Lenovo unveils ThinkCentre thin clients with modular all-in-one

Lenovo has revealed the ThinkCentre M73 Tiny and M53 Tiny, along with the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One, over at VMWorld in Barcelona.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/15/lenovo-unveils-thinkcentre-thin-clients-with-modular-all-in-one/

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UK finance firms urged to team up in cyber crime fight

Current defences are inefficient and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, report claims.

Compliance with GDPR is not enough. We must aim higher

GDPR is an opportunity for businesses to return the control of personal data to the individual and improve trust.

Is reliability the weak link in your plan for digital dominance?

For a business to be successful in today’s connected world, a reliable central IT system is not just a target, it’s an expectation.

Does Mobility as a Service hold the answer to the future of transport?

MaaS provides consumers with the freedom to travel the way they desire by offering choice and removing friction.

Toshiba still aiming to sell chip unit

Japansese giant chasing sale even if it doesn't get the necessary regulatory approval on time.

Avast reveals details on the CCleaner hack

Security firm discloses more on how the attack unfolded.

Five ways mobile apps are putting your credentials at risk

Here’re the different ways in which your mobile apps are compromising your data privacy even if you are using those quite diligently.

Why the new Nexus 6 will flop more spectacularly than a drunk Tom Daley

Google has enjoyed considerable success with its affordable Nexus range of smartphones, but will the 6 be a success? Here's why I don't think it'll quite hit the right buttons. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/15/why-the-new-nexus-6-will-flop-more-spectacularly-than-a-drunk-tom-daley/

Nokia ‘RM-1090’ dual-SIM smartphone shows up at the FCC

An FCC filing sent by Microsoft’s Beijing arm has shown up that details a device similar to the Lumia 830 thus suggesting a carrier-specific version of the recent release.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/15/nokia-rm-1090-dual-sim-smartphone-shows-fcc/

Facebook and Apple offer to pay for female employees’ eggs to be frozen

In a bid to attract top female talent and keep them building their careers in their prime, tech giants are now offering to stump up to keep women’s eggs on ice.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/15/facebook-and-apple-offer-to-pay-for-female-employees-eggs-to-be-frozen/


Glenn Greenwald引用前NSA合同工Edward Snowden泄露的机密文件报导,NSA内网有一位专门答疑解惑的专栏作者,她使用了Zelda的笔名,其专栏被称为“Ask Zelda”。Zelda是一位在NSA服务了20多年的资深特工,是位一线和中层官员。

视频演讲: VisualOps:一个白盒PaaS产品的架构分析

VisualOps:一个白盒PaaS产品的架构分析 By 赵鹏



云计算技术背后的天才程序员:Open VSwitch鼻祖Martin Casado

Martin Casado被称为软件定义网络之父,OpenFlow的发明人、Nicira的创始人、硅谷最炙手可热的“40 under 40”之一,另外,他提交的虚拟交换机Open VSwitch的第一个Commit揭开波澜壮阔的软件定义网络时代。

Samsung faces patent infringement case following Nvidia complaint

The chipset manufacturer claims that several Samsung smartphones and tablets contain graphics technology that infringes on its patents, despite attempts to agree a licence.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/07/samsung-faces-patent-infringement-case-following-nvidia-complaint/

iPad Air 2详尽拆解新鲜出炉:电池容量更小

iFixit一如既往地为我们带来苹果最新款iPad产品——iPad Air 2的拆解,下面我们就一起来看看这款设备内藏了什么玄机吧:  一  -屏幕完全层压,9.7 英寸 IPS LCD,分辨率 2,048 x 1,

同样是古董: 但 Apple II 收藏价值却非常低

如果你关注苹果产品的收藏,那你一定听过 Apple I 在近几年的时间里不断刷新拍卖价的消息,目前最高拍卖价为 90 万美元。但如果你认为 Apple I 的下一代产品,即 Apple II 也同样价值连城的话,那可就大错特错了。





首批病人参与Chocolate Touch PTCA冠状动脉药物涂层球囊临床研究

- QT Vascular宣布首批病人参与Chocolate Touch PTCA冠状动脉药物涂层球囊临床研究 新加坡2015年5月21日电  /美通社/ -- 亮点: 创新设备旨在解决全球非常大的冠状动脉市场需求 研究的启动标志着提前实现关键里程碑 接受治疗的首批11名患者迄今为止不需要放置支架 公司致力于建立支持批准和采用所需的临床证据 致力于设计、装配和分销治疗血管疾病的先进微创治疗解决方案的全球性公司QT Vascular Ltd.

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