Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy Throws Huge Party for Charity

There were bands. There were potato sack races. There were 3,000 pounds of potatoes. There was even peace and love at PotatoStock 2014, the charity bash that spawned out of a $55,000 Kickstarter campaign to make a batch of potato salad.On Saturday, Zack Brown,

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Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy Throws Huge Party for Charity

There were bands. There were potato sack races. There were 3,000 pounds of potatoes. There was even peace and love at PotatoStock 2014, the charity bash that spawned out of a $55,000 Kickstarter campaign to make a batch of potato salad.On Saturday, Zack Brown,

An Interview With The Potato Salad King Of Ohio, Zack Danger Brown

It’s rare to meet a comedy genius at a Tee Jay’s Country Place in Columbus, Ohio, but that’s just what I did when I sat down for breakfast with Zack Danger Brown, the guy who blew up the Internet a few weeks ago with his exciting potato salad Kickstarter.

​Kickstarter Potato Salad Guy Is a Hero

Late last week, amidst an agonizingly slow pre-holiday news cycle, CNET introduced the world to Zack Danger Brown, a Columbus, Ohio native who wanted to crowdfund the making of his very first potato salad on Kickstarter. He wanted $10. He got over $15,000 (and counting). And here,

You Say Potato Salad

If this Kickstarter for potato salad has seen far, it’s because it has stood on the shoulders of giants Yo.

The Guy Who Kickstarted Potato Salad Wasn’t Just Trolling Us All

It’s come to our attention that PotatoStock is a go. Zack “Danger” Brown, a Columbus, Ohio native, previously confirmed that he will put the proceeds raised from his potato salad Kickstarter to good use, namely founding PotatoStock,

PotatoStock Actually Happened

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Zack “Danger” Brown, he of the potato salad Kickstarter, held the first annual PotatoStock in Columbus, Ohio where he and thousands of potato lovers enjoyed beer, music, companionship, and salad.I met Zack a few weeks ago, just before PotatoStock,

Tackling The Crowdfunding Credibility Gap: A Q&A With Dropkicker

As crowdfunding has scaled up so too have some of the problems inherent with firing unconditional cash at people whose main selling point might just be their madcap idea. The big names of the category, the Kickstarters and Indiegogos, would argue that’s the beauty of crowdfunding.

The Crowdfunded Hardware Ecosystem

In the past six years crowdfunding has become a popular, if not the most popular, form of financing for hardware startups, potato salad distractions notwithstanding.

I Went To A Magical Kickstarter Party And All I Got Was So Much Bacon

There is a mystical place in San Francisco where whiskey drinks are made with marshmallows, salads contain pork three ways, rows of grilled cheese are constantly replenished, and the pale beer option is saison. All of it is free. People are healthy as fuck.

This Tesla key fob looks like, you guessed it, a mini Tesla Model 3

Tesla likes to do things differently. So when Electrek reported last month that the electric car company was allegedly working on a new key fob for its Model 3, we should have known it wouldn't be just your standard blob of a BLE device. Thanks to newly released documents filed to the FCC,

Watch this brave lil' raccoon climb up building, leap off, and survive

Sorry cats, but when it comes to climbing tall buildings, you've got nothing compared to raccoons.In Ocean City, New Jersey Friday, a raccoon was spotted a jaw-dropping nine stories up a building. The raccoon proceeded to leap off the building, hit the soft sand with its little raccoon feet,

Google is trying, and failing, to cover its creepy Chinese search engine tracks

Google wants the world's information to be universally accessible, unless that information just so happens to relate to its reported efforts to build a censored Chinese search engine that tracks its users.According to the Intercept,

Ted Cruz's latest dig at Beto O'Rourke on Twitter might be his vilest yet

Ted Cruz's social media team has reached a dark new low.Right before Senate hopeful Beta O'Rourke's debate with Cruz last night, where the sitting Senator skirted the question about whether police violence against African-Americans was a problem,

Jane Fonda throws the debate around comebacks for #MeToo men into sharp relief

Do guys like Louis C.K. or Charlie Rose deserve a comeback? Does any disgraced sexual predator? What has to happen before such a comeback is even possible?These questions have been rattling around online for some time, though C.K.'s recent attempted return to stand-up raised the volume. Now,

