Mercedes reveals the self-driving truck of the future

The automobile firm claims that its Future Truck 2025 will offer autonomous driving within the next decade and should reduce the number of motorway accidents involving large vehicles.Read more:

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Google Will Tell You When Its Driverless Cars Crash

Last month, a vehicle rear-ended one of Google’s self-driving cars at a Mountain View intersection. No one was hurt, but Google didn’t exactly broadcast the news to the public. Now, anyone will be able to download monthly reports about where the cars are and what they’re doing,

Government and telecoms meeting up over Google's new Chrome version

An encrypted version could spell trouble for some internet users.

5G will fuel server shipments next year

The new technology will force organisations to refresh their gear.

Multi-cloud and distributed computing – managing your data headache

Even as companies commit more to cloud, they aren’t addressing the real problems that exist around data and the cloud.

Using RPA for software testing: A “tech hack”?

RPA is not a sustainable solution for software test automation…and the modifications required to make the RPA tool sustainable for the task of software test automation would be, well, a hack.

US intelligence claims Huawei funded by China state security

Huawei denies the allegations, yet again.

Why SaaS companies should consider outsourcing

As SaaS increases in popularity, outsourcing can indeed be an essential component for long term success. Here are three reasons why SaaS companies should consider outsourcing as an option.

Possibilities beyond payments: the far-reaching potential of biometric technology

Whilst the payment sector is already pioneering change with fingerprint biometric innovation, there is a range of key learnings and successes that many other sectors could harness and benefit from.

Physical, hybrid, virtual: Your data centre transformation journey

As enterprises look to increase the performance and flexibility of their core IT and data assets while streamlining expenditure into an OPEX model, how do they evolve from physical to hybrid?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

IBM Watson puts down roots in New York and five other cities

The supercomputer has a new home in New York City’s Silicon Alley to help guide its next phase of development in conjunction with five other worldwide client experience centres.Read more:

How to get the most out of Google: 9 top tips

If you're like me, then you probably use Google on a daily basis. To help you out, we've put together a list of 9 tips for making the most of Google's search capabilities.Read more:

The Origami Wheels on These Robots Change Shape As They Roll

If you thought origami was just a delicate, ornamental art, then come meet these robots. These (deliberately) deformable little wheelers can climb over obstacles, squeeze under crevasses, and basically change gears automatically. Read more...

Google has inked a deal to snag Twitch for $1bn

Google will be acquiring Twitch for a billion, as was previously rumoured, and it will be interesting to see what happens to the game streaming service.Read more:

Intel wants to create a completely wireless office with new dock and charger

It is developing the two devices with the smart wireless dock using proximity technology so that computers immediately connect to monitors once inside a certain area of the office.Read more:

[视频]谷歌Nexus 6真机和边框细节展示

今天备受期待的Nexus 6正式亮相,作为谷歌史上发布的最大屏幕手机装备了诸多夺人眼球的规格和外观设计。该机由摩托罗拉移动代工,采用分辨率为2560*1440的5.9英寸屏幕,高通Snapdragon 805处理器,Ardeno 420 GPU和3GB的内存。

[图]香港妙龄女郎身绑iPhone 6“闯关”被海关查获


【产品分析】 周末去哪儿

我们都有这样的困惑,在周末的时候,不想宅在家里,希望出去玩玩,但是却又不知道该去什么地方玩。只有两天时间,无法 […]

Museums in Paris  Are Starting to Ban Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are a brilliantly simple and increasingly pervasive —but they're also ruffling feathers. Now, high-profile museums in Paris are beginning to ban them over fears about potential damage to pieces of art. Read more...



【人人早报】458期:不管你愿不愿意 视频付费时代还是来了

早报导语 众所周知,中国互联网有一个根深蒂固的用户习惯——免费。人们已经习惯了“羊毛出在猪身上”。不论是视频网 ...

新开始菜单Windows RT也会有

微软已经确认Windows RT无法获得Windows 10更新,但会获得一个特别更新。WinBeta称该项更 […]

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