Microsoft 'inadvertently' targets YouTube videos for having stolen product keys in the comments sect

相关内容: Microsoft YouTube comments videos content this vid

Snowden Document Exposes Extensive List of British Spying Tools

The intelligence agency Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) — Britain’s National Security Agency (NSA) equivalent — commands a wide-ranging set of tools that enable it to hack into popular social media and communications outlets and plant false information on the Internet,

Why Frame Rate Matters

We all know the motion picture is a lie. That movement on screen? It's just a bunch of still images. Still images that seem more like believable, realistic, lifelike motion the faster they flicker along. Faster is better, and that 48 frame-per-second version of The Hobbit was just the beginning.

New radial interface for typing text using a game controller or gestures appears in new Microsoft pa

Microsoft is apparently working on a new a radial interface that would let consumers easily type characters on the Xbox One or Windows Mixed Reality using gamepad thumbsticks or various gestures.

Bing works to improve web crawler efficiency

The Microsoft's Bing team just announced that it's working on making its web crawler more efficient

Microsoft teams up with Taco Bell to offer limited-edition Xbox One X consoles

Taco Bell has partnered with Microsoft to create a special limited-edition platinum Xbox One X consoles with the fast food joint’s iconic bell noise upon the console's boot.

How-To: All about Bluetooth on Windows 10

With the performance and availability of wireless peripherals continuing to grow, Bluetooth is becoming an increasingly common feature on Windows PCs. Whereas it was once limited to a handful of laptops, Bluetooth’s now a common sight on all Windows tablets and convertibles,

The latest Chrome update leverages its PWA platform on Windows 10

The latest Chrome upgrade comes with the rare collaborative support between Google's browser and Microsoft's Windows 10 that allows the browser to install PWA's as regular applications on Windows 10.

GitHub introduces Actions, a new way to automate software development

Perhaps, in preperation of its long term Microsoft stewardship, GitHub just announced GitHub Actions, which should help developers improve their project efficency.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update Build 17763.104 is now available for Slow and Release Preview Insider

This new cumulative updates fixes several issues related to Task Manager, Microsoft Edge and Connected Standby, and it also adresses adresses compatibility problems with drivers, third-party antivirus and virtualization software.

Updated: Microsoft is issuing copyright takedowns on YouTube videos of its Windows 8 operating syste

Internet Explorer 11 update adds Bing Search to 'new tab' page, improves web search in address bar

Xbox Store gets The Evil Within, Duck Dynasty, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, and more

Surfboard and Sailboat Innovator, Hobie Alter, Dies at 80

One of the pioneers of California surfing culture, Hobart “Hobie” Alter, died on Saturday. He was 80The announcement was made on his official website, reporting that Alter passed away peacefully at his Palm Desert, Calif. home surrounded by his family. See also: Inside Mavericks,

字串最大和求解 - themo的一道题。之前在《算法导论》中看到介绍寻找最大字串的方法。书中介绍了一种用递归来求解的方法。另外提出可以最O(n)时间内找到最大和字串。今天主要说下自己的思路。

There's an Electric Skateboard For Commuters Hiding Inside this Backpack

Unless you work at a subway station or a bus stop, public transit can only get you most of the way to work. The remaining distance you have to cover by foot, or just hold off on actually getting a job until the Movpak—an electric-powered skateboard that folds up into a backpack—is available.

HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

PC Mag reports that an upcoming laptop from HP (one that was prematurely announced in April, and now official) has decent-to-good specs — under 4 pounds, battery life more than 8 hours, Tegra processor, and a 1928x1080 touch screen — but an unusual operating system, at least for a laptop.

Schools Are Gobbling Up Chromebooks: 1 Million Sold in 3 Months

iPads are still the apple of educators' eyes, but Google Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in the classroom.Schools purchased more than 1 million Chromebooks — budget laptops that run Chrome OS — in the second quarter of 2014, Google announced on Monday.

Controversial promo tweet for ABC's 'Fresh off the Boat' criticized by show's creator

Someone tweeting for ABC's forthcoming comedy series Fresh Off the Boat is in hot waterThe official account for the show, about an Asian-American family that relocates from their home in the Chinatown section of Washington D.C. to a suburban Florida neighborhood,

QQ 表情中的股市风向标:涨了就欢呼,跌了只能





“伽蓝15周年系列活动”拉开帷幕 上海2016年2月22日电 /美通社/ -- 在2016年1月24日举行的伽蓝集团JALA年会上,一段《15岁,及笄之年》的视频拉开了“伽蓝15周年系列活动”的帷幕,也深深打动了与会者的心。在古代,女孩子到15岁时,要由长辈为其挽上发髻,称为“及笄之礼”,代表女孩子初长成,15岁也被称为“及笄之年”。 “及笄之礼”:长者为15岁的少女梳头发、盘发髻、插发簪 伽蓝集团于2001年创立,也已满15岁了。


尽管我们听到“未来交通”四个字就会认为它可能还很遥远,不过这不妨碍通用汽车描绘他们认为的样子。通用汽车全球总裁 Dan Ammann 这次来到中国就阐述了他们认为的“未来个人出行方式”。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

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