HTC Desire Eye Takes Selfies Really, Really Seriously

Everyone loves selfies, but they almost always, they force you to use the lousy front-facing camera on your smartphone. Even the supposedly good front cameras are still decidedly inferior to the primary camera on the rear.Not so with the HTC Desire Eye.

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This point-and-shoot has 16 cameras on its front

Light's L16 is unlike any camera you've ever seen or used. The camera promises DSLR-quality photos without the heft of a DSLR or even a mirrorless camera.Right off the bat, you can see the L16 is a different kind of camera. There are 16 camera lens modules, each with 13-megapixels,

Snapchat Update Lets You Switch Between Front And Rear Cameras For Videos

Snapchat just introduced an update that will let you switch between the front-facing camera and rear-facing camera while recording a snap. Users have long been able to switch between the front- and rear-facing cameras for still photos, but switching mid-video was impossible.

Yezz Billy 5S LTE introduces 5 MP front-facing camera, microSD card and more at CES 2015

Today, Yezz announced a new Windows Phone, the Yezz Billy 5S LTE, just in time for CES 2015. Yezz also has two other Windows Phones in its collection; the Billy 4 and the Billy 4.7 (not yet available in the US). It appears we will see more Windows Phones from Yezz,

Nokia readying a device codenamed Superman, will launch later this year with a 5MP front camera

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of Nokia's devices and services division, and is reportedly working on a number of new handsets which will debut later this year. According to a new report from The Verge, citing sources familiar with the company's plans, Microsoft is readying a new device,

How to Make People Feel Comfortable In Front of a Camera (With Science)

Many people, even those who are usually confident and outgoing, can shrink into themselves in front of a camera. In this video, headshot photographer Peter Hurley teams up with psychologist Anna Rowley to explain how you can overcome that problem.Read more...

Microsoft unveils the Lumia 730 and 735 "selfie phone", sports a 5MP front-facing camera

At the IFA tradeshow, Microsoft has just took the wraps off the Lumia 730 smartphone, the successor to the company’s last year affordable Lumia 720. The Lumia 730 comes with 5MP front facing camera, and is being touted as the "Selfie Phone".

The iPhone 6s' Biggest Upgrade Is All About That Camera

The iPhone 6s seems to be a boring upgrade as far as aesthetics go. Surprise! It’s going to look almost identical to the year-old iPhones already out there. But as we approach ever closer to that September 9 Apple event,

iOS 9 code suggests next iPhone may have a 1080p front camera

Now that developers finally have their hands on a beta of iOS 9, rumors on potential upgrades for the next iPhone are making their way out into the open.See also: iOS 9 will give your iPhone up to 3 extra hours of battery lifeAs reported by SlashGear,

Instagram Lets You #Selfielapse By Adding Front-Facing Camera Option To Hyperlapse

Instagram’s first update to its timelapse app Hyperlapse will let you create mini-travelogues of your face hurdling through the world. Hyperlapse now lets you capture timelapses with the front-facing camera to create what Instagram calls a #Selfielapse.

Report: iPhone 6S will feature a 5MP front-facing camera

There's already been a deluge of leaks surrounding the iPhone 6S, and now we might know a little more. The front-facing camera, long stuck at 1.2 megapixels, will get a big resolution bump to 5MP,

Samsung gives up on Blu-ray players in the U.S.

Samsung is throwing in the towel on Blu-ray players, in the U.S. at least."Samsung will no longer introduce new Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in the US market," the company told CNET, in response to an earlier report in Forbes. SEE ALSO: Welp,

Amazon invites Ocasio-Cortez to visit and see for herself how workers don’t pee in bottles

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been one of the most outspoken critics of Amazon's now-abandoned HQ2 plan for New York City, and now the online mega-retailer is hitting back...nicely.

Disney's 'Incredibles 2' Oscars pitch hilariously brings out the 'Spider-Verse' stans

When Oscar voters cast their ballots ahead of the 91st Academy Awards on Feb. 24, Disney wants them to remember Incredibles 2."For your consideration" ads and social media posts are a common sight in the run-up to the big show every year.

NBA shows off 'smart jersey' concept for high tech sportswear

Want a new basketball jersey? In the future, it may be as simple as pushing a button.NBA Commissioner Adam Silver showed off a concept for the "NBA jersey of the future" that does just that. Silver, who was speaking at the NBA's All-Star Technology Summit demoed the futuristic tech,

Twitter still keeps archives of your DMs years after you deleted them

Uh-oh, this doesn't look good.You know how when you delete a Twitter DM and you're expecting it to, like, be erased and non-retrievable ever again? Turns out Twitter's still keeping archives of deleted DMs according to a security researcher who shared his discovery with TechCrunch.SEE ALSO:

LG's V50 ThinQ could be the first 5G phone announced for the U.S.

5G phones — real ones you can actually buy soon — are coming.OnePlus and Samsung have already pledged to release 5G smartphones sometime in 2019, but LG might beat everyone to launching one first if a newly leaked image of its alleged 5G-ready V50 ThinQ ends up being real.SEE ALSO:

Save 60% off tons of online courses in honor of Presidents Day weekend

Oh Presidents' Day, the one day of the year when you can score mattresses at rock-bottom prices. We've decided to shake things up for 2019 and swap sleepy time for brain fuel: online courses, bundles, and e-learning packages. 

Apple Health Has a Long Way to Go But It's Far From Hopeless

When Apple first announced HealthKit — its iOS-based platform for tracking personal health data — back in June, journalists and analysts crowned it as the next big thing in fitness and health tracking. The Cupertino,

HTC's First Camera Looks Nothing Like a Camera

HTC wants you to rethink how you capture life's little momentsThe company is unveiling a camera, the HTC Re, which is meant to get the smartphone "out of the way" when you're taking photos and video.See also: Capture 360-Degree HD Video With This Tiny UFO-Style CameraIf you're like most people,

Louis C.K. Goes on Eccentric Twitter Rant About Earth and Mars

Louis C.K. has become the Internet's equivalent to the drunk, crazy guy on your subway commute who loudly rants about the apocalypse and martian body snatchingC.K. went on Twitter Wednesday, espousing theories — excuse us, he calls them "feelings" — on Mars, the Big Bang,






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BBC appoints Matthew Postgate as new chief technology officer

Looking to put the dismissal of former CTO John Linwood behind them, the BBC today announced the appointment of Matthew Postgate to the role, who leaves his position as controller of R&D.Read more:

Leap Motion 为其手势控制器推出虚拟现实头盔基座

今天,Leap Motion为其PC外设推出了一款基座,用户可以将基座连上Oculus Rift或其他虚拟现实头盔,以便在虚拟现实应用里面跟踪自己的手部动作。



Humans had the genes to drink alcohol before brewing began

Human ancestors may have begun evolving the knack for consuming alcohol about 10 million years ago, long before modern humans began brewing booze, researchers say.The ability to break down alcohol likely helped human ancestors make the most out of rotting,

Fred Wilson 预测2015:小米强势进入美国市场、VR和可穿戴设备受挫、资本市场求稳……

本文来自著名VC Fred Wilson的博客AVC,他在文章里展望了2015年可能的十一个趋势。想看他对2014年的十个回顾吗?可以点击这里。



The IPCC's Shifting Position On Nuclear Energy

Lasrick writes Suzanne Waldman writes about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its stand on nuclear power over the course of its five well-known climate change assessment reports.

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