Microsoft releases new Windows 11 Insider build 22000.100 with minor UI changes

Microsoft has just announced the release of a new Windows 11 Insider build for Insiders in the Dev channel, and the new bits are once again bringing a bit more polish to the brand new OS. After installing today’s build ... Read more

Microsoft Teams public preview now lets users reply to specific chat messages

Back in June, Microsoft unveiled some important updates coming to Teams, including the ability to reply to specific chat messages. Today, the company has announced that the quoted reply feature is now available in public preview on the Microsoft Teams ... Read more

Vote in our OnPodcast poll! Our next episode is about passwordless Microsoft Accounts & more

Hey, everyone! OnPodcast is going to hit the big 50th episode mark this weekend, and we want you to be a part of it! This week we'll be talking about passwordless Microsoft Accounts, Firefox on Windows 11, and Office 2021. ... Read more

PowerToys lands in the Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Microsoft is bringing its PowerToys suite of tools to the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. The PowerToys app was spotted on the Microsoft Store by XDA Developers earlier today, and this should make it a bit more convenient for power ... Read more

500GB Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S consoles may be coming in November

Seagate is reportedly getting ready to release a cheaper 500GB storage expansion card for Xbox Series X|S consoles to complement the 1TB model currently priced at $220. The French blog XboxSquad (via Video Games Chronicle) shared a screenshot of an ... Read more

Surface Duo gets September 2021 update with security improvements

Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone. This release doesn’t come with any new features or improvements, and it only brings the September 2021 Android security patch. The latest update began rolling out yesterday ... Read more

Rocksmith+ video game delayed until sometime in 2022

It’s turning out to be a bit of a week for video game delay announcements. Following the recent confirmation of Battlefield 2042’s delay, Ubisoft has now announced that they’ll be delaying Rocksmith+ as well. While Battlefield 2042 was delayed due ... Read more

Hunt, Judgment, and Blood Bowl 2 video games are free to play on Xbox consoles this weekend

Xbox console owners with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription have three full games to play for free from now until the end of the weekend on Sunday, September 19 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Those with a console from either ... Read more

Microsoft Edge version 92 starts rolling out with new Password Health dashboard and more

Microsoft has started rolling out the version 92 of its Edge browser to the Stable channel today, and this new major release brings some welcome new passwords features. First of all, a new password health dashboard will now tell you ... Read more

Microsoft Teams will let users change the playback speed of meeting recordings

Microsoft is working on an update that will allow users to adjust the playback speed of Teams meeting recordings. The variable playback feature is still under development, and it will start rolling out to the targeted release customers in early ... Read more

The Microsoft Store for Business and Education won't ship on Windows 11 and will reach EOL in 2023

Microsoft announced yesterday an important update for its Microsoft Store for Business and Education, which currently allows organizations to distribute the apps they want in their own private store on Windows 10 PCs. First of all, the Microsoft Store for ... Read more

Carbon Dioxide Levels Rocketed to an Apex in April — and It's Not Stopping

As scientists expected, April became the first month in human history to have an average concentration of carbon dioxide — the main long-lived global warming gas — above 400 parts per million (ppm), according to data from a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) observatory,


现如今连索尼的Play Station平台都制作美剧,由《第九区》男主角沙尔托·科普雷主演的《超能力》发布海报,今年12月开始PS游戏机用户可以观看。

IE Web开发支持将迁移到Stack Overflow

微软IE团队宣布Web开发支持将迁移到流行编程问答社区Stack Overflow。Stack Overflow上有超过4万个标记为IE的提问,每天新增数十个问题,它已被证明是一个能提供可靠帮助的地方。



IHS:2015年上半年LTPS TFT LCD屏幕出货量达2.51亿块 半年增长了31%

根据来自 IHS 的最新报告指出,尽管整个智能手机市场的增长缓慢,但全球智能手机对于 LTPS TFT LCD 屏幕的需求量却正在增加。




Facebook周三发布,在信息流中(News Feed)增加了支持360度视频播放的功能。早在今年年初,YouTube也曾宣布支持全景视频播放。全景视频是使用球形摄像系统等特殊设备录制。用户可以使用电脑或者安卓设备观看360度全景视频。

Add a Leather Strap to Your Apple Watch For $10

If you own an Apple Watch, your options for buying extra straps have basically consisted of selling your car to afford one of Apple’s first party options, or rolling the dice on a knockoff band from China with 3-star Amazon review averages. Luckily, there’s now a better option.Read more...

A $750 Pill And Its Brash Owner Get Competition — And It Costs $1

Turing Pharmaceuticals, a months-old biotech startup that is largely financed by its 32-year-old founder and CEO Martin Shkreli, sparked widespread outrage last month. The reason:

黑科技之以色列军用无人机 AirMule

威锋网 1 月 5 日讯,通常来说,在我们的概念当中,无人机虽然通常都会长得很奇怪,但是他们的长相也都有一定的相似之处。当然,在这个世界上,总有一些另类,长得样子和别人不太一样。当然,虽然样子奇怪了一些,但是能力却是没得说的强大。这就是来自号称世界上最聪明种族——犹太人组成的国家以色列的无人机 AirMule 。  乍一看,感觉是一辆坦克或是战车在天上飞。没错,这本身就是一架军用无人机设备,但是却并不具备坦克或战车的攻击能力,而是有其他的用途。从名字当中就可以看出,mule的意思是骡子。众所周知,这是一种由马和驴杂交而来的产物。它也具有马和驴之间很多共同的特性,最适合长途运输的功能。

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