Twitter Digits Replaces Your Passwords With Your Phone Number

App users will no longer have to remember passwords if Twitter has any say. A Twitter product for developers called Digits will let users log into apps with a phone number.While most apps require an email address to log in, Digits lets you register for apps with phone numbers instead.

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Twitter Digits Replaces Your Passwords With Your Phone Number

App users will no longer have to remember passwords if Twitter has any say. A Twitter product for developers called Digits will let users log into apps with a phone number.While most apps require an email address to log in, Digits lets you register for apps with phone numbers instead.

Twitter Launches Digits, A New Way To Sign In To Apps Without Using Passwords

Today, Twitter announced the launch of a new service called Digits, aimed at application developers looking for a simpler, password-free login option for their mobile applications. The news was revealed this afternoon at Twitter’s first annual developer conference called Flight,

Twitter Fabric SDK Comes To The Apple TV

One week after Facebook announced its SDK for tvOS, Twitter is also announcing its plans for Apple’s new platform. Developers will be able to integrate Digits into their apps and use Crashlytics. Read More

Twitter Adds Friend-Finding And Two-Step Authentication To Its Login Service Digits

Twitter’s Digits, a developer-facing service launched last fall that offers a way to integrate a simpler, password-free login option into third-party mobile applications, has been expanded today with a pair of new features, including a friend finding function and two-step verification.

Nexmo Announces Verify, An API To Help Developers Confirm Users’ Phone Numbers

Nexmo, a company that sells telecom services to developers, announced an early release of its new product ‘Verify’ today, a tool to help apps confirm the phone numbers, and therefore verify the identity of their users. Verify will formally launch in November,

Twitter's password-killing tool is now available on the web

Twitter rolled out the web version of Digits, the company's tool to help kill the password, to developers Wednesday.Digits is one element of Twitter Fabric, the new suite of tools for developers the social network rolled out last year during its Flight Developer Conference.

How Twitter Plans to Take Over Your Phone

Twitter is branching out beyond tweets: The company is launching a software development kit today, called Fabric. With Fabric, Twitter intends to take over your phone. Read more...

A guide for two-factor authentication: Which websites offer it, and how to set it up

Heartbleed has made everyone think twice about online security – and one way you can stay safer is by using two-factor authentication.Read more:

Samsung’s Own Apps Don’t Get Used Much, But That’s No Surprise

Samsung preloads its own apps on its Android devices, including replacements for stock apps like the phone dialer and SMS software, as well as more advanced note-taking and WhatsApp competitor apps. But app away though they may,

Snapchat Is Now The #3 Social App Among Millennials

Snapchat is now the third most popular social app among millennials, according to a recent report by comScore which finds that Snapchat has 32.9% penetration on these young users’ mobile phones, trailing only Instagram (43.1%) and Facebook (75.6%). That means the app is more popular than Twitter,

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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL review: Android's finest

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.The most-talked about phone trend of 2018 is unequivocally The Notch.

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Take your head out of your morning latte and get a look at these hot deals on laptops and tablets from Walmart and Amazon.SEE ALSO: 10 of the best laptops for Windows 10Samsung seems to have something for everyone this week. The SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch is $327.

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tStart your Monday off right: by doing some online shopping, of course. We've rounded up the best deals on audio equipment, 4K TVs, kitchen gear, CBD oil, Amazon devices, and more, while we also have deals on adult learning online courses from Udemy.SEE ALSO: Amazon has adorable,

12 gift ideas for TV lovers who don't need a 1,000th Pop Funko

We get it, Kevin. You like watching TV. Now, get Ramsay Bolton off my desk.In recent years, Pop Funko figurines have become the signature clutter of TV and movie fanatics everywhere. From tiny Tina Belchers to mini Marty McFlys,

This TV Costs How Much?!?

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Trump has a corny painting of himself and former presidents hanging in the White House

Art knows no bounds. That's the only possible explanation for the reality-bending fantasy painting of President Donald Trump that now hangs in the White House, right?The Andy Thomas painting, titled "The Republican Club," features Trump and several former Republican presidents,

'Lion King' Mixed With Taylor Swift's 'Out of the Woods' Moves Us All

It's the "Circle of Life" — combined with Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods" — and it moves us all.Mashup maestro Chambaland has beautifully blended chants and beats from Disney's 1994 classic The Lion King with Swift's dramatic lyrics and pounding drums. See also: Um,

'Doctor Who' Marriage Proposal Will Warm Your Whovian Heart

Time lords love a good wedding.Doctor Who fan Bill Cindrich built a life-size replica of the T.A.R.D.I.S. to stage an amazing proposal to his girlfriend. After two months of meticulous planning,

Man Convicted for Webcam Sex With Virtual 'Underage Girl'

A 10-year-old girl from the Philippines, nicknamed Sweetie, has helped authorities convict one Australian on child pornography charges. But Sweetie isn't real — she's a virtual digital avatar created to lure predators as part of a global sting operation. Scott Robert Hansen,

Ecuador's Mountains Sure Look Beautiful From Space

It may look more like modern art, but you're actually looking at a the highlands of Ecuador seen from the European Space Agency's Envisat.Read more...    

Scientists Are 3D Printing Whole Cancer Tumors From Scratch

We've seen 3D-printed cells, organs, and even body parts over the last few years. But in Philadelphia, a team of scientists is printing cancerous tumors—modeling the very things that are threatening to kill patients in order to understand how to quell them. Read more...

Evidence of Protoplanet Found On Moon

mrspoonsi (2955715) writes 'Researchers have found evidence of the world that crashed into the Earth billions of years ago to form the Moon. Analysis of lunar rock brought back by Apollo astronauts shows traces of the "planet" called Theia.

苹果财报:2014年Q3财季苹果净利润77.5亿美元 同比增长12%


See why the Surface Pro 3 Core i3 model is a fantastic device for school (video)


日前著名汽车音响厂商 Harman 发布了全新的车载系统 HALOsonic。有趣的是它并不是要发出声音,而是要消灭声音。  

定制Eclipse IDE之插件篇(二) - 海角在眼前

上文回顾:定制Eclipse IDE之插件篇(一)延续上一篇的插件篇,这一篇将会讲到一个最关键的插件aptana。一、aptana插件官方的解释我就不说了,从下面图可以看到插件提供了什么功能,列举一些我觉得重要的。1. Contnet Assist :

iPad 2和iPad mini是否该来一波更新换代了

虽然 iPad 仍是苹果的重要业务之一,每一财年都能创造数亿美元的收入,但是很长一段时间以来,已经数份报告和数据都指出,近两年来苹果的平板电脑业务表现不佳,包括 IDC 最新的统计报告也预测,iPad 的市场份额到了 2019 年会下降约两个百分点。

Valve reassures Steam users after mishap exposes account info

Steam users got a Christmas surprise on Friday when library and account details for other users started appearing where their own account information was supposed to be.The service shut down briefly and the issue was fixed within an hour.

[视频]科幻题材《使命召唤13:无限战争》11月4日发售 “现代战争”将高清重制

正如上周的媒体曝料,动视今日正式宣布了使命召唤系列新作《使命召唤13:无限战争》的发布,将在11月4日正式发售登陆PC/Xbox One/PS4平台,目前正式预告片已经出炉,展示了该作的许多细节。该作由Infinity Ward工作室制作,具有“星际战争”的科幻设定,战场为太阳系各大战线,地球军与地外星球殖民军发生冲突展开战争的设定,据IW的艺术监制Brian Horton称该做在剧情叙事上将会带来“一种全新层次的剧情演出”效果,具体细节将由动视在今年E3上揭晓。

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