Branch Metrics Raises $3 Million From NEA For More Intelligent Deep Links That Make Apps Work Like T

Palo Alto-based Branch Metrics has just raised $3 million from NEA and others to address a series of challenges affecting the mobile app ecosystem today. The company has come up with an advanced “deep linking” technology for app developers,

相关内容: that with Metrics Branch mobile users deep they th

Snag your super early-bird passes for Disrupt Berlin 2018

Der frühe vogel fängt den wurm! Yikes, if we’re trotting out our tortured German to say “the early bird catches the worm,” it can mean only one thing, folks. It’s time for all you European startup fans to go catch super early-bird tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30.

In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare

The Silicon Valley-military industrial complex is increasingly in the crosshairs of artificial intelligence engineers. A few weeks ago, Google was reported to be backing out of a Pentagon contract around Project Maven, which would use image recognition to automatically evaluate photos.

Open source sustainability

Open source sustainability has been nothing short of an oxymoron. Engineers around the world pour their sweat and frankly, their hearts into these passion projects that undergird all software in the modern internet economy. In exchange,

Are scooter startups really worth billions?

It’s been hard to miss the scooter startup wars opening fresh, techno-fueled rifts in Valley society in recent months.

How backups, backups, backups protect NYC’s cellular infrastructure

The infrastructure that underpins our lives is not something we ever want to think about. Nothing good has come from suddenly needing to wonder “where does my water come from?” or “how does electricity connect into my home?

Bag Week 2018: Timbuk2’s Launch featherweight daypack is tough and tiny

If you need something small, lightweight and indestructible, Timbuk2’s Lightweight Launch Backpack ($129) might be right up your alley. The pack, constructed from famously tough Tyvek, can fit a 13″ laptop comfortably and plenty else. At only 18L, it sounds small,

Bag Week 2018: P.MAI’s women’s leather laptop bag is luxury packed with utility

Welcome to Bag Week 2018. Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags — often ignored but full of our important electronics — are the outward representations of our techie styles,

COTA Closes $3.7M, Plans To Gain Another $3.3 In Series A Funding For Cancer Data In The Cloud

Cancer data platform COTA (Cancer Outcomes Tracking and Analysis) has announced the close of $3.7 million in a planned $7 million Series A funding round led by Horizon Healthcare Services, with participation from Med-Metrix.

Yandex.Master Wants To Clean Up In Russia’s Home Services Market

Yandex, the ‘Google of Russia’ that has made inroads into areas like mapping, mobile, cloud storage and a variety of apps (like its U.S. counterpart), is today launching its newest effort to build out a service based on its core search business: it is launching Yandex.Master,

Finland’s Jolla Takes Its Sailfish-Powered Smartphone To India, Via Snapdeal

Jolla, the Finnish smartphone startup that used the MeeGo open source OS as a jumping off point for its own Android-app compatible Sailfish OS — and which last November released its first handset in its home market — has now expanded availability of the phone to India. Read More

What Was the Greatest Age For Indie Games?

jonyami writes: "Indie games have existed for as long as there's been something to play and something to play it on. From the humble Apple II to modern PCs, Xbox Live Arcade and the Kickstarter revolution, just what was the greatest age for indie games?


Twitter联合创始人比兹-斯通(Biz Stone)现在的身价达到了大约2亿美元。但是,他始终忘不了当年租房子的苦日子,常常在梦里为房租愁出一身冷汗。斯通还清楚地记得Twitter成名前的情形。

Angularjs 源码分析2 - meworld

本文主要分析RootScopeProvider和ParseProvider---### RootScopeProvider简介今天这个rootscope可是angularjs里面比较活跃的一个provider,大家可以理解为一个模型M或者VM,它主要负责与控制器或者指令进行数据交互.今天使用的源码跟...



A Robot Valet Will Park Your Car at This German Airport

In Germany, high tech has come to airport parking.Last week, Düsseldorf airport (DUS) introduced robot valets to take the hassle out of parking for travelers.See also: 13 Robots Who Don't Know How to RobotTravelers can leave their cars at the arrival level of the ParkingPLUS structure.

《光环2:周年纪念版》新预告 画质效果爆棚

感谢99单机游戏的投递微软日前公布了一段有关自家游戏《光环2:周年纪念版》的最新宣传短片,为我们展示了本作那炫酷无比的画质效果,《光环2:周年纪念版》是《光环2》的高清复刻版,它将会作为《光环:士官长典藏版》的一部分,在今年11月11日登陆Xbox One主机,且《光环:士官长典藏版》还一并收录了《光环:周年纪念版》、《光环3》和《光环4》,它们和《光环2:周年版》均对应1080P分辨率下稳定60fps的游戏效果。

Jalopnik Watch Rob Ford Go For A Ride In Deadmau5's Nyan Cat Ferrari | Jezebel Exclusive: Tori Amos

Jalopnik Watch Rob Ford Go For A Ride In Deadmau5's Nyan Cat Ferrari | Jezebel Exclusive:



水和油,webOS 与 LG 的别扭结合

要说 webOS 命途多舛一点都不为过,无论是从 2009 年 CES 上的惊艳亮相到被惠普收购、抛弃,再到去年被 LG 重新收购,它似乎并没有因为自己出色的功能被市场所接受。

亚马逊要开实体店了 | 极客早知道 2014 年 10 月 10 日

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