1 Million People Have Signed Up for the Windows 10 Preview

The preview version of Windows 10 has been available for just two weeks but it has already been downloaded by 1 million users.The Windows 10 Technical Preview is the early version of the next generation Windows Microsoft is currently testing with users registered for its Insider Program.See also:

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Microsoft begins a more aggressive push to get users upgraded to Windows 10

Even before Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 back in July, the Redmond based company made its intentions clear: it wanted its latest OS running everywhere. In April, the company revealed that its ambition is...

Why Microsoft’s Cityman and Talkman devices are more than what they appear

For the past week or so, pockets of the internet have been a blaze about the recent surfacing of ‘official’ Microsoft renders for the upcoming flagship smartphones. From tech enthusiasts sounding off in comment sections...

Microsoft shows off new multiple desktop tool called Task View in Windows 10

At the unveiling of Windows 10, Microsoft spoke about productivity and doing more than one thing at once. Now with Window 10, users can run Universal apps next to traditional desktop apps. This enables more multitasking between apps. In addition to this,

Windows 10 news recap: Upgrade push, new updates and more

Welcome back to another weekly Windows 10 news recap. It’s been a busy week for Microsoft, especially with the company’s Windows 10 platform. Let’s take a look back at some of the hot stories...The post Windows 10 news recap: Upgrade push, new updates and more appeared first on WinBeta.

Following the evolving design and unified user experience of Windows into Windows 9 (editorial)

Microsoft strips Windows 9 of Charms Bar to butter up PC users

Chinese whispers emanating from Chinaopix are suggesting that a major Windows 9 user interface overhaul will remove the Charms Bar from the operating system completely.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/11/microsoft-strips-windows-9-of-charms-bar-to-butter-up-pc-users/

Windows 10: Microsoft promises updated File Explorer user experience (UX)

Microsoft announces FIDO support in Windows 10 to more securely authenticate users of online service

In another consumer friendly move, Microsoft has joined with Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance, to offer password alternatives for improved security in Windows 10. This joint venture has been one of Microsoft's top priorities, Dustine Ingalls writes on the Windows for Your Business Blog.

HERE Maps working once more for current Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users

When Microsoft first announced Windows 10 mobile last year, those over at Redmond also announced a new proprietary mapping application that would be included in Windows 10 for both PCs and mobile devices, leaving...

Microsoft needs to kill the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview program

There is a micro-cliché about sausage making that has been conversationalized to represent legislative procedures here in the US. Something to the extent of, “Legislation is like sausage. You want the outcome, but you...

Black Friday 2018 in the UK: where to find the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is probably the biggest shopping day of the year. It's not uncommon to see queues lining up around shopping centres and even the odd scuffle break out as shoppers contest for the best deals.You could also do your Black Friday shopping online and avoid all that but who are we to judge?

Actually, Banksy meant to shred the whole painting

Earlier this month, the art world gasped as a Banksy painting that had just sold at auction for $1.4 million just up and partially shredded itself. Now Banksy wants us to know that the whole damn thing was supposed to be shredded to bits. 

Whelp, MoviePass is being investigated by the NY Attorney General

MoviePass' parent company Helios and Matheson is under legal probe due to a shareholder lawsuit. A source told CNBC the company will be investigated by the New York Attorney General with regard to information disclosed to investors. SEE ALSO: MoviePass hatches a new survival plan,

Deals for Oct. 18: AncestryDNA, CBD oil, coffee makers, noise-cancelling headphones, Echo Dot, and m

Who's looking for a good deal? We've rounded up the best deals from Amazon and Walmart, with sales on headphones, kitchen gear, plenty of Amazon devices, and more. There are also some great deals on adult learning classes from Udemy.SEE ALSO: Want to test your DNA?

Gifts for people who learned everything they know from watching period dramas

Period dramas and historical fiction shows are popular for a reason. They have dope costumes, great characters, and they offer the opportunity to take a peek at a usually glitzed-up version of the past. Some can even teach people a thing or two about history. 

Rumor says one chip maker will supply chips for iPhones, Macs, and *gasp* Apple Car

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is often right about Apple's plans well before they become public. And his latest report might sound tame at first, but — if correct — it has tremendous implications for Apple products down the line. 

Lyft raises $2 million for ACLU after asking passengers to round up fares

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been taking on the Trump administration since election day, but when Trump first signed his travel ban on Muslim immigrants coming to the U.S. last January, donations to the legal nonprofit took off. Turns out,

Dramatic Scenes As Light Plane Crashes Into House in Melbourne

SYDNEY — A light plane has crashed into a house in Melbourne, Victoria, killing one person.A male pilot died in the accident at Chelsea, in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs around 1.30 p.m. local time. The area is a residential street,

GoPros and Drones Are Taking Selfies to New Heights

Drones are officially your new, best selfie accessoryThis "dronie," from Matt Benedetto, just screams 2014. There's a selfie, taken with a GoPro camera, attached to a drone, flying off of a picturesque cliff of Lake Champlain in Vermont.What more could you possibly ask for, Internet? Guy Jumping 1,

Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Joining 'Civil War' Kickoff 'Captain America 3'

Robert Downey Jr. will suit up for Captain America 3, which will kick off Marvel's "Civil War" storyline, according to a report published Monday evening.Downey is in final negotiations to play Tony Stark in the film, which is set to open in Marvel's traditional first-week-of-May slot in 2016,



这就是 HP 将推出的贵气型智慧型手表

说到目前市面上有气派的智慧型手錶,大家可能会第一时间想起 Pebble Steel,虽然这个夏天裡还会有 Moto 360 加入战团,不过这个界别的未来肯定会比现时更多姿多彩的呢。HP...


7月,优酷土豆推出ESS资源优化工具,提出了“可视曝光系数”,以贴片为基准点,将其他广告形式按照广告时长、位置 […]

12 Signs You're Addicted to Netflix

There's nothing like a free hour on Friday night to send your whole weekend into an all-out Netflix binge festIt starts off innocently enough. You plan to watch one episode of House of Cards before heading out to interact with real people at a real bar. Six hours later, the bar's closing down,


微软放弃了Windows Phone品牌,它简化到Windows当中。现在我们来回顾一下该公司手机操作系统命名历史。最初的名称是Windows CE,然后变成了Pocket PC,后来成为Windows Mobile。


GeForce GTX 980/970将在下周正式发布,而它们所用的核心也得到了最终确认:麦克斯韦架构的GM204。在此之前,麦克斯韦架构仅用于GTX 750 Ti、GTX 750,核心代号为GM104,规模比较小,只适合主流产品。

云计算游戏公司 OnLive 贱卖专利组合 索尼做了接盘侠

索尼计算机娱乐今日宣布收购云计算游戏公司 OnLive 的多项资产,包括该公司关于云计算游戏服务的 140 项美国和国际专利。与此同时,OnLive 将于 4 月 30 日停止运营。

Moving The Economy Beyond The Turing Test And Man Vs. Machine

We need economics that sees dollars as means and improving the connection between people as the meaning. Read More

印度总理 Modi 造访硅谷:什么服务在我们这儿都能用,欢迎来投资

在习近平造访西雅图与 Facebook,Microsoft,Amazon,LinkedIn 等公司高管会面后,印度总理 Narendra Modi 也飞到美国西岸,造访硅谷,这也是 33 年来印度元首首次到访硅谷。


早在5月份,就有传闻称,Intel将耗资75-80亿新台币收购威盛旗下的手机芯片厂威睿电通(VIA Telecom)部分资产,目的则是为了CDMA2000专利技术。现在,消息得到了证实。

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