Report: 85% of iPhone 6 Buyers Are Repeat iPhone Customers

Bigger screens for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus aren't convincing many fandroids to switch over to iOS — at least not yetA survey of 5,703 shoppers on the weekend of Sept. 12-14 from Slice Intelligence found 85% had previously bought an iPhone.

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China forced to wait for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus shipments

Apple has made the curious decision of excluding China, the world’s biggest smartphone market, from its first wave of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus shipments.Read more:

How to transfer your notes from an iPhone to a Windows PC free

We all use notes on our phones these days, but how can you transfer your notes from your iPhone to a Windows PC for free? Luckily there are two main ways, .Read more:

BlackBerry deleted a tweet that it accidentally sent from an iPhone

Someone on BlackBerry's social media team just made an embarrassing mistake.A tweet from the company's Twitter account on Tuesday included a small detail at the bottom of the screenshot, revealing it was sent via iPhone. Clearly, even some BlackBerry employees use Apple products.See also:

The life and death of an iPhone from an iPhone's perspective

Imagine all the things that our phones get to see. I mean, they’re pretty much with us every step of the way. It can be a camera for concerts, a music player for parties, a distraction on dates, the only light source for the lonely nights at home, and everything in between.

iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Are Shifting Reading Away From iPad, Study Finds

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it seemed likely that the larger screens on the devices would naturally lead to them assuming some of the functions of the iPad, giving users fewer reasons to turn to their tablets. Now,

Launch Center Pro Now Lets You Launch Apps From The iPhone’s Notification Center

When Apple first introduced its widgets platform in iOS 8, the company blocked developers from releasing apps that launched other apps via widgets added to the “Today View” in the Notification Center on the iPhone or iPad. However, Apple later relaxed the rules, allowing apps like Launcher,

Apple dragged to court for deliberately stopping iPhones from texting Android mobiles

The iMessage bug in question robs former iPhone users of their ability to receive texts from current iPhone users. Read more:

Le Tote’s Clothing Rentals App Lets You Seek Out New Outfits From Your iPhone’s Search Screen

Online shoppers looking to spice up their wardrobe on a more regular basis can now download a new app from Le Tote, a “Netflix-for-clothing” type of service backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and others, which launched to the public this week. From the app,

Why on Earth is Apple’s iPhone so fragile?

We ponder the issue of why the iPhone is apparently quite so destructible these days, in particular with the iPhone 5 and 5S models.Read more:

iPhone 6 rear shell images leaked showing fancy new Apple logo

The pics also show several other interesting elements, and one purported design decision that we hope isn’t true.Read more:

This brain stimulator may help you get the sleep you need — Future Blink

A smart headband, NeoRhythm claims to help you de-stress, get a better rest, and boost your energy. Read more...More about Tech, Health, Mashable Video, Future Blink, and Neorhythm

Watch out for this Facebook ad scam

The scam uses "crowdfunded products" to attract new users to spend money. The users will then get ghosted or sent a fake product after paying. Read more...More about Tech, Facebook, Mashable Video, Ad Scams, and Shopping Scams

Your laziness can finally blossom with no-wash odor-resistant pants — Future Blink

LABFRESH pants are made from manipulated cotton fibers, the pants are shielded from liquids and bacteria, preventing stains and odors. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Pants, Future Blink, and Labfresh

Walmart vs. Target: Which One Really Has the Best Black Friday Deals?

Walmart and Target are both slashing prices in the hopes that you'll spend your hard-earned Black Friday dollars with them this year. But we're not made of money; let's see which retailer has the best deals in some key categories.When Do the Deals Start?

Twitter's political ad ban just hit, and it's already pissing off conservatives

It's not like we didn't see this coming. On Friday, Twitter, as promised, released a detailed explanation of its new policy governing paid political ads on the platform. And, as to be expected, a host of prominent conservatives are crying foul. The policy, teased by Jack Dorsey in an Oct.

