It was tough, but we found the 20 best movies on HBO Max

When HBO Max launched in May of 2020 boasting thousands of hours of content, they weren't lying. The streaming service that came into our lives by way of yanking Friends from Netflix has proved to be an endless source of movie magic,

5G won't make you sick, but it could screw up your air travel

While conspiracy theorists spread wildly false claims about 5G spreading COVID-19 or causing human beings to "spontaneously combust," the airline industry is worried about a more reasonable problem: How 5G could potentially screw with your air travel.Earlier this month,

Sketchy lookalike URLs pop up following launch of USPS free COVID test site

Well that didn't take long. Less than 24 hours after the United States Postal Service launched an official website for Americans to request free rapid coronavirus tests, websites with suspiciously similar URLs are trying to lure people into purchasing pricey tests. That's right,

New Mars snapshot captures tumbled boulders near planet's grand canyon

Meditate on this massive rock garden: Several boulders once perched atop a Martian ridge have cascaded down the slope, leaving dimples in the soft sunken valley below. The European Space Agency, which recently shared this snapshot, described the scene as “geology in motion.

'Our Flag Means Death' sets sail with silly gentlemen pirates

"Why can't one be a gentleman and a pirate?"That's the question posed by Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), the main character of HBO Max's upcoming comedy series, Our Flag Means Death. A pampered aristocrat, Stede abandons his life to captain a pirate ship. Misadventures on the high seas ensue.

Tesla's self-driving option still mostly unusable, now costs $2,000 more

The price of the Tesla option known as "Full Self-Driving," or FSD, just rose by $2,000 — even as concerns arise over the unproven and still widely unusable technology. Earlier this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the price hike would kick in on January 17, and in an admittedly rare occurrence,

Everything 'The Office' fans need to know about the famous parkour cold open

"Parkour! PARKOUR!"When Office fans hear the word "parkour" they don't just think of the viral internet sensation that inspired people around the world to, in the words of Jim Halpert, "get from point A to point B as creatively as possible." They think of the Season 6 cold open, in which Michael,

This emo music festival is a personal attack on millennials

Concert promoter Live Nation decided to cyberbully millennials on Tuesday, Jan. 18, when it announced a new music festival with a devastating name: The "When We Were Young" festival. How dare you, Live Nation (goes back to tweeting and knitting).

Tennis star Peng Shuai is still missing. Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and the WTA demand answers.

Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai hasn't been seen since publicly accusing government official Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault.On Nov. 2, Peng made allegations against the former vice premier of China in a lengthy Weibo post, which was deleted half an hour later, CNN reports.In the post,

The people have spoken: Ford's EV truck is more desirable than Tesla's Cybertruck

Rivian’s electric truck came out in October, but attention is still on the electric Ford F-150 Lightning and other future electric trucks. The Lightning is not arriving until 2022, but the anticipation for the first Ford electric pickup is growing. Autolist, a car shopping website, surveyed over 1,

Why 'The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is really a Thanksgiving movie

Ah, autumn. It’s that special time of year when my favorite entertainment debate clamors down the chimney and into the minds of movie lovers everywhere. I’m talking about the most controversial question in seasonal cinema, an unanswered quandary of mythic proportions:


摘要 : 王石的狠话:淘汰你的不是互联网,而是你不接受互联网。是你不把互联网当成工具跟你的行业结合起来。最终淘汰你的还是你的同行,他们接受了互联网,把互联网跟自己做的事情结合起来,淘汰了你。   

使用DevExpress实现界面换肤功能 - 蚂蚁拉车



直播时间:  北京时间 10月10日10:00 am 直播地址: […]


尽管国内三大运营商都已经着手部署4G LTE网络,不过包括华为、诺基亚在内的诸多厂商已经着手构建5G网络的美好未来。眼下相关的5G标准还未正式出台,但厂商已经着手进行相关的测试,以便能成为下一代通信标准。

真係彎俾你睇 ! 將來 iPhone 機身拗彎都可正常運作

自 iPhone 6 及 iPhone 6 Plus 推出後,機身容易彎曲就成為了其中一個被人嘲諷的問題。不過這種情況在日後或可能不會再發生,因為 Apple 近日取得了一項全新專利,即使手機彎曲、摺疊及扭曲後,都依然可以正常運作。

Watch Out Apple, There's a Swiss-Made Android Wear Watch on the Way

Swiss watchmacker TAG Heuer is teaming up with both Google and Intel are going to team up to make a luxury Android Wear watch to do battle with the upcoming (and expensive) Apple Watch. Sounds interesting! But unfortunately that's about all we've got in the way of details so far. Read more...


阿联酋阿治曼2015年6月9日电 /美通社/ -- 阿联酋阿治曼自贸区在广州珠江新城丽思卡尔顿酒店举行中国路演首场活动,正式拉开对接中国资本、竭诚服务中国投资者的序幕。

排序(二) 插入排序 - in_the_way

前言:这里将主要介绍的是直接插入排序和改进后的插入排序也称为希尔排序 直接插入排序 (时间复杂度为O(N^2)) 介绍: 插入排序(Insertion Sort)的算法描述是一种简单直观的排序算法。它的工作原理是通过构建有序序列,对于未排序数据,在已排序序列中从后向前扫描,找到相应位置并插入。插入排


深圳2016年5月21日电 /美通社/ -- 北京时间2016年5月20日上午9时,有棵树集团(简称:有棵树 证券代码:836586)2015年年度股东大会在深圳总部召开,会议由董事长肖四清先生主持,全体股东(或授权代表)出席了本次会议,公司的董事、监事和其他高级管理人员等列席了会议。 本次会议议案主要包括:2015年年度报告及摘要、2015年度董事会工作报告、2015年度监事会工作报告、2015年度财务决算报告、2016年度财务预算报告、2015年度利润分配方案、续聘公司2016年度审计机构、2015年度关联方资金往来报告等。

'Matilda' star Mara Wilson comes out on Twitter as queer

There is no right time or wrong place to come out — and on Monday, former child star Mara Wilson chose Twitter to tell her story.Wilson, an author and storyteller best-known for her role in the movie Matlida, has become something of a Twitter celebrity in recent years. On Monday,

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