Amazon Instant Video Now Lets Customers View Personal Photos And Videos From Cloud Drive

Amazon is putting its Dropbox and Google Drive competitor, Amazon Cloud Drive, somewhere consumers will be more likely to access it. The company announced this morning that Amazon Cloud Drive will now be available on the Amazon Instant Video application,

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Amazon Instant Video Now Lets Customers View Personal Photos And Videos From Cloud Drive

Amazon is putting its Dropbox and Google Drive competitor, Amazon Cloud Drive, somewhere consumers will be more likely to access it. The company announced this morning that Amazon Cloud Drive will now be available on the Amazon Instant Video application,

Amazon Prime Members’ Newest Benefit Is Free, Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon Prime members are getting another benefit today, the company announced this morning: free, unlimited photo storage. In a new service called Prime Photos,

Amazon To Stream Golden Globe Winner “Transparent” For Free On Saturday, While Offering Discounted P

Fresh off the heels of its first Golden Globes win, Amazon is taking advantage of the increased exposure its Netflix-like video streaming service, Prime Instant Video, is now receiving in order to onboard new Prime subscribers at a discounted rate.

Why Chromebook offers massive benefits in terms of productivity and flexibility

It’s true that a Chromebook isn’t for everyone, as Google itself admits – but the list of those likely to be unsatisfied by the device is growing rapidly shorter as time goes on.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Xbox One beta patch adds new features, updates controller firmware

A few weeks ago, we revealed that Microsoft was set to roll out an April Xbox One update preview for select beta testers, featuring lots of new improvements on board. Apparently, select beta testers are set to receive this update tonight.

Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015 (Part 4: Favorite Apps And Resources)

It’s now been over three months since I’ve adopted the cord-cutting lifestyle, thanks to finally following through on a long overdue New Year’s Resolution. Today, my “TV” diet largely consists of streaming video from the top three services, Netflix,

Today's Best Deals: Solar Keyboard, Work Boots, Electric Kettle, and More

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more...

Public media will resurrect Gothamist, LAist and DCist

Local news sites Gothamist, LAist and DCist are coming back from the dead. Their assets (including story archives) have been acquired by three public radio companies — WNYC in New York, KPCC in Southern California and WAMU in Washington, D.C.According to the acquisition announcement,

Ledger is working on new native apps for its cryptocurrency hardware wallet

French startup Ledger is making some of the most secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets out there. But the company’s apps aren’t that great. That’s why the company announced that Ledger has been working on brand new native apps for all desktop and mobile platforms. Right now,

Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware

After Microsoft signed a deal to test Windows 10 on Xiaomi devices in 2015 and then Xiaomi bought a trove of patents to help run other Microsoft services on its devices in 2016, today the two companies announced another chapter in its collaboration. 

Tesla wants to install chargers at the office

Tesla expects to sell 100,000 electric vehicles in 2018. But electric vehicles don’t make much sense unless chargers are easily accessible and convenient. That’s why Tesla is introducing the Workplace Charging program.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mute’ is a big disappointment

Mute is the latest film from Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code. He’s called it his Don Quixote, a passion project that he’s been pursuing for well over a decade. The movie goes live on Netflix today, so Jordan Crook,

Google publicly launches ARCore 1.0 on 13 phones, will begin expanding Lens preview

After playing around in the experimental phase, Google is bringing its ARCore augmented reality platform to its 1.0 release with availability on over 100 million Android devices. If you have a new Pixel phone,

Google adopts a new approach to bring its AR service to China

Google has adopted a novel way to circumvent China’s internet censorship system, which continues to block its services, after it partnered directly with three OEMs to bring its augmented reality service to the country. ARCore, the company’s augmented reality SDK for Android,

Natural Language Platform Raises $3M Seed Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

As we start using more and more Internet-connected gadgets that rely on voice input, the need for smart speech recognition and natural language processing services is only going to increase. Wit.

GoToMeeting Comes To Android Smartwatches Because You Cannot Escape Work

Just in case you were worried about missing that conference call, Citrix just announced GoToMeeting for Android Smartwatches. Why? Productivity, my friends! Read More

Bookatable Tests Foodies’ Appetite For iBeacons In UK, Shopkick Passes 7,500 Beacons

iBeacon, the Bluetooth Low Energy technology that is being used by businesses to push offers and other messages to customers’ smartphones when they are in the physical vicinity of a small pinging device, is starting to see some decent traction.

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罗永浩:锤子手机预订量超5万 已完成10%


为什么京东在小米 3 的产品标题下推荐魅族和其它品牌手机?


英国计划在 2018 年建立首个太空中心

根据 Sky News 的报导,英国计划于 2018 年在本土建立自家的太空中心,有可能成为美国以外,又一个供 Virgin Galactic...

This Beetle Has a Thin Coating Whiter Than Anything Humans Can Make

This beetle looks like it's been given a lick with a paintbrush—but in fact, it's covered in paper-thin scales that are brilliant white, and reflect more light than anything of a similar thickness that can be made by humans.Read more...

12 Boozy Baked Goods to Spike Your Buns

Alcohol and baked goods: two great things that taste even better together.If you need a bit of kick in your cake, try these booze-filled sweets. Ranging from sweet and alcoholic cherry tartlets to the dark decadence of a irish cream brownie, these baked goods recipes are a true two-for-one.


如果病毒按照目前的速度继续传播,Alessandro Vespignani的模型预测,截至9月24日,埃博拉病毒感染者将接近1万人。美国波士顿市东北大学物理学家Alessandro Vespignani希望他最近的工作将被证明是错误的。


威锋网 10 月 30 日消息,美国专利商标局今天公布了苹果获得的一项 3D 专利,证明苹果目前或许在研究一个先进的 3D 成像和显示系统,这也是苹果对此前获得的一项 3D 专利的更新。  


做通讯技术出身的吴俊斌没有巧舌如簧天花乱坠,不过对自行车却有着同样深沉的热爱。 我们碰面的地点距离浪潮之巅的中关村创业大街还有一定的距离,要安静很多,也更接地气一点。

拍摄更清晰,价格更便宜,大疆的新款无人机会成为年轻人的第一台无人机吗?|NEXT Big

每天由 36氪NEXT 为你解读一款最新产品,分析行业趋势,带来有价值的报道,更多新产品欢迎访问 NEXT 查看。虽然有越来越多各式各样的无人机不断走进人们的视野,但在专业级领域上 DJI 大疆一直占有着绝对的市场份额。

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