The Year Of The Corporate Divorce

It’s been a good time to be a corporate marriage counselor, and an even better time to be a corporate divorce attorney. Just in the last two weeks, we learned that eBay was spinning off PayPal into its own company,

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The Year Of The Corporate Divorce

It’s been a good time to be a corporate marriage counselor, and an even better time to be a corporate divorce attorney. Just in the last two weeks, we learned that eBay was spinning off PayPal into its own company,

Suddenly Every Company Is Becoming A Venture Capitalist

It has often been said that every company is a software company or even a big data company, but as I attended the Intel Capital Global Summit last week, another thought occurred to me: every company is now also an investment company. The star of the show last week was Intel Capital of course,

Corporate Accelerators Are An Oxymoron

ntial to deeply influence what innovations succeed — and which ones do not. Perhaps nowhere is this conflict more pronounced than in the development of “design customers” early in a startup’s life.

A Different Approach To Tech M&A

Many top Silicon Valley buyers like Google, Facebook and Twitter have a standard process for how they manage acquisitions. One main part of that is the technical interview. But Villi Iltchev, EVP of corporate development at LifeLock,

Corporate Venture Capital And Exponential Value Creation

What if I told you there was a class of investors who are involved in 29 percent of venture funding and whose investments are three times more likely to see an exit than other investors’ startups? Would you know who they are? Would you want to meet them?

The Backyard Effect: Finding The Secret Sauce For Growing An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Experts could debate all day long the ingredients for a killer entrepreneurial climate and the virtues of one city over another. But if I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that every region in this country is different. While each might aspire to be the next Austin or Menlo Park,

Cleantech’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

After years of largesse where billions of dollars were spent on startup clean technology companies, the venture investors active in the industry seem to be embracing a new model of capital efficiency when it comes to financing.

Is the startup 'hoody 'n' jeans' ethos attractive to employees?

New research by has found that employees value the team morale and creative environment, great social life and shared enthusiasm experienced working for a startup.Read more:

Alibaba Is Not A Threat To US Internet Companies

Everybody loves superlatives, and it is definitely Superlatives Week for the tech press. Alibaba’s IPO will represent “surely one of tech’s largest ever” Kara Swisher of Re/code intoned.

Mapping Israel’s Cyber-Security Startups

While many CISOs and corporate executives are familiar with Israeli cyber talent owing to Check Point, Imperva, CyberArk and other notable security success stories, the sheer scope of Israeli startup activity in the cyber sector is staggering. Read More

HER, the dating app for queer women, revamps profiles

HER, the app that provides safe space for queer women to meet, has today revamped the app’s profiles. The updated profiles allow users to express themselves more fully in the categories of gender, sexuality, pronouns, diet preferences, star signs, drinking, smoking and cannabis habits,

MIT AI tool can predict breast cancer up to 5 years early, works equally well for white and black pa

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has developed a new deep learning-based AI prediction model that can anticipate the development of breast cancer up to five years in advance.

Songtrust adds another 55,000 artists to its rights management service

Over the past year, Songtrust has added another 55,000 artists to its rights management service. The company, a subsidiary of Downtown Music Publishing, a publishing and rights management firm that manages rights for artists such as John Lennon, One Direction and Santigold, now has 205,

300M-user meme site Imgur raises $20M from Coil to pay creators

Meme creators have never gotten their fair share. Remixed and reshared across the web, their jokes props up social networks like Instagram and Twitter that pay back none of their ad revenue to artists and comedians.

Apple News launches a guide to the 2020 Democratic candidates and debates

Apple today is introducing a new section in its Apple News application for iOS, iPad and Mac that’s designed to familiarize voters with the 20 U.S. Democratic presidential candidates ahead of the first Democratic debates hosted on June 26 and June 27 by NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo in Miami,

NSA improperly collected Americans’ phone records for a second time, documents reveal

Newly released documents reveal the National Security Agency improperly collected Americans’ call records for a second time, just months after the agency was forced to purge hundreds of millions of collected calls and text records it unlawfully obtained. The document,

Lifestyle goods resale marketplace StockX raises $110M, pushing valuation past $1B

Detroit-based StockX, which provides a way for people to resell luxury and lifestyle goods including streetwear, bags, watches and shoes, is now valued at over $1 billion based on its most recent raise of $110 million, just revealed by the New York Times. Alongside the raise,

Stratos Raises $5.8M To Build An All-In-One Connected Credit Card

Another player has entered the game. Meet Stratos, another startup aiming to disrupt the staid credit card industry by building and producing an all-in-one and connected credit card. The Michigan-based company recently announced its $5.