Watch this dad expertly help his kid pretend to be Spider-Man

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.Nothing like a little wholesome parent-child bonding. In this extremely cute video,

'Child's Play' creator disavows new 'Chucky' remake with a meme

Chucky is back — and not everyone's happy about it.On Friday, MGM announced it had started production for the reboot of Child's Play, the legendary 1988 horror film. The original's story creator Don Mancini, who won't be involved in the new production,

Ohio State Coach's Epic Body-Slam of Rogue Fan

A fan ran onto the field during Ohio State's home game against Cincinnati on SundayIt did not end well for himSee also: Michael Jordan Casually Double-Fists Cigars Like the Boss That He IsOhio State's assistant strength and conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel,

Hong Kong Protesters Met by Violent Police

Police violently cleared pro-democracy student protestors from the Hong Kong government's headquarters on SaturdayStudents and activists had climbed fences and broken a police cordon to invade the compound, in protest of planned election restrictionsSee also:

Jay Z, Beyoncé and No Doubt Perform at Global Citizen Festival

No Doubt, Jay Z, Carrie Underwood and other musical acts took to Central Park in New York City on Saturday for the 3rd annual Global Citizen Festival.The free event is part of the Global Poverty Project, which aims to end extreme poverty by 2030,

Over at MWC in Barcelona, Blackberry announced a new full touschscreen phone, called the Z3, that wi

Over at MWC in Barcelona, Blackberry announced a new full touschscreen phone, called the Z3, that will launch in Indonesia for $200. CEO John Chen said would arrive in other countries "sometime before [he] die[s]." Inspirational! There's also a device with a physical keyboard, called the classic,

传谷歌大脑之父将加盟百度 热衷研究机器深度学习

据中国之声《新闻晚高峰》报道,昨天晚间,有一则消息在微博上传开,说是中国互联网界最重量级的外援即将横空出世。外援的名字叫Andrew Ng,中文名叫吴恩达,而引入方,则是百度公司。

Pantheon Raises $21.5M Series B Round To Expand Its Web Hosting Platform

Pantheonwp_front_promo, which currently offers a professional hosting solution for Drupal and WordPress sites, today announced that it has raised a $21.5 million Series B funding round led by Rory O’Driscoll at Scale Venture Partners,

[视频]LG Wine Smart智能翻盖手机开箱上手

上月LG宣布针对韩国本土市场推出名为“LG Wine Smart”的智能翻盖手机,根据官方公布的数据显示该机运行Android 4.4 KitKat系统,主要面向那些老年人或者喜欢复古的人,今天韩媒率先分享了该机的开箱视频,让我们来看看吧。

10 best tech companies to work for in 2015

Google does no evil to its employeesThe tech company has been named the best place to work in 2015, according to a new report from Glassdoor. The career database compiled the top 50 places to work in 2015, based on feedback from employees.See also:

索尼《The Interview》被控盗版音乐

索尼影业喜剧片《The Interview》引发的余波未尽。一名歌手声称她未能与索尼达成授权协议,但索尼仍然在电影中使用了她的歌曲。Yoon Mi-rae(韩国名字,真名Natasha Shanta Reid)是出生在美国的韩裔嘻哈歌手。

Xbox 360 将支持 2TB 的硬盘

Xbox One 每月都有更新,不过不等于 Xbox 360 就不会更新呢。Microsoft 的 Major Nelson 日前指出 Xbox 360 Preview Program 的会员将会收到一个更新,其重点是容许用户为 Xbox 360 配备一对各 2TB 的硬盘,换言之最高容量可达 4TB 呢。

The Future Of The Web Is All About Context

Imagine a world where search engines proactively send recommended articles, people and companies to their users — and all of these recommendations are extremely helpful and relevant. This is an example of using context for discovery, and it’s the future of the Internet. Unfortunately,


纪振宇 11 月 6 日圣地亚哥报道  作为一家科技公司内设的风投机构,英特尔投资在风投业界显得低调而稳健,尽管名气不如红杉、KPCB 等其他大牌风投机构,但从投资布局的广度、退出项目数量、回报率等指标来看, ... ...



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