Wayfair and Hubspot IPOs Could Be Just The Beginning For Boston Startup Scene

While Silicon Valley firms hold back on their IPOs and there’s hand-wringing over burn rates, two Boston-based startups had highly successful IPOs less than a week apart. Just over a  week ago, furniture shopping service Wayfair went public and raised over $300M in its IPO,

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Wayfair and Hubspot IPOs Could Be Just The Beginning For Boston Startup Scene

While Silicon Valley firms hold back on their IPOs and there’s hand-wringing over burn rates, two Boston-based startups had highly successful IPOs less than a week apart. Just over a  week ago, furniture shopping service Wayfair went public and raised over $300M in its IPO,

In Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, Silicon Valley Slips, While Southeast Asia Gains Traction

Three years ago, Compass — a three-and-a-half-year-old, San Francisco-based company that provides reporting and benchmarking software to startups around the world — produced a widely read report on the global startup ecosystem. Now,

Is Seattle Silicon Valley’s Next Favorite Stop?

In the last ten years, the Seattle tech scene has changed quite dramatically. In the 1990s and early 2000s, the only gigantic software companies in town were Microsoft and Amazon. For a time it even became common knowledge that most Seattle-based startups had only two viable exit strategies:

Boston’s WTF/LOL Problem

Well, that was embarrassing. Following months of piss-poor communication and a chaotic planning process, Boston’s bid to be the U.S. entry for the 2024 Olympics finally died this week like Britain’s rule over the colonies.

NYC Rises As A Hub For Software-As-A-Service Startups

As the market continues to mature, and as we watch a blossoming of SaaS activity in New York City, we believe that NYC is poised to become a genuine leader in the formation of companies leading the next wave of enterprise transformation. Read More

From Pakistan To Y Combinator, Gradberry Vets Technical Talent

Gradberry is launching today out of Y Combinator to connect companies with vetted technical talent. Candidates quickly build a talent profile, connecting their GitHub, online portfolios and projects, and LinkedIn account.

In Defense Of Theranos

Innovation that involves sensitive medical technologies is challenging and provokes strong emotional reactions, but the reality is that the strongest criticisms of Theranos have more to do with business structure than their blood tests. Read More

How The White House Is Leading The National Effort On Civic Innovation

Silicon Valley, Uncle Sam needs you! No, I’m not talking about just your checkbook. Many of us who work in tech and live in California are accustomed to calls from candidates and campaigns asking for money every couple of years. But this request is much different.

In New York And LA, New Startup Communities Flourish

Like New York, Los Angeles is experiencing quite the renaissance in technology and entrepreneurship. Notable companies like Snapchat, TRUECar, DogVacay, Tinder and The Honest Company were all started in LA. Read More

So You Want To Fix The Housing Crisis

So 15 of the 30 cities with the highest rents in the country are all in the San Francisco Bay Area, with Palo Alto topping the list, according to this lovely report from Lovely that came out last week. Part of this is cyclical.

Facebook removes its Onavo surveillance VPN app from Google Play

Facebook will end its unpaid market research programs and proactively take its Onavo VPN app off the Google Play store in the wake of backlash following TechCrunch’s investigation about Onavo code being used in a Facebook Research app the sucked up data about teens.

Watch SpaceX launch the first private moon landing mission

Calling all lunatics — the first fully private moon landing mission is about to take off from Cape Canaveral. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying SpaceIL's Beresheet lander is set to take off an hour from now, at 5:45 Pacific time. Watch it right here!

Podcasting startup WaitWhat raises $4.3M as interest in audio content explodes

The production business behind Reid Hoffman's 'Masters of Scale' podcast raised the funds from Hoffman himself, plus Cue Ball Capital, Burda Principal Investments and more.

