Cyberpoaching: Why Hackers Pose a Deadly Threat to Endangered Animals

The most dangerous poacher of the 21st century might do his work behind a computer screen.The attempted hacking of a Bengal tiger's GPS collar in the Panna Tiger Reserve last July alerted the world to a new kind of threat to its wildlife: cyberpoaching. Since then,

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Cyberpoaching: Why Hackers Pose a Deadly Threat to Endangered Animals

The most dangerous poacher of the 21st century might do his work behind a computer screen.The attempted hacking of a Bengal tiger's GPS collar in the Panna Tiger Reserve last July alerted the world to a new kind of threat to its wildlife: cyberpoaching. Since then,

Poachers Can Use Your Geotagged Safari Photos To Hunt Down Rhinos

Oof, here's one unexpected negative effect of ubiquitous smartphones—a sign asking people to turn off geotagging when they take pictures of endangered rhinos so that poachers can't figure out where they are.Read more...

Rhino poaching curbed by drones and satellite data

In 2014, 1,215 rhinos were killed in South Africa for their horns, which end up in Asia as supposed cures for a variety of ailments. An estimated 30,000 African elephants were slaughtered last year for their tusks to be turned into trinkets.

One of the World's Largest Elephants Killed by Ivory Poachers in Kenya

If you so much as kick a dog or cat in many nations, you would likely have to answer to local authorities. But in Africa,

Rhinos with cameras hidden in their horns could prevent poaching

The war on wildlife crime is taking a new technology-driven direction. Rhinos are being fitted with GPS trackers, heart rate monitors and spy cameras — all embedded within their horns. These small but high-tech devices could be a game changer for anti-poaching efforts in Africa.

Why Does This Rhino Have a Camera in Its Horn?

This rhino is loaded with technology: it has a camera embedded in its horn, a GPS transmitter around its neck and a heartrate monitor tracking its pulse. But it’s not just some weird wearables experiment—it’s an attempt to stop poaching.Read more...

Pembient Co-Founder George Bonaci Chats About The Plan To 3D Print Animal Parts

Pembient, the startup that creates genetically identical animal parts in a lab, blew up after we first wrote about them. The founders have been inundated with requests, tweets and the startup was even a number one topic on several Reddit threads for a hot second since launching last month.

The Controversial, Mad Science Strategy to Save Earth's Rhinos 

Rhino horn is more precious than gold on the black market, and people’s insatiable demand for the stuff has driven rhinos to the brink of extinction. Now a Seattle-based startup has a radical plan to save these incredible animals: Using synthetic biology to manufacture rhino horns in the lab.

Prince Harry writes moving Instagram posts about animal poaching

LONDON — Britain's Prince Harry has made an emotional appeal on Instagram about animal conservation during a trip to South AfricaSee also: Rhinos with cameras hidden in their horns could prevent poachingThe prince, who is photographed with an elephant,

Biotech Startup Pembient Is Making Rhino Horns, Sans Rhino

There’s a startup called Pembient that is 3D printing rhinoceros horns in a lab on the far edge of San Francisco. These are not horns that look like rhino horns. These are genetically identical rhino horns, according to the startup. Pembient just didn’t need a rhino in order to make them.

Netflix's tense 'Red Dot' teaser has hikers being hunted through the wilderness

If you're on a romantic hiking trip through the snowy wilderness, the last thing you want is company — especially if that company comes in the form of an unseen shooter aiming their laser sight at your chest. In the Netflix teaser above for Alain Darborg's Swedish thriller,

Upgrade to a Google WiFi router at a Cyber Monday discount

TL;DR: Boost your home's WiFi signal with a Google WiFi Router, on sale for $84.99 as of Nov. 30. It’s 2020 and many of us are still struggling with slow internet speeds. Until now, it might not have been a big deal. But now that many of us rely on our WiFi to connect to our work servers,

30 useful apps on sale for Cyber Monday

Whether you're setting goals for the new year, learning a new skill, or simply looking for a new streaming service to keep you entertained over the holidays, there's an app for that.You can even slash an extra 40% off the cost of the below apps for Cyber Monday.

