Uber Drivers to Stage 'Global Day of Protest'

Uber drivers in several cities are participating in a "Global Day of Protest" on Wednesday.From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET, drivers in cities including New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London plan to protest the app's rating system, compensation, and driver safety and treatment.

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Uber Study Shows Its Drivers Make More Per Hour And Work Fewer Hours Than Taxi Drivers

The people who drive for Uber generally do so because the platform affords them flexibility in when and how often they drive, according to the findings of a study it’s releasing today. But the platform also offers drivers higher per-hour earnings potential than comparable for-hire driving jobs.

Uber Suspends UberPOP In France Following Turmoils And Arrests

Transportation company Uber just announced in an interview with Le Monde that it will be suspending UberPOP in France tonight at 8pm. The news follows a difficult week for the company. Last Thursday, anti-Uber protests turned to guerrilla warfare as taxi drivers flipped over and burnt Uber cars.

The Fight Against Uber Is Getting Violent In Brazil

Uber has over 5,000 drivers and 500,000 users since launching in Brazil a year ago, and aggression by politicians and taxi drivers alike has been mounting in lockstep with its growth. Read More

Uber Creates A Mobile Game To Help Drivers Navigate San Francisco 

Ever had an Uber driver that didn’t know where they were going? It’s a pretty frustrating experience, and there are plenty of Uber customers voicing their opinions about the problem on social media.

Uber Files Opposition To Case That Could Make All Drivers Employees Instead Of Independent Contracto

Uber filed a briefing in court today that opposes a class-action lawsuit attempting to label drivers as Uber employees instead of as independent contractors.

Instead of Training Drivers, Uber Charges $65 to Learn Customer Skills

Uber is famous for cutting corners to make a buck. Now a Forbes report reveals that the on-demand service provides no mandatory training of its drivers and doesn't inspect their cars. Rather,

Watch an Uber Passenger Beat Up His Driver Because Everything Is Terrible

Being an Uber driver sucks . Being an Uber passenger sucks . Uber, as a company, sucks . So the recently uploaded video of a dumb drunk Uber passenger pummeling his driver with fists is hardly surprising. It is disturbing, however.Read more...

Uber Driver Charged With Rape In Boston

An Uber driver in Boston has been charged with rape, according to Bloomberg. He allegedly took a female passenger to a secluded area on the evening of December 6 and raped her.

Uber Considers Steering Drivers To “Vocational Training” As Cars Go Autonomous

What happens to Uber’s drivers once cars drive themselves? Something other than just losing their jobs, according to a gentler approach from CEO Travis Kalanick. Uber could potentially train drivers to do other jobs in the post-driving world.

Lyft Strikes Back With “Be More Than A Number” Billboard Outside Uber’s Office

Lyft has had it up to here with Uber reps requesting rides from its drivers only to offer them cash and phones to switch to Uber. So yesterday Lyft went on the offensive, parking a giant driver recruitment billboard outside Uber’s San Francisco Driver’s office.

This Tesla key fob looks like, you guessed it, a mini Tesla Model 3

Tesla likes to do things differently. So when Electrek reported last month that the electric car company was allegedly working on a new key fob for its Model 3, we should have known it wouldn't be just your standard blob of a BLE device. Thanks to newly released documents filed to the FCC,

Watch this brave lil' raccoon climb up building, leap off, and survive

Sorry cats, but when it comes to climbing tall buildings, you've got nothing compared to raccoons.In Ocean City, New Jersey Friday, a raccoon was spotted a jaw-dropping nine stories up a building. The raccoon proceeded to leap off the building, hit the soft sand with its little raccoon feet,

Google is trying, and failing, to cover its creepy Chinese search engine tracks

Google wants the world's information to be universally accessible, unless that information just so happens to relate to its reported efforts to build a censored Chinese search engine that tracks its users.According to the Intercept,

Ted Cruz's latest dig at Beto O'Rourke on Twitter might be his vilest yet

Ted Cruz's social media team has reached a dark new low.Right before Senate hopeful Beta O'Rourke's debate with Cruz last night, where the sitting Senator skirted the question about whether police violence against African-Americans was a problem,

Jane Fonda throws the debate around comebacks for #MeToo men into sharp relief

Do guys like Louis C.K. or Charlie Rose deserve a comeback? Does any disgraced sexual predator? What has to happen before such a comeback is even possible?These questions have been rattling around online for some time, though C.K.'s recent attempted return to stand-up raised the volume. Now,

Watch this dad expertly help his kid pretend to be Spider-Man

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.Nothing like a little wholesome parent-child bonding. In this extremely cute video,

'Child's Play' creator disavows new 'Chucky' remake with a meme

Chucky is back — and not everyone's happy about it.On Friday, MGM announced it had started production for the reboot of Child's Play, the legendary 1988 horror film. The original's story creator Don Mancini, who won't be involved in the new production,

For 70% of Candidates, Online Applications Are a Turnoff

Like most other processes in the modern world, recruitment has gone digital. Hiring managers and job seekers alike are abandoning the traditional paper resume and turning to fully online job applications.

Simple Home Design Ideas to Impress the Neighbors

If we walked into your house right now, what would we find? Would you sprint ahead to tidy up? Is there an uncomfortable lack of personal effects in your home? See also: 6 Interior Design Apps for Your Home RenovationLike it or not, we are all judged by the homes we live in.

U.S. Government Says 7.8 Million Vehicles Have Faulty Airbags

DETROIT — The U.S. government is telling 3 million more car owners to get their air bags repaired immediately, but its message has generated some confusion about which cars are actually affected.The government's auto safety agency is now warning 7.



奥迪明年同时推搭载CarPlay和Android Auto的车型



在美国,有超过 60% 的成年人不满意自己的工作。 如果现在有个机会,给你一天的时间,去体验一个你渴望已久的工作,去感受城市一处陌生的风景,与陌生人(导师)一起完成一件新鲜的事情,你会心动吗?


一加对关于有计划推出Windows Phone设备的消息进行了辟谣,表示团队只是过去曾与微软Windows P […]


沒有人喜歡穿著皺巴巴的衣服出門,不過要將衣服燙的直挺就必須要靠熨斗及燙衣板的幫忙了~ 但是體積龐大的燙衣板,對於現在寸土寸金的我們來說,實在是太占空間了.


2011年4月13日美国拉斯维加斯举行的MIX大会上,狄恩·哈卡莫维奇(Dean Hachamovitch)穿 […]

Minecon 2015 breaks record in largest conference for a video game

Over 10,000 tickets were sold for the Minecon 2015 event in London. This makes this the biggest convention in the record for a single video game, and has earned a Guinness World Record. According to The Independent, the Minecon 2015 convention had an audience from over 73 countries.

富士康已在印度生产手机 小米位列首批客户

富士康日前证实,作为向印度市场扩张计划的一部分,公司已开始在印度生产第一批智能手机。富士康发言人胡国辉(Louis Woo)称,富士康已开始在印度东南部的安德拉邦(Andhra Pradesh)生产手机。

苹果汽车项目创建人离职,项目搁浅了? | 极客早知道 2016 年 1 月 25日

Letterboxd launches its movie social network on the iPhone

I've been using Letterboxd for more than a year now, and I've really enjoyed the movie pages. For instance, if you look at Mustang (which is my favorite movie of 2015 – seriously if you haven't seen it stop reading this right now, go and watch it),

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