Android Apps May Be Coming to Windows

In an effort to boost interest in its desktop and mobile platform, Microsoft is reportedly considering opening up Windows to Android apps.Citing "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans,

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A closer look at whether Microsoft could hijack Android for its own ends

We look at how Redmond could pretty much hijack Android for its own purposes – a prospect that is surely too delicious an idea for Microsoft not to consider.Read more:

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks Windows 10 universal app strategy “won’t work”

Hot on the heels of complaining about Microsoft’s policy to refrain from reporting actual cloud and hardware sales and profits, ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had some additional feedback on Microsoft’s current direction. According to...

Windows 10: A closer look at the Phone Companion app for Windows, Android and iOS

Microsoft announced a few weeks back that Windows 10 would include a Phone Companion app, which would allow users to easily setup and sync their phone with their Windows 10 PC. The Phone Companion app works with Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS devices,

What is Project Astoria and Project Islandwood?

Back in April of 2015, the internet went into a frenzy when it heard rumors of Microsoft’s involvement with Android. Some went as far as thinking that Microsoft was planning on adding an Android...The post What is Project Astoria and Project Islandwood? appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft’s Android emulator Project Astoria reportedly not going as planned, on hold indefinitely

Microsoft detailed a plan earlier this year during the Build developer conference that would help address the dreaded app gap that plagued its smartphone ambitions. Through a series of what the company called ‘Bridges’, iOS, Android,...

Why Android apps on Windows Phone is no solution to Microsoft’s app gap

No matter which way you look at it, Windows Phone Store is a ghost town. If you think Android apps could be a solution to this problem, then think again…Read more:

Android Apps May Be Coming to Windows

In an effort to boost interest in its desktop and mobile platform, Microsoft is reportedly considering opening up Windows to Android apps.Citing "sources familiar with Microsoft's plans,

Job posting implies Microsoft may be open to Android apps

Microsoft is seeking a “game changer" to be a Senior Program Manager. The job posting focuses on Microsoft's attempts to make it easier for developers to make apps for the Windows ecosystem:  

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: build 10240 leaks, side load Android apps, and more

At the start of last week, we learned that Windows 10 Mobile insiders would not be getting build 10240 due to a "blocking bug" that is preventing the Windows team from releasing that particular build to Insiders. As a point of reference,

Can Microsoft make Windows better than iOS and Android without being deemed anti-competitive?


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Snapchat is more popular than ever

Snapchat is more popular than ever, and that's very good news for Snap. The company reported its second quarter results for 2019, revealing that user growth is again on the rise — by a lot.Snapchat's daily active users (DAUs), one of the app's most closely watched metrics, grew to 203 million,

Jon Stewart's face as Mitch McConnell walks by him is priceless

Every so often a photograph captures a facial expression so priceless that you feel compelled to print it out, frame it, and do something really dramatic like sneak it into the Louvre. Today I am pleased to announce that I had one of those moments.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is $80 off at Amazon

TL;DR: Get the perfectly compact Samsung Galaxy Tab for $249.99 at Amazon and save $80 (off the normally $329 price) with a coupon.Dorm rooms are small — like really small. Some might even say basically the same size as a closet, and when you add a roommate, forget about it. 

With autonomous valet parking, your Mercedes-Benz can park itself

Drop off your car and let it find itself a parking spot.On Tuesday, the Mercedes-Benz company Daimler and German car parts company Bosch unveiled their driverless parking without supervision (either in or outside the car) at a German parking garage. At the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart,

George Foreman indoor/outdoor electric grills are just $55 at Walmart

TL;DR: Get this convenient George Foreman electric grill for indoor and outdoor use for only $54.99 at Walmart. You save $44 off a grill that can cook up to 15 servings. Outdoor grilling season is here, but you can't rely on the weather to always cooperate.

Trump haters commiserate with UK over Boris Johnson with a heartfelt meme

Boris Johnson has officially become the next prime minister of the UK, and there's something eerily familiar about him to Americans. Johnson holds isolationist and anti-immigration views (he's basically the face behind Brexit); he's loud and outspoken; and he has a mop of yellow-blond hair.

'90s Figure Skating Tumblr Finally Brings LFO to the Olympics

For those of you thinking, "This Olympic figure skating routine would be really killer set to Ace of Base," your '90s dreams have become an alt rock reality.Comedy writer Mike DiCenzo kicks it old-school with '90s Figure Skating.

'Lego Movie' Bloopers Prove Even Mistakes Are Awesome

Bloopers can be equally as funny, if not more absurd than the original movie, or they can turn a dramatic scene into a good laugh that will leave your abs hurting.

Today's Winners in Sochi: Luge, Biathlon and More

Thursday at the Winter Olympics in Sochi saw a rare American podium sweep, the Chinese dominate speed skating and much, much moreLuge, biathlon and cross-country skiing all had medal action as well. Read on for a full recap of Thursday's medal winners, as well as some of its best photo moments.

Netflix to Start Offering 'Breaking Bad' in Glorious 4K in June

Netflix will start offering Breaking Bad as a 4K streaming option starting this June, the company has confirmedThe company has been licensed by Sony to offer the series, and a remaster with 4K resolution (that's 3840x2160 pixels), and 5.1 surround sound is almost complete,



AppBoxPro - 细粒度通用权限管理框架(可控制表格行内按钮)源码提供下载,求推荐 - Sanshi(Asp.Net控件)

特别声明:提供的源代码已经包含了 AppBoxPro 的全部源代码,用 VS2012 打开项目后,直接 Ctrl+F5 可以运行起来(默认使用VS自带的LocalDB数据库)。FineUIPro是商业程序,仅包含v1.7.

歐洲中最抵買!盧布貶值帶動俄羅斯 iPhone 6 銷量

一直以來俄羅斯的 iPhone 銷量都不太理想,因為多年來其價格都居高不下,不少當地市民反而會走到其他歐洲國家購買。



Would Smart Travel Solutions Find My Luggage, Which United Airlines Lost?

Editor’s Note: Director of Events Leslie Hitchcock is a non-editorial TechCrunch employee. In addition to working at TechCrunch and being super fashionable, she reviews startups and tech products occasionally on her personal blog, Leslie Just Joined. A few weeks ago at a dinner party,

Conan's Apple Pocketwatch Is the Budget-Friendly Wearable

"It's more than a binder clip and a wallet chain. It's $269." [Team Coco]Read more...

JS高级前端开发群加群说明 - 豪情

JS高级前端开发群加群说明一.文章背景:二. 高级群:三. 加入方式:四. 说明:一.文章背景:去年年初建了几个群,在不经意间火了,一直排在“前端开发”关键字搜索结果第一名。

Google 街景也加入寻找尼斯湖水怪的大军了


16 Things You Probably Never Knew About The Short Circuit Movies

Right now, we’re falling in love with BB-8 from Star Wars—and yet, there’s still a special place in our hearts for Johnny Five, the robot from the Short Circuit films. But how much do you actually know about these films? Check out this video,

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