Microsoft gets slapped in the face thanks to Windows 8, will Windows 10 be a fix?

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Microsoft gets slapped in the face thanks to Windows 8, will Windows 10 be a fix?

Microsoft Woos Enterprise With Start Button In Windows 10

Microsoft announced Windows 10 the other day. Putting aside the fact they skipped version 9, and all of the jokes that could evoke, the announcement appeared to be one long apology to the enterprise. We’re sorry we dissed you in version 8 and we want to beg you to take us back.

Microsoft extends their partnership with SAP, improves enterprise cloud computing

Enterprise users will not be able to take advantage of free Windows 10 upgrade

In a blog post on Friday, Microsoft announced that it wouldn’t be extending the free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Enterprise users. Microsoft plans to update Windows 10 much more frequently compared to previous Windows versions.

Microsoft continues to innovate, announces new solutions for enterprise modernization

Microsoft continues to invest in new and expanded products and services for its business customers, likely the company’s most important market segment according to its “cloud-first, mobile-first” strategy. Whether it’s Office 365 for business,...The post Microsoft continues to innovate,

Microsoft announces Windows Apportals for enterprise users, simplifies app management

Microsoft's Cloud + Enterprise team reveals updates to Azure and more

Microsoft has been committed to a 'cloud-first' world, and place a strong emphasis on their Cloud + Enterprise products. Today they announced updates targeting their cloud-focused enterprise software, such as their Azure platform.

Microsoft announces unified Trust Center for enterprise cloud services

As we reported earlier last week, Microsoft is putting some more care and thought into how it can clearly communicate their respect for and protection of the user’s data. After many concerns over the...

Major Windows 10 update brings Xbox One 360 support and Enterprise gifts

Microsoft is delivering an early Christmas present to gamers and enterprise customers in the form of a blockbuster Windows 10 update — just a few months after Windows 10 officially launched.The update, which was announced in a Windows Blog post on Thursday, should come as no surprise.

A window into the three years it took John Lewis to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7

To most of us in the consumer space, it is relatively easy to upgrade to new editions of Windows. It happens when you buy a new computer, which most probably did long before Windows XP's support was ended. Readers of WinBeta are probably likely to upgrade the OS without purchasing new hardware too,

Play Shadow of Mordor and Saints Row The Third today with Xbox Game Pass

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Saints Row The Third are now both playable on Xbox One for free as part of Xbox Game Pass. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is an absolutely massive game set within the same Middle-earth of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fame.

You can now pre-download Anthem’s VIP Demo on Xbox One before the rush

Anthem’s VIP Demo can now be downloaded ahead of its activation this weekend. While the download is completely free, all gamers will need an activation code to play.

Mixer’s Embers are now live on Xbox One and web to help streamers get rich

After launching on the official iOS and Android Mixer apps just over a week ago, Embers are finally live on Xbox One consoles and the web version of the Mixer streaming service. Embers are a new kind of digital currency that users on Mixer need to buy with real-world money. After purchasing Embers,

Count Dooku is now live in Star Wars Battlefront II on Xbox One, Anakin Skywalker teased

The Star Wars Prequel villain, Count Dooku, is now live and playable in Star Wars Battlefront II on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The Count Dooku character, or Darth Tyranus as he’s also known, is completely free for all owners of the video game though must be unlocked with Credits,

Bing is down in China, did it get blocked by the Great Firewall?

Bing is apparently suffering widespread outages in China, starting late Wednesday local time. A VentureBeat report says that Microsoft is aware of the reports and are investigating. The post points to Reddit’s r/China,

Microsoft rebrands Skype Rooms Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms

In just two years time, Microsoft Teams has managed to envolope many of the companies communication efforts and as of today its branding is getting plastered on the former Skype Room Systems.

Latest Windows Insider Bug Bash starts today

Microsoft is hosting what it calls its "Bug Bash" for Windows Insiders previewing upcoming changes to the 19H1 branch of Windows 10.

Microsoft's Blink camera app makes your GIFs look amazing with 'Noise Removal'

Blink is a camera app for Windows Phone by Microsoft Research. It takes multiple images before and after you actually take a picture -- guaranteeing that you captured the best shot, even if you're timing was off.

Windows 8.1 versions of Android-powered Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 lineup said to be in the works

Cortana can now help make hard decisions by flipping coins and rolling dice

Recently, we wrote about Cortana getting more of a 'personality.' Microsoft is continuing on this track and has added functionality to simulate coin tosses and dice rolls. Many of you will realize that this is a rather simple program with a random number generator that you can code in minutes.

The FBI's Jargon List: Internet Acronyms Galore

Jason Koebler (3528235) writes Internet slang: Do you use it? If so, do it AYOR (at your own risk), because the FBI knows exactly what you're saying thanks to the agency's insane list of "Twitter shorthand." Rather than just rely on Urban Dictionary or a Google search,

Borg Cube Mini-Fridge: Freezistance Is Futile

It's apparently taken some 27 years for a marketing genius at Paramount to realize that the cube-shaped Borg ship introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation bears an uncanny resemblance to a mini fridge.


从《辛普森一家》开播的 1989 年到现在,整整 25 年和 25 季。 八十年代末,有个叫马特·格勒宁的三十 […]



VLC 2.2.0发布


How 'Furious 7' said goodbye to Paul Walker: A scene-by-scene breakdown

WARNING: The following account contains several spoilers from Furious 7, specific to how the filmmakers handled the death of Paul Walker. If you haven't seen the film and intend to, read no further."Cars don't fly!"It is a blink-and-you'd-miss it moment from the early goings of Furious 7:

联想在中国推出摩托罗拉手机定制服务 Moto Maker

继 今年 1 月将摩托罗拉智能手机再次引入中国市场 之后,联想现在又推出了摩托罗拉手机 定制服务 Moto Maker。 这里给还不清楚情况的人解释一下,Moto Maker… Read More

Tourists detained in Malaysia for getting naked on sacred mountain

More tourists are in trouble for getting naked for a photo op.Late last month, 10 tourists stripped down on Mount Kinabalu, a mountain on the island of Borneo, which is shared by the Malaysian state of Sabah. On June 5, a magnitude-5.9 earthquake struck near the mountain, and killed 18 people.

UGG tries its luck with less basic, but still basic, redesigns

It’s time to rewind to the early 2000sUGG Australia, known for its comfortable, but not so fashionable sheepskin boots, launched the limited-edition “Classic Luxe Collection” on Thursday, updating the classic design to include a sleeker-fitting silhouetteSee also:

美团和大众点评合并并非一劳永逸 难以解决O2O困境

节前最后一天,美团、大众点评合并的消息再次强力袭来,「抱团取暖」、「没有选择的选择」、「投资人的意志」等等标签立马贴过来,而此时,据古永锵飞抵上海,与王微莞尔一抱,已经有三年,距离滴滴快的在愚人节 .. .

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