Get a pack of 10-foot USB-C braided cables for less than $18

TL;DR: Charge your devices with a three-pack of 10 ft. nylon braided charging cables for $17.59, a $42 savings as of Nov. 30. No tea, no shade, but smartphone manufacturers struggle to make charging cables that last. Sure, they can make the most advanced phones in the world,

Score a dozen Mac apps like Parallels Pro and Luminar 4 for just over $40 for Cyber Monday

TL;DR: Get 12 apps for productivity, photo editing, and more with The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle for $41.99 with the code CMSAVE40, a 94% savings as of Nov. 30. Your Mac has been your lifeline to the outside world throughout 2020.

Save over $40 on this very useful charging stand

TL;DR: Keep all your devices charged with a Chargeworx 4-in-1 Multi-Charging Stand for $23.99, a savings of $40 as of Nov. 30. Whether you’re looking to declutter your workspace or your living space, it helps to start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. To start,

Spotify now has Stories and can this please stop

Spotify – the music streaming app – is publicly testing Snapchat-style stories. The new feature recently started showing on some users' phone apps. When you search for certain terms, such as "Christmas Hits," and tap one of the featured playlists, you'll get an option to "Tap to see the story,

No Rent for You! 'Seinfeld' Apartment Recreated on Oculus Rift

It's a replica for the rest of us.Jerry Seinfeld's fictional Upper West Side digs have been given new life on Oculus Rift.The intricate endeavor, dubbed Jerry's Place VR, maps out the title character's apartment down to the smallest of details,

Facebook Messenger Arrives on Windows Phone

Facebook's app that lets you send messages to your friends for free, Facebook Messenger, is now available for the Windows Phone platformJust like its iOS and Android counterparts, Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone lets you send stickers and photos as well as share your location in your messages,

Adam Scott's Full 'Iron Throne' Freak-Out From 'Parks and Rec'

You know nothing, Ben Wyatt.Adam Scott's Parks and Recreation alter ego got the ultimate anniversary gift in last week's episode when his wife Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, treated him to an impressive surprise: His very own "Iron Throne."See also:


在今年的“联邦执行官论坛”(Federal Executive Forum)上,微软将向联邦政府的技术领导人们讲解“科技如何帮助创新和节约成本”。

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Lync app for Windows Store gets an update, adds several new features

While Microsoft continues to push Skype as your communication platform, Lync remains strong in the business world, where it is utilized for chat and phone calls. Many companies use the service as the primary way for employees to meet, even when located across vast distances.

Zoute Brings Its Real-Time Transit App To iPhone, More Markets

Zoute, a transit application that combines real-time departure info and fixed route schedules, is now available for iPhone users in eight major markets across the U.S. Originally launched on Android for those in the Bay Area, the company has since expanded to New York, Boston, Chicago, L.A.,D.C.,




上周,微软开启了第二代Kinect for Windows摄像头的预售,有人说“Kinect是看似简单但背后却复杂的产品”,本文将带领各位一探Kinect机器学习的秘密。


在Opera Coast与众不同的外表下,其产品负责人Huib Kleinhout为其设定了三项开发目标:简单、流畅、有趣。在Huib Kleinhout看来,当前的很多浏览体验是可以被改变的,而未来的手机浏览器会和移动操作系统更加紧密的结合在一起。

將視覺運算運用帶入嵌入式應用的入場券, NVIDIA Jetson TK1 開發平台簡介

NVIDIA 在今年推出 Tegra K1 後,一併於年度開發大會 GTC 發表針對嵌入式應用的 Jetson TK1 開發板,而最近這張開發板也陸續開賣;目前此類的嵌入式開發板在市場相當火紅,以樹莓派 Raspberry Pi 為首,像是 CUBOX 、 UDOO 、 Beaglebone  、 CubieBoard 至 Intel  Galileo 等,不少廠商都有推出嵌入式開發板,供玩家針對不同類型的應用進行開發。

300斤小胖霸占网吧 称谁管我就打死谁



Sunrise是一款非常流行的跨平台日历应用,目前这款日历应用登陆了iOS、Mac OS、Android平台以 […]

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