Taylor Swift Thinks Jimmy Kimmel Is a Jerk

Taylor Swift, like most people on the Internet, does not appreciate Jimmy Kimmel's pranksThe singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, and gave the host a piece of her mind for his "twerking girl on fire" prank from last year, calling him a straight-up jerk. God bless you,

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Taylor Swift Thinks Jimmy Kimmel Is a Jerk

Taylor Swift, like most people on the Internet, does not appreciate Jimmy Kimmel's pranksThe singer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, and gave the host a piece of her mind for his "twerking girl on fire" prank from last year, calling him a straight-up jerk. God bless you,

Listen to Taylor Swift's Impressive Cover of 'Riptide'

Taylor Swift has shaken it all the way from country to indie.The singer, who announced earlier this year she would be releasing her first pop album, recently covered Vance Joy's indie hit "Riptide" on BBC Radio 1. It was quite the musical departure for Swift,

Here's how Taylor Swift and Lorde became BFFs

How do two multi-platinum record-selling mega celebrities become BFFs? With some flowers and a Grammys prank,

Why is Jimmy Kimmel being such a jerk to gamers?

Why do you have to be such a jerk, Jimmy Kimmel?I get it. It's not cool to have someone express hope that you get cancer, or tell you flat-out to just" "die in a fire." Internet commenters are notoriously grumpy and the best/worst of them excel at pushing universal buttons.

Jim Carrey ruined people's lives with 'Dumb and Dumber' haircuts

Today in terrible life decisions: Letting Jim Carrey cut your hair into a Dumb and Dumber-inspired bowlcutThe actor, who was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, stood on Hollywood Boulevard offering haircuts to innocent passersby.

Postmodern Jukebox Shakes Off Taylor Swift With a Motown Cover

When a pop song tops the charts, viral covers will inevitably follow. Artists scramble to pump out their own rendition, changing the style, composition and genre, but few do it better than the Postmodern JukeboxThis time,

Selena Gomez does a perfect imitation of Taylor Swift's dancing

No one is better equipped to do an impersonation of you (or make fun of your mannerisms) than your best friendSo it's only fitting that when Selena Gomez stopped by iHeartRadio to promote her new single "Good For You,

Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' at 1/5 speed is the devil's music

Do not worry, people. This video is artTaylor Swift recently gave a peppy, crowd-pleasing performance of her hit single "Shake It Off" on Jimmy Kimmel Live,

Taylor Swift and Steven Tyler perform 'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing'

Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour thus far has proven to be a never-ending carousel of musical icon after musical icon, featuring artists that range from Joan Baez and Alanis Morissette to Fetty Wap and Selena GomezFriday night's performance in Swift's adopted hometown of Nashville,

A sick dog's heartwarming road to recovery

When caretakers at Animal Aid Unlimited, India came across a sickly dog sitting on the side of the road, they took him in with the hopes of giving the animal a second chanceInitially, the dehydrated dog suffered from a severe case of mange. But after just 10 days of treatment,

How natural hair is playing a big role on television

We're seeing an emergence of leading ladies on television showing off natural hairstyles and it's about damn time. For years, women of color have been challenging the societal norms around "professional hair" in the workplace, schools, and pop cultureThe Cosby Show, A Different World,

Google Doodle shares an Earth Day message from Dr. Jane Goodall

Google Doodle has a special treat to share in honor of Earth Day: A message from Dr. Jane Goodall, the famed British anthropologist and chimpanzee expert, and the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.In the animated video short, Dr.

Dwayne Johnson, classy dude, responds to a promposal with the kindest gesture

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is better at saying "no" than any of you.On April 15, a Minnesota high school studio named Katie Kelzenberg shot her shot: She posted a video of herself on Twitter asking Johnson to be her date to the senior prom. A "promposal," if you will.SEE ALSO:

Hackers want your data. Meet the ones who are trying to protect it.

The last two years have seen the Equifax breach, the WannaCry cyberattack, a nefarious DDoS attack that destroyed the internet for a full day, and a laundry list of other security breaches of the stores, restaurants, and retailers we know and love.

On Earth Day, here are the best tools for keeping tabs on our home planet

We have more information about the health of planet Earth than ever before, and lots of exciting new initiatives that will put data tools at your fingertips. Whether you're looking for global trends in wind power generation or solar installations, detailed monitoring about deforestation,

Hate public speaking? This $23 course can help change that.

If you clicked on this story, you probably have a paralyzing fear of public speaking. It's okay; you're not alone. Forbes once reported that 10 percent of people absolutely love public speaking, while another 10 percent avoid it at all costs.

Weed makes some people clean like crazy, but scientists don't really know why

This post is part of Mashable's Spring Cleaning Week. Just a little something to distract you from the eternal dread of constantly wiping all those fingerprints off your screen. "Stock up on Cheetos and Mt. Dew BEFORE you spark," a local police department in Kansas recently tweeted,

What Do Baseball Players Feel When They Hit a Home Run?

Major League Baseball athletes play it pretty cool and collected. They stroll up to home plate with a wedge of gum between their teeth. They ritually tap the bat a couple of times, sinking down to stare at the pitcher. It's a dance, methodical and focused.That is,

Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Is Ebola-Free

Nina Pham, the nurse who contracted Ebola while treating an infected patient in Dallas, is now virus free and will be released on Friday"[National Institutes of Health] officials will brief reporters about the discharge of Nina Pham,

Heartbreaking Images of Dogs About to Be Euthanized

Taiwanese photographer Yun-Fei Tou has spent the past five years documenting shelter dogs' final minutes of life, right before being euthanized. Through this heart-wrenching series, Tou is hoping that viewers will consider animal rights a serious moral issue.



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全新奔驰 C 级长轴距版的预售价格区间为 37 万到 49 万,这一定价是否过高?

从奔驰品牌、这一代C级车的配置来看,价格并不高。但是从市场角度、从消费者角度来看,这个预售价肯定是高了。奔驰C200L 37W的售价对应的是宝马320Li 时尚型 35.88W和奥迪A4L 35自动标准型 31.28W这两款车型。

'The Imitation Game': The Enigma Is Praise for This Cumberbatch Clunker

TORONTO — The Imitation Game is ostensibly about how Alan Turing and a team of fellow cryptographers cracked Enigma,

PS4连续8个月在美销量领先Xbox One

威锋网 9 月 12 日消息,市场调研机构 NPD 发布的信息显示,连续 8 个月来,索尼 PlayStation 4 在美国的销量都领先于 Xbox One。虽然微软采取了降价措施来应对,Xbox One 的销量也有所增长,却仍然不及 PS4。  



Meanwhile in the Future: Football Has Been Banned

This week on Meanwhile in the Future we step onto the field and talk about contact sports. What would it take to create a future in which the most dangerous sports die out? What are those sports to begin with? What does a world without football look like?Read more...





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