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Greetings OnMSFT readers and OnPodcast viewers and listeners. We hope you've had a good week so far. We're once here to remind you to tune in to our latest podcast episode on Sunday. We'll be talking about all things Windows ... Read more

Microsoft Teams public preview now lets users reply to specific chat messages

Back in June, Microsoft unveiled some important updates coming to Teams, including the ability to reply to specific chat messages. Today, the company has announced that the quoted reply feature is now available in public preview on the Microsoft Teams ... Read more

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PowerToys lands in the Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Microsoft is bringing its PowerToys suite of tools to the Microsoft Store for Windows 11. The PowerToys app was spotted on the Microsoft Store by XDA Developers earlier today, and this should make it a bit more convenient for power ... Read more

500GB Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S consoles may be coming in November

Seagate is reportedly getting ready to release a cheaper 500GB storage expansion card for Xbox Series X|S consoles to complement the 1TB model currently priced at $220. The French blog XboxSquad (via Video Games Chronicle) shared a screenshot of an ... Read more

Surface Duo gets September 2021 update with security improvements

Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone. This release doesn’t come with any new features or improvements, and it only brings the September 2021 Android security patch. The latest update began rolling out yesterday ... Read more

Rocksmith+ video game delayed until sometime in 2022

It’s turning out to be a bit of a week for video game delay announcements. Following the recent confirmation of Battlefield 2042’s delay, Ubisoft has now announced that they’ll be delaying Rocksmith+ as well. While Battlefield 2042 was delayed due ... Read more

Hunt, Judgment, and Blood Bowl 2 video games are free to play on Xbox consoles this weekend

Xbox console owners with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription have three full games to play for free from now until the end of the weekend on Sunday, September 19 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Those with a console from either ... Read more

Microsoft Teams' Presenter mode to add new Reporter and Side-by-Side layouts next month

Microsoft Teams is getting ready to launch two new Presenter Modes for meetings. Indeed, Reporter and Side-by-Side views will start rolling out to desktop users in mid-August, according to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. The Microsoft Teams’ Presenter Mode currently ... Read more

Play the official Olympic Games video game on Xbox consoles for free this weekend

The official video game for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is now free to play on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families for all players with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription until the end of Sunday ... Read more

Microsoft releases new Windows 11 Insider build 22000.100 with minor UI changes

Microsoft has just announced the release of a new Windows 11 Insider build for Insiders in the Dev channel, and the new bits are once again bringing a bit more polish to the brand new OS. After installing today’s build ... Read more



运行iOS 9 全新4.7英寸iPhone 6 概念设计

来自格鲁吉亚的设计师 Giorgi Tedoradze 给我们带来了一款新的 iPhone 6 设计。要说这款概念设计是 iPhone 6,还不如说是 iPhone 7 比较贴切,因为设计师在设计中使用的是 iOS 9。该设备使用铝质机身,厚度为 6.

【直播中】罗永浩 VS 王自如 网络公开辩论

今天晚上7点,罗永浩 VS 王自如 网络公开辩论,虎嗅带来实时文字直播。论点一:锤子手机是否易碎?罗永浩承认锤子手机是业界最不耐摔的手机,原因是锤子手机视觉美感优先级高,耐摔优先级低。


Google 已经成为搜索的代名词,但是这家公司却很少分享这方面的数据。不过《In The Plex : How Google thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives》一书的作者 Steven Levy 在一篇最新文章中告诉了我们一个数字:每年至少超过 1 万亿次。


体验版本: 手机:小米2S 时间:2015/3/24 体验人:haizidaisy 市场状况 目 […]

Kittens turn closet organizer into swanky cat condo

Oh, you thought that closet organizer was for clothing? False. It's simply a kitten condo, awaiting inhabitantsThese kittens have taken over a canvas closet organizer, and turned it into a high-rise feline apartment complex. But with so many kittens living in such close quarters,

专注智能手表应用开发的Little Labs,获NEA领投300万美元种子轮融资

Apple Watch一入场,很多人开始相信智能手表将是很有潜力的下一代计算平台。Little Labs专注开发简单、场景化、有趣的手表应用,并称之为“后手机时代”的应用体验。


身边不用电的东西越来越少,充电线越来越多,“电池的续航”已经成为了全球范围内的一个现象级的痛点。要解决这样的痛点,就需要一场现象级的革命,QZ 一篇巨长的文章详述了这场革命的诞生。

反擊了 ! 小米副主席指「抄襲 Apple 指控」是對中國企業的偏見

小米短短時間內便成為了全球其中一間具規模的廠商,雖然他們推出的手機及平板 等產品一向都性價比高,只可惜自出道以來卻一直被指抄襲 Apple 的各種元素。


新加坡2015年8月27日电  /美通社/ -- 全球领先的测试、认证和标准发展机构 CSA 集团近日宣布成立新加坡办事处,进一步扩大其在亚洲扩展战略。

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