Black Friday deal: Snag an Apple Watch Series 3 at Best Buy for just $169

SMARTWATCH, SMART PURCHASE: As of Nov. 19 (Best Buy's Black Friday), the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) is on sale for just $169. That's about 20% off its suggested retail price of $199.The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) was first announced in September of 2017 (a lifetime ago,

5G won't make you sick, but it could screw up your air travel

While conspiracy theorists spread wildly false claims about 5G spreading COVID-19 or causing human beings to "spontaneously combust," the airline industry is worried about a more reasonable problem: How 5G could potentially screw with your air travel.Earlier this month,

Sketchy lookalike URLs pop up following launch of USPS free COVID test site

Well that didn't take long. Less than 24 hours after the United States Postal Service launched an official website for Americans to request free rapid coronavirus tests, websites with suspiciously similar URLs are trying to lure people into purchasing pricey tests. That's right,

New Mars snapshot captures tumbled boulders near planet's grand canyon

Meditate on this massive rock garden: Several boulders once perched atop a Martian ridge have cascaded down the slope, leaving dimples in the soft sunken valley below. The European Space Agency, which recently shared this snapshot, described the scene as “geology in motion.

'Our Flag Means Death' sets sail with silly gentlemen pirates

"Why can't one be a gentleman and a pirate?"That's the question posed by Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), the main character of HBO Max's upcoming comedy series, Our Flag Means Death. A pampered aristocrat, Stede abandons his life to captain a pirate ship. Misadventures on the high seas ensue.

Tesla's self-driving option still mostly unusable, now costs $2,000 more

The price of the Tesla option known as "Full Self-Driving," or FSD, just rose by $2,000 — even as concerns arise over the unproven and still widely unusable technology. Earlier this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the price hike would kick in on January 17, and in an admittedly rare occurrence,

Everything 'The Office' fans need to know about the famous parkour cold open

"Parkour! PARKOUR!"When Office fans hear the word "parkour" they don't just think of the viral internet sensation that inspired people around the world to, in the words of Jim Halpert, "get from point A to point B as creatively as possible." They think of the Season 6 cold open, in which Michael,

This emo music festival is a personal attack on millennials

Concert promoter Live Nation decided to cyberbully millennials on Tuesday, Jan. 18, when it announced a new music festival with a devastating name: The "When We Were Young" festival. How dare you, Live Nation (goes back to tweeting and knitting).

Save $100 on the latest iPad Pro during Best Buy's Black Friday sale

SAVE $100: Starting Nov. 19, Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro is on sale for $999.99 at Best Buy — that's $100 off its usual price. This iPad Pro is the latest model, and features the powerful Apple M1 chip, has 128GB of storage, and delivers impressive all-day battery life and performance.

Best Buy's Black Friday sale includes $500 off a MacBook Pro

SAVE $500: MacBooks are always at the top of the list when it comes to the best laptops, and as of Nov. 19, the Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) is on sale for $1,299.99 (original price: $1,799.99) as part of Best Buy's Black Friday event.As you probably know by now,

It was tough, but we found the 20 best movies on HBO Max

When HBO Max launched in May of 2020 boasting thousands of hours of content, they weren't lying. The streaming service that came into our lives by way of yanking Friends from Netflix has proved to be an endless source of movie magic,


Duolingo 的特色是让人们免费学习外语的同时也利用众包完成其他网页内容的翻译,或者说是以外语学习为激励让人们免费做网页翻译的工作。教程覆盖听说读译方方面面。



[图]iPhone 6 外观样机再现

一台自称是iPhone 6外形样机的模型出现在一个中国博客86digi中,这款产品的图像和之前泄露的模型外观较为类似,内置4.

'Rosetta Flash' Attack Leverages JSONP Callbacks To Steal Credentials

New submitter newfurniturey writes: A new Flash and JSONP attack combination has been revealed to the public today. It has been dubbed the "Rosetta Flash" attack. JSONP callback functions normally return a JSON blob wrapped in a user-specified callback function,

This world map was created by plotting out each incident of terrorism

It's incredibly sad that we can basically paint the map of our world just by using the locations of all the incidents of terrorism since 1970. The brightest parts of the map show the areas of the world that have to deal with so much tragedy.


摘要:上海市交通委,在“非法客运整治情况”专题情况会议上,指出滴滴专车属于黑车,营运不合法。此消息一出,市场一 […]

新 iPod touch 还是 iPad mini 3:如何选择

由于配备了 A8 处理器,新 iPod touch 的风头看起来一时无两,至少在短时间内它可以再次成为一款对消费者来说颇有吸引力的产品。





你追我赶不亦乐乎 三星的旗舰与苹果的芯片

Galaxy S7 拥有两个不同的,但是性能差不多的芯片组是人皆尽知的事情了,而不管是 Exynos 8890 还是高通骁龙820,它们的目标很显然是要超越最大的竞争对手,iPhone的核心,A9。  不过,如果说今年的 iPhone 能多一件令消费者兴奋的事情,那就是 iPhone 7 会搭载 A10 处理器,据悉,台积电公司已经正式开始小规模试产苹果 iPhone7 将搭载的 A10 处理器,不知道这会不会让他们的竞争对手感觉到很头痛呢。  

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