Hulu + Live TV is now $55 so you might as well just get cable

Streaming services were supposed to save us from the high prices of cable and satellite subscriptions, but Hulu did its part to blur the lines between the two this week. The Disney-owned streaming giant announced Friday that Hulu + Live TV would get a $10 price increase to a new base rate of $54.

‘Consumer Reports’ give Tesla Model 3, S ‘recommended status’

This is one year after the Model 3 failed to make the cut for "reliability issues." Read more...More about Tech, Transportation, Mashable Video, Tesla, and Consumer Reports

'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Skypes With Cancer Patient

Bryan Cranston, who famously played meth-cooking cancer patient Walter White on Breaking Bad, helped fulfill a real-life cancer patient's dream. (No blue meth or Jesse Pinkman needed.) Brad Joyner, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year shortly after graduating from high school,

How to Snap the Perfect Hyperlapse Selfie

Selfies just got a whole lot fancierUntil now, we could only shoot with the rear-facing camera on Instagram's popular time-lapse video editing app, Hyperlapse. With the app's new front-facing camera option, selfies will never be the same. With the touch of a button,

Thank God It's Thursday: What to Expect from the Return of 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal'

The wait is overThursday night marks the return of Shonda Rhimes-created favorites Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, who will kick off Seasons 11 and 4, respectivelySee also:



This Smart Lightbulb Adjusts to Your Behavior

In the home of the future, there will be no light switches, but the light will always be perfect, syncing itself with the sun and adjusting to your circadian rhythm. The smart home vision for future of lighting is energy efficient and completely responsive. And according to Stack,


iPhone 6没有在中国首发,这是什么原因呢?苹果官方表示:“中国大陆市场对我们来说很重要,我们也想用户第一时间用上手机,但是很多细节我们无法透露”。

12 Photos Of Love

Love. Is there anything more important? No. Which is why, even though Valentine's Day may be over, you still have nothing more important to do then check out the 12 photos of love, submitted for this week's Shooting Challenge.Read more...

[图]配Thunderbolt 3端口 戴尔升级Alienware产品线

近日召开的 Pax Prime展览会上戴尔公布了全新的Alienware笔记本,在装备Thunderbolt 3端口的同时还将会采用全新AMD显卡,但是令人遗憾的是本次升级的笔记本型号都没有升级到英特尔最新的Skylake处理器。

Python cx_Oracle 安装小记 - restran

"SQLAlchemy" 是 Python 中用来操作数据库的一个利器,支持 MySQL、Oracle、PostgreSQL、SQLite、Oracle。使用 SQLAlchemy 来管理 Oracle 的数据需要安装依赖 "cx_Oracle" 。在这过程中遇到不少问题,记录如下。 cx_Or.....

你遇到了吗?打开Mac App Store软件会损坏


全球智能手机市场 :苹果增幅好于市场整体

威锋网讯,市场研究公司IDC预测,苹果 2015 年的持续增长将会让其在全球智能手机出货量方面占 15.8%的份额,出货预计将会达到 2.26 亿部。而苹果的预计增幅将会好于市场整体的 9.8%。  

Unlocking blockchain for the underbanked

As 2015 came to a close and the new year began, many thought leaders in the financial technology space made their predictions on the trends and innovations that will get us excited in 2016. One of the most prominent technologies that repeatedly appeared on these lists was the blockchain,

研究员发现iOS企业漏洞 苹果表示这是“钓鱼”

据外媒 Ars Technica 报道,Check Point Software 的安全研究员在 iOS 9 中的移动设备管理(MDM)界面中发现了漏洞,该漏洞可以让攻击者执行“中间人攻击”(man-in-the-middle)。Check Point 在 Black Hat Asia 2016 大会中报告了这一漏洞,根据他们的描述,黑客可以发送一个连接到受害人的设备中并全权控制设备上的 MDM 软件,从而再将恶意软件推送到设备中,同时还能够远程执行其它配置更改。不过值得一提的是,该漏洞只会对加入了 MDM 系统的设备造成影响,包括那些加入了 BYOD 项目的设备。

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