Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy Throws Huge Party for Charity

There were bands. There were potato sack races. There were 3,000 pounds of potatoes. There was even peace and love at PotatoStock 2014, the charity bash that spawned out of a $55,000 Kickstarter campaign to make a batch of potato salad.On Saturday, Zack Brown,

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Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy Throws Huge Party for Charity

There were bands. There were potato sack races. There were 3,000 pounds of potatoes. There was even peace and love at PotatoStock 2014, the charity bash that spawned out of a $55,000 Kickstarter campaign to make a batch of potato salad.On Saturday, Zack Brown,

An Interview With The Potato Salad King Of Ohio, Zack Danger Brown

It’s rare to meet a comedy genius at a Tee Jay’s Country Place in Columbus, Ohio, but that’s just what I did when I sat down for breakfast with Zack Danger Brown, the guy who blew up the Internet a few weeks ago with his exciting potato salad Kickstarter.

​Kickstarter Potato Salad Guy Is a Hero

Late last week, amidst an agonizingly slow pre-holiday news cycle, CNET introduced the world to Zack Danger Brown, a Columbus, Ohio native who wanted to crowdfund the making of his very first potato salad on Kickstarter. He wanted $10. He got over $15,000 (and counting). And here,

You Say Potato Salad

If this Kickstarter for potato salad has seen far, it’s because it has stood on the shoulders of giants Yo.

The Guy Who Kickstarted Potato Salad Wasn’t Just Trolling Us All

It’s come to our attention that PotatoStock is a go. Zack “Danger” Brown, a Columbus, Ohio native, previously confirmed that he will put the proceeds raised from his potato salad Kickstarter to good use, namely founding PotatoStock,

PotatoStock Actually Happened

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Zack “Danger” Brown, he of the potato salad Kickstarter, held the first annual PotatoStock in Columbus, Ohio where he and thousands of potato lovers enjoyed beer, music, companionship, and salad.I met Zack a few weeks ago, just before PotatoStock,

Tackling The Crowdfunding Credibility Gap: A Q&A With Dropkicker

As crowdfunding has scaled up so too have some of the problems inherent with firing unconditional cash at people whose main selling point might just be their madcap idea. The big names of the category, the Kickstarters and Indiegogos, would argue that’s the beauty of crowdfunding.

The Crowdfunded Hardware Ecosystem

In the past six years crowdfunding has become a popular, if not the most popular, form of financing for hardware startups, potato salad distractions notwithstanding.

I Went To A Magical Kickstarter Party And All I Got Was So Much Bacon

There is a mystical place in San Francisco where whiskey drinks are made with marshmallows, salads contain pork three ways, rows of grilled cheese are constantly replenished, and the pale beer option is saison. All of it is free. People are healthy as fuck.

Space photos show smoke smothering a burning California

Fires at opposite ends of California have smothered the Golden State in smoke. Fall may be here, but rapidly-moving flames are still torching the exceptionally dry land, killing dozens of people in the state. 

Rubik's Cube phenom solved three of them at once, including one with his FEET

This kid has finer motor coordination in one hand than most of us do in all of our limbs combined.Que Jianyu, 13, is now officially a Guinness World Record holder for solving three Rubik's Cube puzzles simultaneously in less than two minutes.

Kellyanne Conway uses 'alternative facts' to explain that doctored Jim Acosta video

Well, the definition of the word "altered" now seems to be up for debate — at least if you work for the Trump administration.After last week's testy exchange at the White House between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and President Trump,

There's a new version of CyberGhost VPN and it only costs £2.72 a month

At the moment it feels like there is new VPN news every other day. There is increasing interest in VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, and hence a lot of development and a lot of competition to stand out from the crowd.The latest provider to bring something new to the industry is CyberGhost VPN.

This 13-piece stainless steel cookware set is 75% off at Macy's, dropping it to under $30

The kitchen is easily one of the most expensive rooms to stock: With appliances, plus dinnerware, plus cookware, and then, you know, actual groceries on top of that, you might find yourself resorting to sticky hand-me-down pots and pans from yard sales with questionable crust dried on them. 

What's the matter with 'Mars'? Season 2 struggles to find footing on Red Planet

Mars is hard. Hard to get to, hard to make habitable for humans, hard to tell a story about on the screen and leave the viewer with any lasting impression. With a few shining exceptions — looking at you, The Martian — all Mars movies have bombed.

7 of the best antivirus services for Android smartphones and tablets

We hate to kick off this in such a negative fashion, but we feel obligated to alert all you Android users that your smart phones are vulnerable. While Android’s customization is great, the fact that they have an open platform makes them easier to hack and attack.

Ohio State Coach's Epic Body-Slam of Rogue Fan

A fan ran onto the field during Ohio State's home game against Cincinnati on SundayIt did not end well for himSee also: Michael Jordan Casually Double-Fists Cigars Like the Boss That He IsOhio State's assistant strength and conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel,

Hong Kong Protesters Met by Violent Police

Police violently cleared pro-democracy student protestors from the Hong Kong government's headquarters on SaturdayStudents and activists had climbed fences and broken a police cordon to invade the compound, in protest of planned election restrictionsSee also:

Jay Z, Beyoncé and No Doubt Perform at Global Citizen Festival

No Doubt, Jay Z, Carrie Underwood and other musical acts took to Central Park in New York City on Saturday for the 3rd annual Global Citizen Festival.The free event is part of the Global Poverty Project, which aims to end extreme poverty by 2030,

IBM宣布开除19名维权员工 罢工事件升级

3月10日消息,位于深圳福田的IBM系统集成(深圳)有限公司(以下简称“IBM STC”)发生员工罢工事件,目前事件升级。



新款 Segway 巡逻用车,多了...一个轮子

分类: 交通相关说到 Segway 代步交通工具,大多人的印象应该就是两个大大的轮子插着一根杆子的样貌吧?

Silbert’s Bitcoin Opportunity Fund Drops $250K On India-Based Unocoin

Despite some early moves that raised questions about Bitcoin’s legality in the country, the Indian market and its sheer size is still enticing to investors. Barry Silbert, a longtime Bitcoin enthusiast and founder of SecondMarket, just invested $250,000 in Unocoin. The company,


一般来说,一个行业火爆的标志,是它的各个方面都被反复谈论验证。所以,今年帝都的几场安全峰会上,大家都在讨论智能硬件也就不那么奇怪。这确实是今年最热门的行业。当然,在那上面讨论,大多意味着不太好的 ... ...

Linksys 发布新款网络硬盘盒与该厂最速的 Wi-Fi 路由器

在速度这件事情上,Linksys 自然不能坐视自己被 ASUS 与 Netgear 给追过,选择在 CES 2015 上发表该厂至今最速的 802.11ac Wi-Fi 路由器 EA8500,追上了 1.73Gbps 的速度。规格上,它搭载了 1.

FREAK security flaw made Android, Apple users vulnerable to hackers

Many Apple and Android users had been left vulnerable to hackers for more than a decade due to a former U.S. government policy, according to cybersecurity researchers.The security flaw, called FREAK, made visitors to a multitude of websites — including U.S. government-managed Whitehouse.gov, NSA.

不得不爱,Visual Studio Code十大超酷特性


前戏 文章初始,放一个大招。 呼吁一下:与新媒体人在一起,会更“性福”! 为什么? 因为我们懂得运营“性生活” ...

SQL Server 2008 R2——以特定符号出现的次数来判断当前内容所在的层次 - 王林森


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