reader, is this: They've all been brought to life on Raspberry Pi,

'Game of Thrones' finale defended by 'Seinfeld' star Jason Alexander

Game of Thrones is done and dusted, wrapping up its polarising eighth and final season with an equally debated finale.While many have criticised the final episode of the beloved HBO series, there are some who have jumped to defend it.

Google stored some users' passwords in plain text for years

Google has revealed it had left some business users' passwords exposed in plain text.In a blog post on Tuesday, the tech giant said it had discovered the issue in Google's popular enterprise product, G Suite, back in January. When stored in a system,

Dungeons & Dragons Ruined My Life

Read more...More about Dungeons Dragons, Mashable Reels, Entertainment, and Gaming

Afghanistan Gets New President After Power-Sharing Deal, But Vote Total Kept Hidden

KABUL, Afghanistan — Ending months of vote-related tension, Afghanistan's election commission named a new president on Sunday, only hours after the two leading candidates signed a power-sharing deal that names one of them as the country's new chief executive.

10 Important Historical Moments Told Through Text Message

As philosopher George Santayana once famously said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Luckily, we have text message conversations to help us rememberSee also:

Live Updates: Climate Protests Draw Thousands in New York and Worldwide

Tens of thousands of people are gathering in New York on Sunday, and at hundreds of events worldwide, to call for action against global warming and other environmental issues. The People’s Climate March is expected to draw around 100,000 people,

Drones Are the Future of Sports Photography

Drones are being used to film ski and snowboarding events at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, as you may have noticed. But the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for sports photography is far from a passing gimmick. In fact, you should expect more and more athletic events to be filmed by drone.



实例学习Bloom Filter - jihite

0 科普1. 为什么需要Bloom Filter2. 基本原理3. 如何设计Bloom Filter4. 实例操作5. 扩展0. 科普 Bloom Filter是由Bloom在1970年提出的一种多哈希函数映射的快速查找算法。

Desugar Scala(15) -- unapply和unapplySeq方法 - 崔鹏飞

欢迎关注我的新博客地址:实在想不到什么动词可以当做脱衣服来讲了,所以从现在开始这系列博文就叫做Desugar Scala了。除非哪天才思泉涌,又想到了新词:)开始正文。

native method与so中function的关联 - rainduck

在Android中,可以通过JNI的方式来调用和访问用C/C++实现的代码,这些代码以SharedLibrary的方式存在于so中。从Java Code到Native Code的一般使用过程为:在Java中的某个类中调用System.loadLibrary(XXX)(对于ing的so的全名应为:li...

Factory IoT Saves Intel $9 Million

jfruh writes Want a good way to sell someone a new technology? Prove to them that you believe in it enough to use it yourself. Intel has been trying to get customers to buy into the concept of the "Internet of Things,

Indigenous rights protesters burn Australian flags during G20 Summit

Indigenous rights protesters burned several Australian flags during a protest in Brisbane as the G20 Summit continued on Sunday.With Australia in the international spotlight this weekend due to the political forum, indigenous protesters aired their disgust with Prime Minister Tony Abbott,

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全透明玻璃機身!Samsung 再爆料會有新設計

最近幾乎每日都會有 Galaxy S6 的消息出現,而繼日前 Samsung 挪威官網以傳聞的方式去披露該款新機的多種功能後,今日他們又再次「發功」,而且今次的消息更是聞所未聞,因為他們竟暗示 Galaxy S6 或許會推出一款透明玻璃機身的版本。



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