Save over 25% on this humidifier just before the winter months hit

TL;DR: Say goodbye to dryness and save 26% on the Missed Global James Humidifier, available for just $139.99 as of Sept. 26.When your skin craves a humidifier, you can feel it. You'll wake up with dry, dull skin,

10 best thrillers on HBO Max

Sometimes you need a chill down your spine to shake off the doldrums and know you’re alive. Thrillers are a perfect pairing for this craving. Such suspense-rich movies give us a first-class ticket to journeys wild, winding, and exciting. They allow us to live vicariously through reckless thieves,

'The Batman' unleashes a villainous new trailer with 100% more Catwoman

It's been just over a year since we last saw The Batman, at Warner Bros. 2020 edition of DC FanDome. Now it's time for a new FanDome and a new trailer, and honestly, not a lot has changed.

HBO Max drops a 'Peacemaker' teaser with John Cena explaining... 'butt babies'?

If you haven't yet seen The Suicide Squad then you might not be familiar with John Cena's Peacemaker. Well he's got a spin-off series coming to HBO Max and this first teaser does a great job of selling the idea of a "douche-y, bro-y Captain America.

Where's walrus? Climate researchers ask the internet to help dig through satellite photos.

We love a good photo hunt, and we love it even more when such a hunt can actually be helpful for scientific research.That's the premise of the "Walrus from Space" project.

WhatsApp rolls out encryption for chats backed up in the cloud

WhatsApp is the mobile messaging backbone of much of the global population, and all of its users just got an added layer of privacy protection.On the WhatsApp blog,

The first 'Black Adam' clip is a brief, brutal glimpse at Dwayne Johnson's DC debut

It's short, it's definitely not sweet (but also pretty dang sweet), and it's got Dwayne Johnson flash-frying an armed aggressor down to the bone. This is your first real look at Black Adam.Fans got their first glimpse of the July 2022 movie in a DC FanDome appearance on Saturday.

Twitch says user passwords weren't compromised in huge data leak

Earlier in October, pretty much the entirety of Twitch was hacked and leaked onto the internet. Apparently, passwords weren't included, though.That's what Twitch says, anyway. The streaming site issued an update on Friday in the aftermath of the big hack, saying that user passwords, credit cards,

Enjoy local HD channels without a cable bill, thanks to this indoor 4K TV antenna

TL;DR: Access the shows you want with the 4K HD Indoor TV Antenna, on sale for just $41.99 as of Sept. 26 — a 30% savings.If you finally decided to cut the cord and ditch your cable bill in favor of Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, congratulations.

Charge up virtually any device with this versatile power bank – no cords needed

TL;DR: Power up your devices with the ChargeHubGO+ All-in-One Power Bank, on sale for just $29.99 as of Sept. 26 with the code LIMITLESS25 — that's a 25% discount. As you continue to build up your gadget arsenal, you unintentionally build up your charger collection as well. And between your phone,

All the best budget-friendly sex toys available for under £50

With such a massive range of sex toys on the market, you would think that the shopping process would be straightforward. You would be wrong.Despite the fact that there are absolutely loads of options out there for solo play, couples, and long-distance relationships, with just about every size,

Algorithm Reveals Objects Hidden Behind Other Things In Camera Phone Images

KentuckyFC writes "Imaging is undergoing a quiet revolution at the moment thanks to various new techniques for extracting data from images.

Strategy Analytics:美国智能电视和平板电视市场份额TOP 5

Strategy Analytics互联家庭终端(CHD)服务总监David Watkins (戴维 沃特金斯)谈到:“据Strategy Analytics观察发现,与其它传统电视相比,智能电视的价格正迅速下滑,反映出各大彩电厂商转而期待通过内容合作商而非投入更多的前期硬件成本获取更多回报。



[图]Android 5.0原生系统/TouchWiz/HTC Sense/LG UI界面对比

Android平台的开发性允许厂商基于原生系统进行丰富的定制,在经过数年的发展和完善都已经走出了自己的道路,吸引了一批忠实的拥趸。谷歌最新的Android 5.

[视频]美军电磁弹射饱和测试 36吨小车被弹飞数十米






There's Now 3D-Printed Graphene Aerogel

First there was aerogel . Then there was graphene aerogel . Now, there’s 3D-printed graphene aerogel. That’s a whole lot of scientific buzzwords in a single lump of feather-light material.Read more...

YouTube 十年养成记:从被 Google 收购说起

10 年前今天,Google 收购了当时成立不到两年的 YouTube。这笔收购,不仅改变了 YouTube,也激励了无数创业者。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

C++ getline()与get()方法初探 - SauronKing

前言 作为C++获取输入流的方法,几乎在任何一本资料书上,getline()方法和get()方法都作为入门级的方法进行讲述,即便如此,笔者在学习C++的过程中仍经常忘记这二者的使用要点,可能也有C++的初学者对这两个方法还心存疑虑,本篇文章就这两个方法的使用进行简要阐述。标题的初探二字已经表示本文只

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