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6 Games That Will Give You a New Perspective

Video games offer their players a form of escape — you can explore new worlds, achieve superhuman feats, and totally transcend the laws of space and timeWhile escape can be healthy in moderation, certain games offer something even more meaningful: a new perspective.

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Xbox One gets an update, allows you to stream games to your Windows 10 PC

If you've been eager to stream games from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC, the wait is finally over. With just days until the official Windows 10 launch (July 29th), Major Nelson has announced that game streaming is now ready for prime time. Up until now,

How To Build A Smart Game Economy

With game developers’ main objective being to create a really good game with an optimal monetization mechanism to maximize revenue, there are quite a few aspects to planning and implementing one’s game economy. These may include planning the monetization strategy and in-game economic structure,

Windows 10 how to: stream an Xbox One game to your PC or tablet

One of the highly touted features of Windows 10 is its versatility as an operating system. During developer conferences, trade shows, and gaming conventions, the engineers and developers behind both Xbox and Windows 10 praised the OS’s streaming capabilities.

How to Set Up Triple Monitors for Super-Widescreen Gaming (and Work)

Using more than two monitors used to be a luxury for those with the biggest PC building budgets. These days, large, high-resolution displays are affordable, and graphics cards are more powerful than ever. If the thought of gaming (or working) on three displays at once entices you,

Xbox app for Windows 10 August update rolling out, brings game streaming at 1080p and 60fps

The Xbox app for Windows 10 is being updated today to officially bring 1080p and 60fps game streaming from your Xbox One to Windows 10. Recently we wrote on how to enable the “very...The post Xbox app for Windows 10 August update rolling out,

Zynga's Words With Friends lands in the Windows Store, access your games across all devices

Words With Friends is an extremely popular strategy game that has been available for quite some time on iOS and Android, with the app arriving on Windows Phone 8.1 back in June. Now, the popular game is available in the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 devices."Words With Friends is the fun,

Test your knowledge of the game with Sports Jeopardy for Windows and Windows Phone

For all those sports fans out in the wild, a new Jeopardy game has made its way to the Windows and Windows Phone Store dubbed as Sports Jeopardy. As a player, you can test your sports knowledge and see how much you know about your favorite sports, or compete with your friends in a multiplayer mode.

New PS4 Update Will Let Your Friends Play Your Games Without Owning Them

Sony's coming closer to delivering on one of their PS4 promises and, soon, you'll be able to virtually hand off the games in your PS4 library to your friends.Read more...

Google Play Games Now Lets You Record and Share Epic Gaming Moments

Google Play Games is the hub of all things mobile gaming on Android, keeping track of achievements or helping you find that next mobile gaming addition. Now, the app has a new tool to help you share your most epic gaming moments—with friends of your budding YouTube Gaming fan base.Read more...

A Gaming Vest to Shake Up Your Video Game Experience

Gone are the days of Nintendo 64 Rumble Packs.Instead of a little rumble in your controller every time you take a hit in a first-person shooter (FPS) game or the ground collapses underneath you in a role-playing game (RPG), when you put on this gaming vest, you'll actually feel it.See also:

Verizon explains why it throttled a fire department's data during wildfire

Earlier this summer, the Santa Clara County Fire Department sent a team to fight the largest wildfire in the history of California. The problem? During the fire, Verizon throttled the department's "unlimited" data once it reached its limit. As part of its emergency services,

Accio, wand! The 10 most popular 'Harry Potter' spells revealed

Everyone who's read Harry Potter will have fond memories of practicing their wand twirling action in front of the mirror, muttering "Expelliarmus" over and over again in the vague but undying hope that something will actually happen and that magic is indeed real.

Facebook's role in anti-refugee attacks outlined in shocking study

Facebook bubbles are dangerous. Not in an abstract, immeasurable way. They actually make communities more prone to racial violence, claims a disturbing new study from the University of Warwick. The New York Times reported a lengthy piece outlining the study from Altena, Germany,

What was Fox News covering while Manafort and Cohen were in court? This hilarious meme has some answ

Hey, Fox News, any big news going on? No? Okay. As you may have noticed, a lot went down on Tuesday. Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, was found guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud. Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, meanwhile,

Facebook just revealed yet another shady political influence campaign

Stop me if you've heard this one before. On Tuesday afternoon Facebook released yet another detailed look at an elaborate political influence campaign taking advantage of its platform. According to the social media giant,

Azealia Banks posted more screenshots. Let's unpack this mess.

Welcome to another chapter in the bizarre saga of Azealia Banks/Grimes/Elon Musk!Azealia Banks — who claims she was abandoned by Grimes and trapped in Elon Musk's mansion while he tripped acid — has been dropping juicy screenshots hinting at the unfolding drama in her Instagram stories. SEE ALSO:

Don't believe the naysayers: Self-driving cars are already here in many ways

Yes, it's true: The promise of self-driving cars zooming around while their human operators doze off, read, or watch movies is not quite here yet. But who said that had to happen right now or we've missed our chance at driverless vehicles forever? On Monday,

7 Crucial Tips to Practice Safe Sexting

Yesterday's love notes are today's sexts. While both show affection, one comes with higher risksX-rated texts have risen in popularity among smartphone owners, but they've become an especially hot phenomenon among young adults. In fact,

Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth: It's a Girl!

Chelsea Clinton tweeted early Saturday morning that she gave birth to a girl named Charlotte.The baby will be taking both her and husband Marc Mezvinsky's last names.See also: The Ultimate Chelsea Clinton Baby Shower Gift GuideMarc and I are full of love,

Police Brutality Videos Blanketed the News This Week

As protests continue in Ferguson, Missouri, police violence is still a big part of the national conversation — and a spate of videos showing police brutality have gone viral in recent weeks.Although incidents of police brutality are not new, the ubiquity of their documentation,

Amazon Book Redesign

Amazon Book Redesign



Sony Mobile 皇家級手機檢測滿十周年,服務內容與據點皆升級

從 Sony Ericsson 時代的開始,即便招牌已經變成 Sony Mobile ,他們已經連續十年舉辦手機健診服務;而在活動滿十年之際, Sony Mobile 也將整個健診活動再升級,並且擴大服務據點,提供 Sony Xperia 手機用戶更貼心的檢測服務。

Mac系统完美配置Cocos2d-x 2.2.3 的Android+IOS双平台环境 - 王焘

注意:本文的Cocos2d-x的版本是2.2.3,更高版本可能会略有不同,低版本者不建议参考首先需要配置XCODE环境下载Cocos2d-x然后下载Cocos2d-x的整个源码:http://www.cocos2d-x.org/download 选择2.2.3的版本下载后解压,建议移动到文稿里2.2...

Apple's New iPhone Ad Is All About Wearables

On the heels of its 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple has released a new iPhone 5S ad, showcasing various fitness gadgets working in conjunction with the phone. But there was no sign of the long-awaited iWatch, perhaps the most famous unreleased wearable to date.

If you missed it: Windows 9 loses the Charms bar, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview released, and m

This week has been quite interesting in the world of Microsoft. We've covered a lot over the past week and chances are you most likely missed an important piece of news. Let's recap the week in our weekly "In case you missed it" post.



本周最佳壁纸: 梦寐以求的超级跑车多图赏



北京和上海2015年6月20日电 /美通社/ -- 6月19日,途牛旅游网发布了《准大学生出游分析报告(2014-2015)》,从旅游目的地选择、旅游主题偏好、平均旅游产品消费等角度,并结合2015年暑期预订数据,分析了准大学生出游特点以及发展趋势。



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