Sunsama’s $10/month task management calendar cleans up your online productivity

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard friends lament how difficult it is to find a decent calendar app. The stock calendar apps are certainly serviceable but there’s so much that they can’t handle in terms of managing and prioritizing tasks. Sunsama,

California to close data breach notification loopholes under new law

California, which has some of the strongest data breach notification laws in the U.S.,thinks it can do ever better.

Lime hires its first CFO

Lime is hiring Ted Tobiason, former managing director in tech equity capital markets, at Morgan Stanley, to serve as its chief financial officer. This comes following Lime’s behemoth of a $310 million Series D round earlier this month. Led by Bain Capital Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz,

Stop limiting quantum computing to speed

If you’re thinking about speed alone, you’re missing a world of possibilities for quantum computing.

Snapsaved Takes Responsibility For Latest Snapchat Leak

Last week, news spread that some 200,000 Snapchat photos had leaked after a third-party app (used to save people’s snaps) was hacked. It was referred to as the Snappening. Snapchat was quick to respond to the situation by saying that the photos had been stolen from a third-party application,

Discoverly Debuts A Gmail Plugin That Makes Up For What Rapportive Users Lost

Since being acquired by LinkedIn, things have not been going well for Rapportive, the handy Gmail widget that shows your contacts’ social accounts and updates in Gmail’s sidebar. LinkedIn, in the spirit of making the Rapportive app more favorable to its own network,

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Carry The Brunton Universal Charger Power Knife

If only the world recharged with one standard. But it doesn’t (thanks Apple!). Enter the Brunton Power Knife. It’s a Swiss Army Knife for the smartphone age with a cable connector for just about every situation. Read More



西部数据推新一代WD TV流媒体播放器:不支持Netflix

西部数据近日推出了售价100美元的新一代WD TV媒体播放器,希望它能受到目标用户的青睐。

Google I/O 2014大会看点展望

一年一度的谷歌 Google I/O 开发者年会将在本月的 25 日和 26 日在美国的旧金山举行,以往 Google I/O 大会总能带给大家一些很惊喜东西,比如 2011 年的 Chrome OS 和 2012年的 Google Glass。今年的 Google I/O 大会又将带给大家什么惊喜呢?


今天,易到用车正式落地美国,如果你身居东海岸的纽约、西海岸的旧金山以及中部地区的菲尼克斯凤凰城,现在便能使用易 […]

五步搞定Android开发环境部署——非常详细的Android开发环境搭建教程 - 边写边唱


Three Reasons Why Your Software Is So Far Behind Schedule

When not opining here on TechCrunch I’m a software engineer for the fine folks at HappyFunCorp (1) and I’m occasionally called on to diagnose and fix projects that have gone horribly wrong (2). The more I do this, the more I notice commonalities among problem projects–“antipatterns,

Smarking Drives Big Data To Parking Industry

Y Combinator-backed Smarking found a technology gap in parking industry, and the three founders decided to fill it with a smart parking solution. Designed for parking garages, the Smarking service, making use of big data, analytics and the cloud,


網路上有非常多使用日本袖珍玩具製作小食物的開箱影片,Youtube 上的一名用戶 AAAjoken 使用了日本袖珍廚房玩具,稍作改造,並且用了附上的鍋具組,炒了蛋煎了香腸,還煮了咖啡,直接做了一份真正的早餐,看起來比玩玩具還要過癮啊!

消耗全球三分一黃金產量!18K 金版 Apple Watch Edition 或會影響黃金價格

眾所周知 Apple Watch 將會推出三個不同版本,雖然暫時仍未清最貴兩個版本的 售價,不過早前華爾街日報就曾表示 Apple 計劃在今年內推出 100 萬隻 18K 金 Apple Watch Edition,若果真有其事的話,那麼這個版本的手錶或會消耗全球每年三分一的黃金產量。

Comcast Customers Are Getting Screwed on HBO Go Again

HBO Go is finally available for Playstation 4 users, huzzah! Unless you have Comcast. Then you're shit out of luck, because the cable giant is blocking it.Read more...

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