Easy solution for Modern UI Skype app bug on Windows 10 provided by Microsoft

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Leaked presentation reveals a partnership between Microsoft and Razer on bringing keyboard and mouse

Microsoft is reportedly in a partnership with Razer to bring keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One.

Here’s how Microsoft has infused Artificial Intelligence in Office 365 to help increase productivity

Microsoft has been infusing the power of AI across several of its products and services, like Office 365, to extend its capabilities and to improve productivity.

Most gamers still prefer physical video game releases instead of digital

Survery companies are finding that Microsoft may still be putting the cart before the horse.

Microsoft Teams app updates on Android with new call functionality

Microsoft is constantly adding missing features and performance upgrades, and today Teams on Android gained new call functionality.

Patent shows Microsoft is looking to innovate USB C by making the port thinner

Microsoft is always looking to innovate on its own products, but a new patent shows that the company is also looking to change up the key USBC connection.

Windows Insiders can now preview Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to collaboration tool for many organizations, and Microsoft is now getting ready to launch a dedicated Teams app on the Surface Hub interactive whiteboard.

Latest Microsoft Launcher Beta on Android introduces multi-turn SMS + calling with Cortana

This latest version 4.11 update introduces multi-turn SMS + calling with Cortana, and many other key enhancements to the popular Android launcher.

Red Stripe Deals include Doodle Devil, Fishdom 3, and more

Microsoft Garage launches a handful of free useful Windows 8.1 apps, download now

Windows Phone's future success lies in entry-level smartphones, says Alcatel VP

如何看待魏德圣电影《海角七号》 、《赛德克巴莱》、《kano》中所传递的「中日情结」?


25 Other Names Google Considered for Android L

The latest Android phone is brought to you by the letter L.Following KitKat and other dessert-themed nicknames, Google announced a sugar-free version of its upcoming operating system at its annual developers conference on Wednesday: Android L.See also:

[组图]阿里路演满世界跑 带你见证到底多火爆


Google Doodle Celebrates Its 16th Birthday

Happy sweet 16, Google Doodle!The quirky art featured on the search giant's homepage celebrated its 16th birthday on Saturday with, appropriately, an animated Google Doodle. In it, the G in Google's logo measures the growth of the O and L.Image: GoogleSee also:




强化进口商品直接采购,民生商品力保平价 北京2015年2月4日电 /美通社/ -- 新春销售旺季来临之际,沃尔玛中国准备了来自全球近20个国家,超过4000个单品的进口商品,以满足节日市场消费需求。


据Ubergizmo网站报道称,昨天早些时候我们在Pebble官方网站上发现一个倒数计时器。Pebble 没有披露设置倒数计时器的目的,但据传言称,该公司将于2月24日发布一款新型号智能手表。


最近睡得好吗? 还行。公司的第一款产品要正式发售,我是创始人,你懂的。 Hello 创始人,23 岁的 James Proud 这样回复 Wired 记者的寒暄。Hello 团队 2 月 24 日正式发售的产品是去年夏天上线 Kickstarter 的睡眠追踪设备 Sense。


深圳2015年3月24日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,“互联网+”成为了热议话题,而拥有多个“互联网+”概念的上市公司腾邦国际,在15年第一季度的股票表现异常亮眼,市值超过了百亿达到新高,其互联网金融板块的出色表现功不可没。

Twitter 前副总裁克里科里安加盟 Uber,担任先进技术中心工程主管

Uber 仍然在不断招募人才,以推动其作为科技公司的业务增长。Uber 的最新目标是拉菲·克里科里安(

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