Android Apps May Be Coming to Windows

In an effort to boost interest in its desktop and mobile platform, Microsoft is reportedly considering opening up Windows to Android apps.Citing "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans,

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A closer look at whether Microsoft could hijack Android for its own ends

We look at how Redmond could pretty much hijack Android for its own purposes – a prospect that is surely too delicious an idea for Microsoft not to consider.Read more:

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks Windows 10 universal app strategy “won’t work”

Hot on the heels of complaining about Microsoft’s policy to refrain from reporting actual cloud and hardware sales and profits, ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had some additional feedback on Microsoft’s current direction. According to...

Windows 10: A closer look at the Phone Companion app for Windows, Android and iOS

Microsoft announced a few weeks back that Windows 10 would include a Phone Companion app, which would allow users to easily setup and sync their phone with their Windows 10 PC. The Phone Companion app works with Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS devices,

What is Project Astoria and Project Islandwood?

Back in April of 2015, the internet went into a frenzy when it heard rumors of Microsoft’s involvement with Android. Some went as far as thinking that Microsoft was planning on adding an Android...The post What is Project Astoria and Project Islandwood? appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft’s Android emulator Project Astoria reportedly not going as planned, on hold indefinitely

Microsoft detailed a plan earlier this year during the Build developer conference that would help address the dreaded app gap that plagued its smartphone ambitions. Through a series of what the company called ‘Bridges’, iOS, Android,...

Why Android apps on Windows Phone is no solution to Microsoft’s app gap

No matter which way you look at it, Windows Phone Store is a ghost town. If you think Android apps could be a solution to this problem, then think again…Read more:

Android Apps May Be Coming to Windows

In an effort to boost interest in its desktop and mobile platform, Microsoft is reportedly considering opening up Windows to Android apps.Citing "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans,

Job posting implies Microsoft may be open to Android apps

Microsoft is seeking a “game changer" to be a Senior Program Manager. The job posting focuses on Microsoft's attempts to make it easier for developers to make apps for the Windows ecosystem:  

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: build 10240 leaks, side load Android apps, and more

At the start of last week, we learned that Windows 10 Mobile insiders would not be getting build 10240 due to a "blocking bug" that is preventing the Windows team from releasing that particular build to Insiders. As a point of reference,

Can Microsoft make Windows better than iOS and Android without being deemed anti-competitive?

Google will stop websites from blocking Incognito mode

Google is about to close a loophole that many companies used to track how people were browsing their website in Chrome.According to 9to5Google,

Hot mic picks up someone saying 'we're actually f**cked' during live BBC broadcast

The thought of getting caught on a hot mic and broadcast nationwide without your knowledge is a pretty terrifying one. Especially if what you get caught saying is a pretty blatant — and accurate — statement about national politics, and you also happen to drop the f-bomb. SEE ALSO:

UK cybersecurity center isn't too afraid of Huawei, report says

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has assessed the dangers of using Huawei's 5G equipment, and it found that it's not such a big deal, Financial Times reported Sunday. The cybersecurity centre's findings have not yet been made public,

Learn modern web design for as little as £12.99 with this heavily discounted course

It's a dog-eat-dog professional world out there, and you should be doing everything you can to give yourself the edge. Whether that's pursuing extra-curricular activities or learning new skills, it's important to always be learning and growing.Fortunately, in this day and age,

Victoria Beckham had a Spice Girls drag performance at her London Fashion Week after party

Victoria Beckham has made it quite clear that she's not planning on reuniting with the four other Spice Girls, but that doesn't mean she's totally done with the catchy songs or girl power. After Beckham's London Fashion Week show,

Casper mattresses, Instant Pot, MacBook Air, Beats, Keurig, Fire Stick TV 4K, and more on sale for F

Did you know that we're all using our "second screens" wrong? It seems that most of us aren't using our tablets and smartphones in the best ways possible when watching TV or using a laptop. This is something to consider when shopping online for Presidents Day.

11 DIY videos that absolutely no one asked for

DIY videos have saved our lives on more than one occasion, and sure, some of the hacks that surface are really cool and useful. But, some content creators have taken the trend a little too far. 

'90s Figure Skating Tumblr Finally Brings LFO to the Olympics

For those of you thinking, "This Olympic figure skating routine would be really killer set to Ace of Base," your '90s dreams have become an alt rock reality.Comedy writer Mike DiCenzo kicks it old-school with '90s Figure Skating.

'Lego Movie' Bloopers Prove Even Mistakes Are Awesome

Bloopers can be equally as funny, if not more absurd than the original movie, or they can turn a dramatic scene into a good laugh that will leave your abs hurting.

Today's Winners in Sochi: Luge, Biathlon and More

Thursday at the Winter Olympics in Sochi saw a rare American podium sweep, the Chinese dominate speed skating and much, much moreLuge, biathlon and cross-country skiing all had medal action as well. Read on for a full recap of Thursday's medal winners, as well as some of its best photo moments.


为方便产品经理、设计师、开发及项目相关人员能够看到直观的效果,进行更有效的沟通;提供直观的产品设想,说明用户将如何与产品进行交互,在交互设计的过程中一定会产出各种各样的产出物,如流程图、思维图、纸上的 .

Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts

sciencehabit writes "How much do we hate being alone with our own thoughts? Enough to give ourselves an electric shock. In a new study, researchers recruited hundreds of people and made them sit in an empty room and just think for about 15 minutes. About half of the volunteers hated the experience.

Asia Plantation Capital助泰国奢侈品实现出口

新加坡2014年8月5日电 /美通社/ -- 泰国突出的乡村农业经济以盛产从稻米至神秘的沉香树等各种农作物而闻名全球,目前在 Asia Plantation Capital 的帮助下走上了全新的发展之路。

硬件仗难打 HTC另辟蹊径寻求软件业务突破



如果北京申办冬奥会成功,届时互联网会比夏季奥运会更开放 来自新浪科技。国际奥委会代表团本周前往北京、张家口等地 […]

Darth Vader's breathing soothes crying baby to sleep

Parents will try anything to get their kid to stop crying and go to bed — even the Dark SideAfter 1-week-old Madison would not stop crying, her father Buddy Crotty discovered that the soothing sound of Darth Vader's breathing was just the thing to soothe her to sleep.Hey,

Drone Startup Sky-Futures Secures $3.8M From MMC To Scale Up Oil And Gas Inspections

Startups dealing in the world of Drones have been given a boost today with the news that Sky-Futures, which flies drones around oil rigs and gas pipelines, has raised $3.87m (£2.5m) in a Series A from London-based venture fund MMC Ventures.




共和党总统候选人特朗普(Donald Trump)在珍珠港日纪念活动上说,他想和比尔盖茨谈论在某种程度上关闭互联网,以防止伊斯兰恐怖组织伊斯兰国招募儿童。他说,年轻的孩子容易被蛊惑而想加入伊斯兰国。


由Juniper Networks(瞻博网络公司)销售的用于管理防火墙的操作系统中发现包含未经授权的代码,这些代码偷偷解密流量并通过虚拟专用网络发送,该公司的工作人员于周四发出警告。

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