Budweiser's Drinking and Driving PSA Hits Home Without Showing Any Alcohol

Budweiser's latest ad, which promotes responsible drinking, will not only convince you to never drink and drive, but will also leave you clutching your pet as you weepTitled "Friends are Waiting," the ad stars a man, Luke, and his adorable yellow lab Cooper.

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There's Nothing More American Than Budweiser's World Cup Ad

In case you were questioning Budweiser's loyalty to USMNT during the World Cup, this ad is here to say, "We are American, please don't stop drinking our beer." Budweiser and parent company Anheuser-Busch were purchased by Belgium-based company InBev in 2008,

Miller High Life is stone cold sober to Budweiser's flirty $104 billion advances

The world's second largest beer company has a simple message for the top brewer trying to buy it: your $104 billion offer isn't good enoughSABMiller, owner of popular party-friendly beers like Coors and Miller High Life, revealed Wednesday that it has rejected a roughly $104 billion (yes,

Budweiser's Drinking and Driving PSA Hits Home Without Showing Any Alcohol

Budweiser's latest ad, which promotes responsible drinking, will not only convince you to never drink and drive, but will also leave you clutching your pet as you weepTitled "Friends are Waiting," the ad stars a man, Luke, and his adorable yellow lab Cooper.

The Differences Between a Budweiser and a Craft Brew (In GIFs)

We all sort of have an idea of how it works: craft brew is lovingly hand-coaxed into existence, while commercial brew is rattled around in big, scary machines, right? Well let's see with our own eyes.

Get out the tissues: It's time for Budweiser's puppy Super Bowl ad

When it comes to Super Bowl successes, there are few surer bets than Budweiser's puppy ads.This year's spot, "Lost Dog," is likely to make it to the top of USA Today's Ad Track rating of the top ads of the game — that is,

The Story Behind Budweiser's 'Puppy Love' Superbowl Ad

When you're sitting on the couch enjoying chips and dips galore and watching the best commercials of the year during the Super Bowl,

The makers of Budweiser and Miller Genuine Draft are talking about a giant beer merger

Imagine the SuperBowl adsThe two biggest beer brewers in the world are talking about potentially combining their businesses. Anheuser-Busch InBev, which makes party-friendly beers including Budweiser and Corona, said it is interested in buying SABMiller,

Budweiser Is Building A Life-Size Pacman Arena For The Super Bowl

Every year, we get to watch a series of commericals interspersed with occasional shots of people running into each other. But for this year's Super Bowl commercial, Budweiser has upped the ante: it's built a life-size Pac-Man game.Read more...

Is Today Your Birthday? Then This Bud's For You, Facebook Friend

Posting a birthday greeting on your friend's wall is a nice way to show you care, but if you really want to impress your bud, buy him a Bud.That's the pitch for Budweiser's latest Facebook promotion, which lets you send a Bud Light or Budweiser for your friend on his or her birthday. The program,

Rain, Architecture, Budweiser: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

Why let all the big cities have all the gentrification, design battles, and corporate takeovers? This week we focus on the towns—including a famous temporary one in the desert, population 50,000. It's a small-city edition of What's Ruining Our Cities.Read more...

Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila' isn't meshing with Mexico's tequila industry

Elon Musk could soon need a lemon wedge for a salty trademark battle with Mexico's tequila industry.The founder and CEO of Tesla announced a new brand of tequila called "Teslaquila" in October, vaguely tweeting it was "coming soon.

Essential's $149 magnetic dongle will bring back your headphone jack

We know, you miss your headphone jack.Like other smartphones, the Essential Phone has done away with the feature, but the company has just launched its long-touted external headphone adapter and DAC, which magnetically snaps on to the back of your phone.SEE ALSO:

Bitcoin Cash is set to hard fork, and people are losing their cool

Nothing says the future of finance like a good old-fashioned meltdown, and the upcoming bitcoin cash hard fork has that in spades. This is thanks, in no small part, to a man named Craig Wright. Wright,

A college bathroom hides a bizarre Danny DeVito shrine, and we have questions

Do you ever leave a small offering to our Lord and Savior, Danny DeVito, during your restroom breaks? A bathroom apparently located at Purchase College in New York hides a mildly terrifying secret: The paper towel dispenser leads to a "cavernous shrine" to American icon. In one video,

JUUL restricts flavors and asks social media companies to crack down on vape posts

Is this the end of JUUL memes?JUUL announced a number of new measures to try to prevent teens from using its products on Tuesday.Notably, it will stop allowing retailers to sell flavored pods until they install advanced age verification software from JUUL.

