Microsoft 'inadvertently' targets YouTube videos for having stolen product keys in the comments sect

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Snowden Document Exposes Extensive List of British Spying Tools

The intelligence agency Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) — Britain’s National Security Agency (NSA) equivalent — commands a wide-ranging set of tools that enable it to hack into popular social media and communications outlets and plant false information on the Internet,

Why Frame Rate Matters

We all know the motion picture is a lie. That movement on screen? It's just a bunch of still images. Still images that seem more like believable, realistic, lifelike motion the faster they flicker along. Faster is better, and that 48 frame-per-second version of The Hobbit was just the beginning.

Microsoft To-Do gets snooze improvements and color fixes in latest Android update

The Android Microsoft To-Do app updated today with a number of improvements. With this update, users can now choose more snooze options and enjoy a fresh re-design of the My Day pane which now incorporates popup-up suggestions. Bugs affecting colors in dark mode have also been adjusted for clarity.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is now playable on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles. The game is the latest in the Ace Combat series and comes just a day after its Xbox 360 predecessor, Ace Combat 6, gained Xbox One backwards compatibility. Interestingly, those who buy Ace Combat 7:

SwiftKey on Android finally lets users remove the search bar with latest update

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard updated to Version today on Android devices. This latest update added the ability to use arrow keys in text fields, new improvements to the Arabic keyboard, and also finally integrated the option to remove (or add back) the search bar.

How to become an Xbox Ambassador: Updated for 2019

Here’s a quick update to those wondering about how to join the Xbox Ambassadors Program. The Xbox Ambassadors Program is made up of a group of diehard Xbox gamers who want to share their expertise with the Xbox community. Their goal is to make Xbox the most inclusive and the best place to play.

Windows 10 Mail apps quietly gains darker preview pane in latest update

With Windows apps being updated through the Microsoft Store almost independently from the major operating system updates, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint when and what new features have been implemented versus usual developer maintenance.

How to pause Windows 10’s automatic updates

Windows 10 automatically updates with new features and quality improvements as you use your device. Generally, this process works without any intervention, ensuring you’ve always got the latest release of Windows. In this guide,

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to get new Vikendi map next week

The developers behind PUBG are releasing a new player map for fans of the game. The new map is a cold, wintery island which the developers are calling Vikendi, and will be available on January 22 for Xbox One and PS4 consoles as a free update for the game.

Updated: Microsoft is issuing copyright takedowns on YouTube videos of its Windows 8 operating syste

Internet Explorer 11 update adds Bing Search to 'new tab' page, improves web search in address bar

Xbox Store gets The Evil Within, Duck Dynasty, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, and more



Google确认以5亿美元收购卫星公司Skybox Imaging

Google今天证实,已经收购了卫星初创公司Skybox Imaging。我们曾在上个月报道,Google快要收购该公司。实际收购价格是5亿美元,而非消息人士告诉我们的接近10亿美元。 一旦交易完成,Skybox的员工将身兼多职。





ViW 拉闊鏡頭加閃燈 手機即變自拍神器

喜歡自拍的朋友往往會花錢購買「自拍神器」相機,坊間亦有不少以自拍功能招徠的手機。如果你想為現有手機平板的自拍鏡頭增值,而不想換機。瑞典一間設計公司最近發表的 ViW 相機組件可能幫到你!

无责任Windows Azure SDK .NET开发入门(五):使用Blob Storage服务

无责任Windows Azure SDK .NET开发入门篇,将带来一系列基础文章:从Windows Azure开发前准备工作、使用Azure AD 管理用户信息、创建管理“云”服务、到使用Blob Storage服务等,帮助读者轻易上手使用这套开发工具。




VR 又點止打機咁簡單

以前打機追求高畫質同配件,何謂配件?最多就是有支槍射喪屍、多個軚盤玩飄移等。直至 VR(虛擬現實)技術加入遊戲後,就大大改變了玩遊戲的方式,真正跳入遊戲世界!VR 是經由電腦技術所創造的一個虛擬世界,配合穿戴特殊顯示裝置(VR 眼鏡),從而對體驗者造成特殊的感官體驗,包括視覺、聽覺、觸覺、嗅覺甚至更多。據多家市場研究機構預測,全球的虛擬現實市場,將在五年內達到百億、甚至千億級別的增長。今年是虛擬現實的開發元年,包括 HTC Vive,Oculus Rift 以及 PSVR 等重量級 VR 眼鏡都已經發售,給虛擬現實市場帶來爆炸性影響。

“丝路精神 时代力量” 正和岛陕西岛亲2017新年家宴成功举行

西安2017年1月18日电 /美通社/ -- 1月16日15时,2017正和岛陕西岛亲新年家宴在西安金花豪生国际大酒店举行。100多位企业家与家人欢聚一堂,共话未来,现场气氛十分热烈。 正和岛陕西岛亲2017新年家宴现场 此次活动堪称是一次陕西顶级企业家社交的嘉年华。吴一坚、席有良、崔荣华等多位陕西商界领袖悉数到场,这些优秀的企业家们不仅关注自身事业的发展,更致力于为所在行业找到更多新思路和新模式。 此次家宴以“丝路精神时代力量”为主题,首先回顾了2016正和岛陕西岛邻机构举办的精彩活动,各位岛亲的风采激荡在现场每个人的心中。

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