iOS 8 Adoption At 46% After Five Days, Says Apple

The latest official iOS 8 adoption stat comes courtesy of Apple, which has added a note to its App Store Distribution page for developers revealing that the proportion of users that had updated to iOS 8, as of September 21, stood at 46% vs 49% using the prior iOS 7 flavor,

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The Current State of Smart Locks

I've been following the smart lock market with great interest. There are some odd ideas, common mistakes, and a lot of hyperbole, but also intrepid engineering, smart marketing and a level playing field.

Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

The Galaxy Note 3 is a monster, both in size and importance. It was the best-selling device in Samsung's Galaxy lineup last year, and more importantly made phablets something you'd actually want to use. But with Apple potentially about to enter the biggie-sized smartphone space,

A Netflix hack lets you feel the action in a scene by vibrating your phone

Netflix Hack Day, the company’s internal hackathon, has a habit of producing some amazing gems — like a brain-controlled interface, a Fitbit hack that shuts off Netflix when you fall asleep, a Netflix app for the original NES, and a way to navigate the Netflix app with Face ID and ARKit,

Researchers create first mind-controlled robot arm that works well without surgery

Carnegie Mellon researchers working with peers from the University of Minnesota have made a big breakthrough in brain-computer interface (BCI) and robotic technology:

Transitioning from engineering to product with Adobe’s Anjul Bhambhri

Many roles inside of startups and tech companies are clear: marketers market, salespeople sell, engineers engineer. Then there are the roles like “product manager” that seem obvious on the surface (product managers “product,” right?

Apple issues voluntary recall of 2015 MacBook Pro batteries due to overheating concern

Apple this morning announced a “voluntary” recall of MacBook Pro batteries due to potential overheating and safety risk. The recall only applies to mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pros with Retina displays. As the company notes in a press release,

NASA’s historic Apollo 11 launch comes to your phone in AR

We’re nearing the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing on July 24, and to celebrate, there’s a new interactive augmented reality app called 321 LAUNCH that will bring a faithful recreation of the launch to your mobile device, and any surface you happen to have to hand.

Daily Crunch: Slack makes its Wall Street debut

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Slack prices IPO at $26 per share Slack is debuting on the New York Stock Exchange today.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G arrives on Sprint tomorrow

You surely know the whole deal about carts and horses by now. When Samsung’s first 5G handset, the Galaxy S10 5G, arrives on Sprint tomorrow, users will be able to get those blazing fast mobile speeds in all of four markets: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City. Those all launched last week,

Online Survey And Form Builder Typeform Raises €1.2M

Typeform, the Spanish startup that takes the heavy-lifting out of creating user-friendly surveys and other types of online forms, including payments, has raised a €1.2 million further round of funding, led by London­-based VC Connect Ventures. Existing backers Point Nine Capital,

Sigfox Wants To Turn Its Network For Connected Objects Into A Platform, Hires Cédric Giorgi

French startup Sigfox is building a low cost, alternative cellular network for connected objects. It allows small connected objects to talk with Sigfox’s server with a very small battery and cheap hardware. It sounds too good to be true,

In Me-Too Move, Finnish Mobile Messaging App Jongla Rolls Out Branded Channels

When Finland’s Jongla re-booted to offer a multi platform mobile messaging app for modern-day smartphones, I questioned how it was going to distinguish itself in such a crowded market. In part, the plan was to focus on a very youth-oriented positioning of its app,

超省空间:Windows 8.1新增WIMBoot安装方式 系统仅占4GB

Windows 8.1 Update已于本周向公众发布,但是面向平板的最新版操作系统,还将可以安装到存储容量低至16GB的设备上!今天,微软宣布其已经为Windows 8.1推出了一个新的安装选项——“Windows Image Boot”(或称WIMBoot)。




威锋网讯,看惯了 iPhone 的众多概念机型,如果你觉得有点审美疲劳的话,不妨来看看这款由设计师库尔特设计的苹果 iPro 电脑,这款电脑第一感觉就给人以华丽典雅,看起来有点像联想的 Yoga 平板,在底部都有圆管的设计。

Security professionals: End users are the biggest headache

Business security specialist Bromium has released the results of a survey of over 300 IT security professionals looking at endpoint threats. It finds that the majority believe end users to be the biggRead more: http://www.itproportal.

Google 大方投资5000万美元,旨在让更多女性参与编程


How HP cloud has transformed IT delivery

This HP whitepaper explains the transformation and outlines why the cloud is now so central in how IT services can be quickly and flexibly delivered to organisations' IT users. Read more:

男子沉迷网游 虚构现货交易等骗同事近150万




'ISIS actually quoted me accurately,' says Rick Santorum

Former Sen. Rick Santorum was singled out by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in their most recent magazine, and he's just happy they got the quote rightDuring an appearance on Fox and Friends on Wednesday morning, Santorum was asked how he felt about ISIS quoting him in the most issue of Dabiq,


「软件正在吃掉整个世界,一切都将不可避免的 API 化」 让我们先看看 Uber 的使命:更加有效的出行。「共 […]

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