An Early Investor Offers Some Lessons From Alibaba’s Evolution

A co-founder of GGV Capital, one of Alibaba’s earliest investors, reflects on the lessons other companies can take from how the e-commerce giant grew in China and how Yahoo’s investment in the company can still be a model for Western companies looking to enter the Chinese market. Read More

相关内容: Nada company have says Alibaba that China investme

Amazon Air cargo plane operated by Atlas crashes in Texas, killing 3 on board

An Atlas cargo plane flying on behalf of Amazon Air — Amazon’s own freight delivery service that competes with FedEx and UPS, among others — has crashed outside Houston, Texas, killing three people on board. Amazon and Atlas both confirmed the accident with short statements.

Group of employees calls for end to Microsoft’s $480M HoloLens military contract

More than 100 Microsoft employees have signed a letter sent to CEO Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith criticizing the company’s plans to build HoloLens AR tech for the military, the organizing group said Friday.

ICANN warns of “ongoing and significant” attacks against internet’s DNS infrastructure

The internet’s address book keeper has warned of an “ongoing and significant risk” to key parts of the domain name system infrastructure, following months of increased attacks. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, issued the notice late Friday, saying DNS,

Patreon’s future and potential exits

Through the Extra Crunch EC-1 on Patreon, I dove into Patreon’s founding story, product roadmap, business model and metrics, underlying thesis, and competitive threats.

Airbnb, Automattic and Pinterest top rank of most acquisitive unicorns

It takes a lot more than a good idea and the right timing to build a billion-dollar company. Talent, focus, operational effectiveness and a healthy dose of luck all play a part.

Oppo announces 5G and 10x lossless zoom handsets

Saturday afternoon is a rough time for a press conference — particularly with the official kickoff of Mobile World Congress still a few days away. That said, there are certain advantages to being an early bird.

Startups Weekly: Flexport, Clutter and SoftBank’s blood money

Plus, Pinterest is going public too, Lyft's IPO is imminent and London is home to the largest pre-seed fund ever.

The State Of Investments In Europe: A Review Of The Last 5 Years

A lot has been written in the last few years on the evolution of the technology ecosystem in Europe. Our intent with this analysis was to use data to determine the challenges and opportunities surrounding the European entrepreneurial ecosystem.

5 Reasons You Should Work For A Startup At Least Once

They say in business you should think big. But when it comes to your career, have you considered thinking “small”? In my experience, a startup is a roller-coaster ride that can offer you incredible career experiences and teach you some invaluable life lessons.

Oculus Execs Believe Controllers Are The Missing Link In Virtual Reality

When you put a child in virtual reality, they instinctively raise their hands hoping to see them, says Oculus CTO John Carmack. Yet Oculus doesn’t have its own gloves or handheld controllers,

FCC Incest: Meet the Cable Cronies Who Control Net Neutrality's Future

The fate of net neutrality has never looked bleaker , with the FCC's proposed rules basically dismantling the free and open internet that we know today. You can thank the agency's notorious revolving door for that. For years,

Java + Excel 接口自动化 - Roger|

最近项目比较悠闲,想找点事干,写了个 Excel接口测试的 "框架"以前用 python写过一个,这次用 java,应该说框架都不算,反正就是写了,能帮我解决问题就行。当然咯,也许会问干嘛那么麻烦直接用 feed4testng,


全球房颤登记研究的数据表明:抗血栓药未充分用于预防中风 西班牙巴塞罗那2014年9月3日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年欧洲心脏病协会年会 (ESC CONGRESS 2014) 上的 GARFIELD-AF 登记研究报告提供了在日常临床实践中对处于中风发作风险的患者开展治疗及疗效的深刻见解。

[攝影小教室] 散景、星芒都簡單!搞懂光圈大小成像差異,邁向攝影大師的第一步!


Why the Trolls Will Always Win

maynard writes: Kathy Sierra spent a tech career developing videogames and teaching Java programming in Sun Microsystems masterclasses. Up until 2007, she'd been a well regarded tech specialist who happened to be female.

New iPhones Selling Faster Than Galaxy Note 4 In Korea

In an interesting turn of events, the WSJ is reporting that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are outselling the Galaxy Note 4 in Korea, a bit of news that should give Samsung pause. Pre-orders for the new phones hit 100,000 on the first day of pre-orders compared to 30,000 units for the Galaxy Note 4.


每个人都至少有一个能够改变世界的创意。而初创企业创始人的不同之处,就是他们能够将创意变成实际的行动。 如果你也 […]

The Aria Lets You Control Your Smart Watch Without Touching It

The Aria is an add-on band that measures movement in the wrist to control smart watches with finger gestures. Compatible with Android Wear and the Pebble Time,

NASA Proves Mars Isn't Just One Big Desert

If you’ve spent any time looking at the average satellite image of Mars, you’d be forgiven for concluding that our nearest planetary neighbour is actually just one gigantic sandy wasteland. But as this close-up image of the Aureum Chaos proves, Martians don’t just hide in the sand. Read more.



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