Months After Its “Upgrade,” Simple’s Online Bank Is Still Broken

Simple is no longer “simple.” Nearly two months after an upgrade to its systems and infrastructure,

Monsieur, The Drink Robot, Raises $2 Million

A robotic bartender named Monsieur and his human partners have raised $2 million in seed investment from BIP Capital with Base Ventures, Paul Judge, TechSquare Labs, NFL star Derrick Morgan, and NBA star Glen Davis. The funding will go towards building more Monsieur drink robots for bars,

克丽:微软首挺win外操作系统 客户需求难终结打的软件

眼馋互联产品也为4G着急 互联网免费教育冲教育暴利 联想微软两传言变成了现实 用户需求难足终结打的软件   这是本周IT发生事件要点,详评如下:  

Game of Thrones author George RR Martin hates Microsoft Word

George RR Martin, author of the acclaimed Game of Thrones series, has lifted the lid on just why the books take so long to write: he will only type on a DOS computer.Read more:

英国《每日邮报》:研究显示矮男人寿命长 1.57米以下男性最长寿



威锋网从外媒获得的消息,欧盟竞争管理机构周三据称将开始正式调查苹果在爱尔兰的分部运转方式。苹果公司设在爱尔兰科克的总部  据路透社报道,消息来源尚未透露欧盟委员会即将展开的调查的其他细节。

[多图]再见了,MSN Messenger

走过了15个年头之后,微软的MSN Messenger终于要向用户们说再见了。微软去年就宣布了MSN即将退役的消息,并且逐步将用户们转移到Skype,但在中国保留了这项服务。微软近日宣布,在中国运行的MSN Messenger服务将于10月31日关闭。

本周最佳壁纸: 历经繁星点缀的梦幻银河系列

威锋网讯,如果要说到比较适合 iOS 8 视差效果的壁纸主题的话,银河系列的壁纸一定算其中一个,在本周的最佳壁纸主题时间为你带来的主题壁纸是—梦幻银河系。  

利用wireshark抓取远程linux上的数据包 - cotyb

原文发表在 "我的博客主页" ,转载请注明出处。 前言 因为出差,前后准备总结了一周多,所以博客有所搁置。出差真是累人的活计,不过确实可以学习到很多东西,跟着老板学习做人,学习交流的技巧。入正题~wireshark对于研究网络的人来说是一个必不可少的工具,从wireshark2.0开始,已经全.....

Snapchat Makes Adding Friends Easy With Personalized URLs

Adding friends on Snapchat can be a pain in the ass: You have to open the app, pull down the menu bar to reveal your personalized Snapcode, have your friend open their Snapchat app, focus the camera on your (more than likely) smudged screen, and have them take a photo. Now,

Apple is being sued for 3D Touch and Force Touch patent infringement

Apple is in the hot seat once again in a patent infringement case.A haptic technology company has filed a series of complaints against Apple for infringing on patents related to the 3D Touch and Force Touch technology used on Apple devices.See also:


如预期的那样,三星今年第二季的实际运营利润果然超过了 70 亿美元(最终结果约为 72 亿)。根据新发布的财报结果来看,韩国巨头上季的营收为 450 亿美元,比去年同时期要多出差不多 20 亿。在这之中,手机新旗舰 Galaxy S7、S7 Edge 的表现居功至伟,同时如 Galaxy A、J 系列的中、低端产品也为公司带来了不少收益。按照 Strategy Analytics 的统计,三星 Q2 单季的出货量达到了 7,800 万台。这也帮助其移动部门连续两季成为内部业绩最佳,38 亿美...

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