12 Strange Barbies You Probably Forgot About

Malibu Barbie, Veterinarian Barbie ...and Pregnant Barbie? Over the years, the doll who can do it all has had quite a few interesting spinoffs. On March 9, she's celebrating her 55th anniversary, which means five and a half decades of bizarre Barbie iterationsSee also:

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Mattel Pulls Sexist Barbie Book “I Can Be A Computer Engineer” Off Amazon

The makers of Barbie seem to apologize A LOT for underestimating young women. This time the Internet’s buzzing over a pretty cringe-worthy Barbie book, “I Can Be A Computer Engineer,” published out of Random House.

Entrepreneur Barbie Joins LinkedIn

Entrepreneur Barbie has taken her professional networking online. After 55 years and more than 150 careers under her sensible and fashionable belt, Barbie is ready to compete in the business world with a new LinkedIn pageSee also:

Wi-Fi 連線 Barbie 懂得和小朋友對話

Barbie 推出至今已經有 56 年,一直是不少女孩子成長兒時的玩具首選 。日前在紐約舉行的 2015 玩具展中,Barbie 展出了將會在今年內推出的 Hello Barbie,一款能夠和小朋友交談的智能 Barbie 玩具。

Tech Founders Talk About Why The New ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’ Matters

The impact of Barbie as a role model for young girls’ self-image and aspirations has been a controversial topic for decades. But this week, Mattel, the toy company that makes Barbie,

Honest NYC Barbie is the tiny doll that understands your big city struggles

Barbie's just a normal girl in a love/hate relationship with her city. And she happens to be 11 inches tall.As it turns out, Barbie isn't the super-talented entrepreneur with 17,000 jobs that we've known and loved for years. She's actually just like you.

Mattel apologizes for controversial Barbie book, pulls it from online stores

Mattel apologized on Wednesday for the Barbie children's book that was widely deemed sexist for its portrayal of a female engineer who needs the help of two men to do her job, and pulled the book from online storesThe company posted an apology to its Barbie Facebook page,

Wi-Fi 連線 Barbie 懂得和小朋友對話

Barbie 推出至今已經有 56 年,一直是不少女孩子成長兒時的玩具首選。日前在紐約舉行的 2015 玩具展中,Barbie 展出了將會在今年內推出的 Hello Barbie,一款能夠和小朋友交談的智能 Barbie 玩具。閱讀全文

A trailblazing little boy is in a Barbie commercial for the first time

Little boys have long played with Barbies — but it's taken the advertising world a while to catch up.Mattel's latest Barbie commercial features a little boy joined by two female friends, and he couldn't be more excited about playing with the limited-edition Moschino Barbie.

Hello Barbie Could Have Exposed Information About Children to Hackers

It seems Vtech isn’t the only toy company playing it fast and loose with children’s privacy. Security researchers have discovered myriad security flaws that make Mattel’s Hello Barbie connected doll hackable. Read more...

The new Hello Barbie is like Siri trapped in a doll's body

Barbie has been a lot of things over the years — a rock star, a doctor, a teacher — and more recently, she’s been interested in techYou may recall her recent book, Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer, which encouraged young girls to learn more about computer science,

Samsung's triple-camera Galaxy A7 phone is now official

Well this is interesting. A day after leaked photos gave us a first glimpse of Samsung's Galaxy A7 phone and its triple rear camera, the company went out and announced the phone officially. But that means Samsung has something else in stock for its Oct. 11 unveiling, doesn't it?

Peter Dinklage played a classic dark prank on the 'Game of Thrones' set

Game of Thrones, what with its constant violence, intense politics, and casual dragons, doesn't seem like it'd be a set abundant with hilarity and horsing around.But Emmy-winner Peter Dinklage says he played both prankster and victim on set,

Watching Kevin Hart being afraid of a baby ostrich is pure joy

Comedian Kevin Hart being scared of things is always funny.He's particularly frightened of random animals, even when it comes to something as cute as Robert Irwin's baby ostrich, who makes an adorable chirping noise."You know what she's saying. I want some little black man, and all of his brothers,

#DearProfessorFord: Actresses support Brett Kavanaugh's accuser ahead of hearings

Hollywood actresses and women from around the U.S.,some being key members of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, have shown their support for Christine Blasey Ford.Blasey, a professor at California's Palo Alto University, who recently accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault,

