Microsoft releases 8 patches, including anti-Sandworm fix - get yourself covered!

Microsoft released three critical patches last night, including a fix for the flaw being exploited by the sandworm gang. Read more:

相关内容: said Windows vulnerability that this critical patc

Critical security vulnerability found in Internet Explorer

Microsoft has just released an urgent update for all supported versions of the Windows operating system to combat a high level security vulnerability relating to the Internet Explorer browser. The vulnerability takes advantage of...

One in six businesses unprepared for a data breach

Majority of organisations worried about security, but not everyone's doing something about it.

Google to charge device makers to use Chrome and Search in the EU

EU's Commission forces Google to unbundle Chrome and Search.

Is a travelling exec your biggest cyber risk?

Here are a few best practice tips to help keep your employees safe whilst out of the office.

IBM launches mobile security training centres

X-Force brings the power of security to your door.

Amazon launches new solar power and recycling programs

Online giant making moves to reduce its carbon footprint.

Building the future-proofed robot

Increasing their longevity and use through apps could hold the answer to accelerating their adoption across different industries.

How businesses can unlock the full potential of intelligent cloud

It’s the responsibility of businesses using these innovative systems to ensure staff are equipped to use them to their full potential.

Twitter launches new in-app music streaming service

The micro-blogging site has released Audio Card, a new audio streaming platform that means users can continue browsing Twitter while streaming music directly in their timeline.Read more:

How to get OS X Yosemite on your Apple computer

So you want Yosemite on your Mac? The good news is it’s a free upgrade, and here’s how you can bag your copy of OS X 10.10.Read more:

iMac with Retina 5K display has the world's highest resolution display, but it doesn't come cheap

In addition to the expected iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, Apple today announced the latest update to the iMac range. The iMac with Retina 5K display's killer feature is the screen.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

潦倒摄影师在 Instagram 上卖照片,日入 15k!

纽约摄影师 Daniel Arnold 潦倒得银行账户只剩 90 美元了,正当他为下个月房租发愁时,一个想法突发冒出来:为什么不通过 Instagram 贩卖自己的作品呢?

Global collaboration: It's here, and the challenges are real

We all know that network capacity is abundant, and that data is everywhere. Today, the world’s information workers communicate across continents, collapsing barriers imposed by time and geography.Read more: http://www.itproportal.





9 Highlights From Today's Supreme Court Cell Phone Privacy Decision

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that police can no longer search your cell phone without a search warrant or an immediate threat of danger. There are plenty of caveats, but overall this is a victory for privacy advocates. Below are some of the highlights from the decision.Read more.




当湾区联合劝募会United Way Bay Area(UWBA)和响应式设计管理系统开发公司Morweb CMS合作之后,他们为一个简单的网站带来了沉浸式用户体验,更取得了他们所希望的成效。

Short film: The hilarious truth about time travel is that we're selfish

If you could travel through time where would you go? To the future? To go see dinosaurs? And what would you do? Cure cancer? Prevent wars? Sure. But what about just using time travel to selfishly make your life easier?

雅虎第四季度净利1.66亿美元 同比下滑52%


Get out the tissues: It's time for Budweiser's puppy Super Bowl ad

When it comes to Super Bowl successes, there are few surer bets than Budweiser's puppy ads.This year's spot, "Lost Dog," is likely to make it to the top of USA Today's Ad Track rating of the top ads of the game — that is,

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