Drivers warned: Don’t Siri and Drive!

Tests done on the mental distraction caused by the Apple voice assistant found that it ranked high up on the scale produced by the AAA to categorise in-car technologies.Read more:

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Drivers warned: Don’t Siri and Drive!

Tests done on the mental distraction caused by the Apple voice assistant found that it ranked high up on the scale produced by the AAA to categorise in-car technologies.Read more:

Digitisation is only the beginning - true transformation runs deeper

Too many projects begin with the right intentions but the wrong direction.

Fight your space: Multi-tenant big data clusters

Multi-tenant big data clusters are commonplace and essential to businesses, here is how to manage them.

Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text on its servers

The original announcement said it 'only' stored a few hundred thousand passwords.

Bossing the bots: managing your RPA transformation for employee success

A lot has been said in the last few years about the transformative power of technology and the change it is bringing to how businesses operate.

Archaic IT systems and remote working: the cybersecurity threat and the solution

How businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks.

Striking the right balance of automation and human values

Mike Callender explains how to strike the right balance of automation and human values.

Time to take advantage of those “Black holes”

Time traceability is critical for all computer-based transactions -if clocks on servers in data centres don't all agree then transactions can fall apart or even be lost as a result

Have HP and Red Bull Racing found a winning formula?

HP recently announced that it has been getting involved in the fast-paced world of motorsport by providing high performance computing solutions to Infiniti Red Bull Racing.Read more:

Mercedes reveals the self-driving truck of the future

The automobile firm claims that its Future Truck 2025 will offer autonomous driving within the next decade and should reduce the number of motorway accidents involving large vehicles.Read more:

Physical, hybrid, virtual: Your data centre transformation journey

As enterprises look to increase the performance and flexibility of their core IT and data assets while streamlining expenditure into an OPEX model, how do they evolve from physical to hybrid?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Wayra U.K. Adds Six More Startups To Its 2014 Mentoring Program

Back in January the Telefonica-backed accelerator Academy, Wayra U.K.,announced the intake for its 2014 accelerator program -- naming 13 startups that would be put through their paces during the nine-month mentoring program.

LG预览会ppt曝光 新旗舰G3硬件和参数一览无遗

安锋网 5 月 22 日消息,目前离 LG 新一代旗舰智能手机 LG G3 正式发布还有不到一周的时间了,不难想象 LG 的准备工作已经基本完成,而且 LG 还秘密给韩国本土零售商提前召开了预览发布会。

[Nhibernate]SchemaExport工具的使用(二)——创建表及其约束、存储过程、视图 - wolfy


Gmail迎来“内容安全策略”支持 阻止扩展加载不安全代码



2014中国最佳商业模式榜单揭晓 北京2014年12月18日电 /美通社/ -- 由《21世纪商业评论》、《南方日报》、《21世纪经济报道》联合主办的“21世纪商业模式&产品英雄高峰论坛暨2014中国最佳商业模式评选颁奖典礼”跨越式的度过“7年之痒”,一路走来,不断尝试新形式,挑战新玩法,探索新话题。

Drug Information Startup Diagnosia Sued By Big Pharma

In a classic case of David vs. Goliath, the Austrian startup Diagnosia, which provides apps for doctors and hospitals to help them quickly access drug information, is being sued by global pharmaceutical company Sanofi over how it lists the painkiller Metamizole. Read More


教育行业是中国人最关心的行业之一,互联网教育也曾经是中国的投资人最为看好的一个行业。然而,几年过去之后,在互联 ...

Twitter's executive departures chopped $500 million off the company's value

Note to companies planning a revamp of all their executive ranks: the stock market may put a different value than you do on those people heading out the door.

假肢越来越逼真 用大脑就能控制手指的摆动

在过去的几年中,假肢方面的研究进展非常迅速,研究人员已经向外界展示了越来越精细和复杂的控制方式。在某些情况下,假肢还能够跟大脑直接连接,以实现更加方便的运动。  日前,研究人员刚刚在假肢领域取得了突破性的进展,来自约翰霍普金斯大学的研究人员成功展示了应该如何利用大脑实现对假肢的控制,下面我们一起来看看具体情况。  据了解,这种假肢手臂是由来自约翰霍普金斯大学应用物理实验室的研究人员打造的,它利用大脑的映射来“读取”来自假肢用户头脑中的控制命令。在实验的过程中,一名志愿者在没有接受过训练的情况下实现了利用大脑来移动假肢的手指。  

税改终结跨境电商草莽时代 个人代购优势不再


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