Amazon leaks Alexa-powered smart plug and a subwoofer for your Echo

Amazon is rumoured to launch eight new Alexa-powered devices at some point this year, and here are two that could be part of its arsenal.Spotted by Pocket-Lint on Amazon UK, the first product is the Echo Sub, designed to add more oomph to your Echo speaker setup. SEE ALSO:

Cathay Pacific made a pretty hilarious typo on its own plane

Everyone's made a typo in their life, including international airlines.Cathay Pacific gained plenty of internet attention after a new paint job on one of its planes resulted in the misspelling of the airline's name.SEE ALSO:

Trump supporters think their ‘election night meltdown’ videos are being deleted

Is YouTube deleting those popular pro-Trump video compilations mocking Democrats and liberals “melting down” over Donald Trump’s 2016 election night win?No, but a conspiracy theory is gaining traction on Reddit alleging just that.SEE ALSO:

'Fag Face' Mask Protests Sex Discrimination in Facial-Scanning Tech

If you were in a corner of the West Hollywood Public Library parking garage one weekend in June 2013, you may have encountered artist Zach Blas. He wore a neon pink, amorphous mask, his face totally invisible save for two tiny eyeholes poked through the plasticIf you talked to him,

20 Unexpected Pieces of Sharpie Art

A whole world of creativity lies underneath the cap of a Sharpie. These perfect permanent markers are more than just a choice writing instrument — they're a versatile and fundamental craft supply.You can use Sharpies to ink any surface, and transform an ordinary object into a bold piece of art.

World's Most Advanced Diving Suit Could Lead to a Cure for Cancer

Phil Nuytten's newest diving suit may as well have been invented by Tony Stark. At six and a half feet long, and weighing 530 pounds, the aluminum contraption looks more like a Buzz Lightyear ripoff than anythingEven its name, the "Exosuit," sounds like slang from a science fiction novel.

快图浏览开始 Beta 测试啦~


You Are Saying GIF Wrong!

Geef! Jiff! Jeef? How do you really pronounce "GIF?" Elliott and good friend, President Barack Obama, settle this great pronunciation debate once and for all.And on Tuesday, Elliott checked out some Vine superstars Read more...More about Gif, Social Media, and Youtube

Microsoft reveals new Start Screen for two-in-ones in Windows 10 with new "Continuum" mode

With Windows 10, it isn't all about the desktop. Microsoft is making refinements to the touch-side of things too, meaning tablet and hybrid users have some cool things to look forward to. Today, Microsoft officially revealed a new Start Screen for two-in-one devices.

向苹果开炮 !豪雅表将推畅销机智能表版本

巴塞尔世界钟表珠宝展今天正式开展,在这次展会上我们将能够看到传统手表厂商会如何应对来自 Apple Watch 的挑战。据路透社报道,豪雅表就是其中一个站出来直面苹果竞争的厂家。


上海2015年3月30日电 /美通社/ -- 2014-2015地产设计大奖·中国(READesign China Award)项目终审会暨颁奖盛典于2015年3月29日在上海国际会议中心隆重举行。最终FTA的作品 -- 苏州建屋2.

苹果公关部门副总裁终于确定 :果然是他 !

威锋网 4 月 17 日消息,苹果公司管理层简介页面日前更新,增加了一名新的高层领导——公关副总裁 Steve Dowling,他将直接向苹果公司 CEO 蒂姆·库克汇报工作。  

Google Drive插件登录Office 365

谷歌最近提供了一个新插件,以帮助用户在Office 365上更好的使用Google Drive。新的插件使得G […]

攝影師 Stuart Palley 用長時間曝光拍攝美國加州深夜山火

係過去幾個山火特別多既季節的南加州,一名洛杉磯攝影師 Stuart Palley 帶住相機去山上拍攝山火情況。佢既長曝光相片非常震撼,完完全全展現到山火既「憤怒美」。以下既呢輯相現已被收入名為 Terra Flamma 系列既部分相片。


Alliance for Wireless Power(A4WP)和Power Matters Alliance(PMA)两大无线充电技术联盟已于今年早些时候合并。在本周二,他们正式宣布合并后的联盟更名为AirFuel Alliance。


不知道大家还记得《超凡蜘蛛侠2》里的电光人Max,一个碌碌无为活在底层的接线工人,在他因为意外而成为电光人时走 ...

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