Using the Windows 10 Technical Preview? Microsoft might be watching your every move

One of the main goals with the Windows 10 Technical Preview is for Microsoft to collect feedback to help shape the final version of the operating system, which is said to be coming sometime in summer 2015. The Technical Preview requires users to register with the Windows Insider Program,

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Windows 10 Settings app starts showing new Web Browsing section to non-Insiders

Microsoft has been experimenting with a new Web browsing section in the Settings header earlier this year, and it seems that non-Insiders are now starting to see it.

Microsoft Lists app is now generally available in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 project management and collaboration tool. The Lists app is now available to commercial, education, and government subscribers, the company announced yesterday.

Microsoft expands presence in Ireland with 200 new jobs and an Engineering Hub

Microsoft has a storied history with the country of Ireland, the company’s most notable entanglement with the area came as a 2014 legal battle over user privacy.

Minecraft Dungeons’ second season pass will unlock the game’s next 4 DLC expansions

Minecraft Dungeons’ upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Howling Peaks, has officially been given the December 9th launch date and will release alongside a completely new season pass. While the original season pass for the dungeon crawler includes all of the DLC released up until now,

Fortnite may be getting some Star Wars or Mandalorian video game content in December

Fortnite’s current Marvel-themed season, Nexus War, is set to end on December 1st at 4 PM ET with the arrival of the monstrous Galactus to the Battle Royale island and a massive event that will likely see several changes to the map as the focus on Marvel ends and the next season,

Microsoft releases new 20H2 build for Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels

Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels can download today a new patch for the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2). This is the cumulative update build 19042.662 (KB4586853), which brings a long list of fixes related to the touch keyboard, the Xbox Game Bar, USB 3.0 hubs,

Microsoft Planner tasks will soon surface relevant files to add as attachments

Microsoft Planner is about to get a “File recommendations” feature that will let users choose recommended files to add as attachments to their tasks. The update will start rolling out in early January 2021, as noted in the most recent update to the company’s roadmap.

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone to arrive in 2015, says Joe Belfiore

Loving the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your computer? Would you like to try it on your phone? Well, that won’t be happening soon. As we had heard before, Microsoft isn’t going to release an ARM-supported Windows 10 Technical Preview until next year,

How to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview in VMWare Player

For those who wish to test the new Windows 10 Technical Preview within a virtual machine, there are a number of virtual machine programs for you to choose from. One popular program is VMWare Player, the free alternative to VMWare Workstation, which allows you to install operating systems virtually.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone gets a major update, lets you edit comments and more

If you have a Windows Phone and use Facebook, you will probably know that Microsoft makes the "first-party" Facebook app for Windows Phone, while Facebook provides an in-house build of their 'Messenger' app.

How Aspirin Prevents Heart Attacks

The wonder drug once gleaned from the bark of a willow tree is today used to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. But not everyone benefits from daily aspirin therapy.Read more...

How a Slave Had to Build the Freedom Statue in Washington DC

The Statue of Freedom sitting atop the dome of the U.S. Capitol building in Washing D.C. has more alternate names than the obscure half of the Wu Tang Clan. Over the years, the names attributed to it have ranged from things like "Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace" to the far simpler,

游戏再遭滑铁卢 中国家长细数五宗罪



由亚洲知名安全组织SyScan主办,中国最大的互联网安全厂商360承办的2014 SyScan360国际前瞻信息安全会议在北京隆重举行,中国首个成功将iOS越狱的“盘古”团队成员windknown在会议上揭秘了盘古团队是如何实现完美越狱的。


联合国2014年气候峰会:清洁柴油动力在满足气候、能源与可持续发展目标方面取得进展 华盛顿2014年9月24日电 /美通社/ -- 联合国气候峰会 (United Nations Climate Summit) 在纽约举行之际,柴油技术论坛执行总监 Allen Schaeffer 称,清洁柴油动力将成为帮助全球应对气候挑战的一种重要解决方案。

After Quietly Acquiring SnapSaves, Groupon Launches Snap, Paying You To Shop

Groupon continues apace with its strategy to evolve from online daily deals giant into a wider e-commerce player, with an emphasis on mobile and local purchases. Today the company is launching a new app called Snap — which provides you the user with a set list of products,

比自拍杆更牛逼的 Belifiestick:「臀拍」神器!

Belfiesrick 属于有角度版本的自拍杆。

Facebook who? Square rolls out simpler cash transfers to businesses

Square, the startup that helped heat up the tech world's interest in mobile payments, seems determined not to lose ground to giant rivals like facebook">Facebook and Google, which are posing direct threats.In a move that could help improve its profitability, Square,

Surface 3开始发货

微软于3月末突然发布了Surface 3平板,出色的性价比使其迅速引发关注,而微软方面也在以实际行动回应着用户的这份期待。


涉及行业:机械设备 事件属性:公开上市 28800万 人民币 2015年5月28日,广东天际电器股份有限公司在深圳中小企业板上市,发行股票2,400.00万股,每股发行价12.02人民币,共募集资金金额2.88亿人民币。 ... ...

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