Commercial Drones Are Now Legal, According To Federal Ruling

As of right now it’s perfectly legal to operate a drone for commercial reasons. That’s according to a federal judge, in a ruling that notes the Federal Aviation Administration has not made any legally binding rules against the practice. This flies in the face of the FAA,

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Commercial Drones Are Now Legal, According To Federal Ruling

As of right now it’s perfectly legal to operate a drone for commercial reasons. That’s according to a federal judge, in a ruling that notes the Federal Aviation Administration has not made any legally binding rules against the practice. This flies in the face of the FAA,

The Awesome R/C Plane Video That Pissed Off The FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration has filed an appeal in the case against "commercial drone" pilot Raphael Pirker, accused of reckless operation of what's basically an R/C aircraft near the University of Virginia campus in 2011. Um, does this look reckless to you?Read more...

Sorry Amazon: The FAA Will Not Allow Delivery Drones

In a document seeking feedback on new drone policies, the FAA indicated that it does not want unmanned aircraft "delivering packages to people for a fee." Even if a company doesn't collect a fee—as Amazon has proposed—drone deliveries count as commercial activity, the agency says.

FAA Bans The Use Of Drones To Deliver Packages

The FAA made it plain this week that Amazon, or anyone else for that matter, won’t be able to deliver packages using a drone in the near future.

The First Drone Lawsuit Settled For Pennies

Back in 2011, a man called Raphael Pirker 'recklessly' flew his five-pound foam airplane around the University of Virginia without hurting anyone , an act the FAA thought worthy of a $10,000 fine. A few years of wasted court time later, and both parties have agreed to settle for $1,100. Read more...

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets you instantly replay scenes (for some reason)

Netflix loves to test new ideas, and its latest experiment is an odd new feature that lets viewers watch a scene again. A selection of Netflix subscribers noticed the new addition, which serves a pop-up asking if they want to “watch this scene again” after certain ‘highlight’ scenes in a show.

A former Ofo exec is launching his own scooter startup

With €20 million in VC backing, Dott plans to release a fleet of multi-colored e-scooters in Paris in early-2019.

LemonBox, which brings US vitamins to Chinese consumers, raises $2M

LemonBox, a Chinese e-commerce startup that imports vitamins and health products from the US, has raised $2 million to develop its business. The company graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent program in the U.S. and, fuelled by the demo day,

Distinguished VCs back wholesale marketplace Faire with $100M at a $535M valuation

Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, Keith Rabois of Khosla, Alfred Lin of Sequoia and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed are backers of Faire.

Anki’s Vector is getting Alexa access next week

Vector’s already got the adorable bit down, courtesy of a team staffed by former Pixar and Dreamworks animators. But Anki’s grownup version of Cozmo can use a bit of help when it comes to smarts. Starting next week, the desktop robot will be able to tap into Amazon Alexa’s deep base of answers.

IMAX pulls the plug on its dream of VR arcades

The company behind the biggest screens in cinema is giving up on bringing VR screens within a few inches of users’ faces. The company announced today in a SEC filing that it will be shutting down its three remaining virtual reality centers including its flagship location in Los Angeles.

They scaled YouTube — now they’ll shard everyone with PlanetScale

When the former CTOs of YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox seed fund a database startup, you know there’s something special going on under the hood. Jiten Vaidya and Sugu Sougoumarane saved YouTube from a scalability nightmare by inventing and open-sourcing Vitess,

TxTo Unrolls Your Story By Printing Out SMS Conversations Onto Scrolls

What kind of stories are locked up in your Messages app? Love stories? Tales of friendships made, and lost, and patched up once again? What about the story of your first funding, or acquisition? is ready to remind you of those stories, from start to finish,

Mobile Photo And Video Platform Mobli Signs Up To The New NASDAQ Private Market

On the heels of raising a $60 million round at a $1 billion valuation in November 2013, Instagram competitor Mobli today is announcing another finance move: it is joining the NASDAQ Private Market, the U.S.

HP Releases Another Cheap Android Tablet

HP has quietly announced a new tablet. Meet the HP 8. It’s a rather mundane tablet with a ho-hum screen and above par specs. It’s nothing special. But it’s cheap and cheap sells. The HP 8 employs a 7.85-inch screen with a 1,024 x 768 resolution, which as Engadget points out,

mono for android学习过程系列教程(6) - 卿月晟




部分零售商调低iMac和13“Retina MBP售价

今年的 WWDC 大会只剩下最后几天就要到来。正当我们还在猜测本次大会到底有没有新硬件发布时,苹果的合作经销商已经提前“暗示”了。


巴西世界杯,给全世界的网民带来了沟通和交流的契机。而Twitter也在日前,大幅增强了微博内容的翻译功能。    之前,在安卓版的客户端中,Twitter开始支持对于单一微博帖子,用微软的必应翻译工具翻译成为其他语种。

Major Delays, Revamped Beta For Credit-Card Consolidating Gadget Coin

The premise behind Coin is attractive: consolidate credit cards onto a single card-sized gadget. However, on Friday the company announced a delay in the release of its final version from this summer to spring of 2015, and in a way that angered many of the project's crowd-funding backers.

不是玩家专利 虚拟现实已到我们身边


博客园「Markdown 编辑器」的语法规则 - 巛熊猫人灬

Markdown 是一款轻量级标记语言,使撰写博文变得非常轻松,故本文特将其语法总结于此。除此之外,本文也简单介绍了一下如何使用 MathJax 书写 LaTeX 数学公式,并解决了 LaTeX 与 Markdown 语法冲突引发的 Bug。

15+ jobs in software engineering and account management

Are you ready for your next big career move? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they're looking to fill positions from Mashable's community.Each week, we highlight five recently posted openings.

The battle for the Internet: Ad-blockers are gaining ground

There's a battle raging over the Internet right now — one that pits a multibillion-dollar industry against a few lines of code.On the surface, the sticking point is whether or not people should have to look at the pop-ups, banners,


英文原文:LargeScaleDistributedDeepLearningonHadoopClusters  前言  在过去的十年里,Yahoo 一直持续投资建设和扩展 ApacheHadoop 集群,到目前为止共有超过 4 万台服务器和 600PB 数据分布在 19 个集群 ... ...

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