Let's all admire Wilfred Warrior, the ridiculous-looking Instagram famous cat

Wilfred the Chinchilla Persian is simultaneously the most adorable and the most horrifying creature you'll ever lay your eyes on. The internet fell in love with the scraggly white cat when comedian Michael Rapaport posted a video of the cat on Instagram. Horrified,

Um, that's not Spike Lee, newspaper front page

We've all made a typo in our time.So has New Zealand's Gisborne Herald, who made an almighty error on the front page of its Tuesday newspaper when it commemorated the late comic book legend Stan Lee.SEE ALSO:

'Downton Abbey' Season Premiere Recap: A Time for Changes

Editor's note: The following article contains spoilers about the new season of Downton Abbey, which started airing in the UK Sunday. If you wish to remain spoiler-free until the season starts in the United States, please avert your eyes. LONDON, ENGLAND — Things are changing. Or,

Muslims Launch Powerful Social Media Campaign Against ISIS With #NotInMyName

The extremist group the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) has made effective use of social media to spread propaganda, releasing gory videos on YouTube and launching hashtag campaigns to threaten the United States.

The Most Popular Time for Porn: America's Handy Infographic

Behind closed doors, Americans are getting pretty intimate with their laptops — we're not judging, but we are curiousThat's why Mashable reached out to the statisticians at Pornhub to see when and for how long the American people choose to, uh, take care of personal businessSee also:

[图]诺基亚确定HERE地图应用将支持所有Windows 8.1设备

近日诺基亚公司确定旗下地图服务HERE Maps将会登陆所有Windows 8.1设备。目前该地图应用仅仅适用于诺基亚Lumia 2520平板,而未来所有运行Windows 8.


驴肉火烧 写道 "瑞典气象学者Lennart Bengtsson是一位资深气象学者,退休前任德国马克斯.普朗克气象学研究所所长,现在是英国雷丁大学环境系统科学中心高级研究员。


虽然当今很多超大屏智能手机的屏幕尺寸都超过了 6 英寸大小,但并不阻碍平板电脑的发展,因为很多平板电脑即便提供 3G 或 LTE 网络连接,但也仍然不具备通话功能。

C# 通过反射实现类似MVC路由的机制 - 菜鸟无名

最近封装了个功能非常类似于MVC的路由。//MVC路由机制先找到Controller Action什么是反射反射(Reflection)是.NET中的重要机制,通过放射,可以在运行时获 得.

Apple Confirms Special Event For September 9, Likely For iPhones

Apple has sent out invites to a special event it’s holding on September 9, where we will almost certainly get our first official look at the next iPhone. The invites follow a previous report from Re/code pegging Tuesday, September 9 as the date,

The Pros and Cons of Scottish Independence

Scottish citizens will vote on whether to split from the United Kingdom on Sept. 18, and some surprising polls at the weekend have shown that Scottish independence is a real possibility for the first timeThe referendum votes will be in by 10 p.m. local time that day.


日前,外媒BuzzFeed News曝出美国缉毒局(DEA)在Facebook上擅自使用某一女性用户的名字。对此,Facebook强烈谴责DEA的行为,并要求其停止使用这个虚假账号。

Microsoft joins Ebola fight by pledging cloud resources and vaccine discovery service

CEO Satya Nadella told a gathering in San Francisco that the firm will allow companies and academics to use its cloud computing and research apps to fight the disease.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/22/microsoft-joins-ebola-fight-pledging-cloud-resources-and-vaccine-discovery-service/

Spain's New "Google Tax" Could Be Bad for Everyone

The Spanish government has just approved a horrible law that will force news aggregation services, such as Google News, to pay news sites for each link they include with their content. You read that right: On top of sending sites a ton of traffic, Google (other aggregators like Yahoo News,

分析称HBO Now与苹果合作是为赢未来自断手脚

曾经担任路透社和《商业周刊》洛杉矶站主编的罗纳德·葛罗弗(Ronald Grover)在TheStreet网站撰文称,对于时代华纳(Time Warner)公司来说,向苹果提供独立的HBO流媒体视频服务将是一次具有风险的赌注。

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