Microsoft ranks as world's tenth most profitable company

Just a few days ago Microsoft released its financial data for Q1 2015 (yeah, the timescale is weird) and we learned a little about where the company's money is coming from.Read more:

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Microsoft ranks as world's tenth most profitable company

Just a few days ago Microsoft released its financial data for Q1 2015 (yeah, the timescale is weird) and we learned a little about where the company's money is coming from.Read more:

Let’s Impair That Goodwill

Caveat Ballmer, or something.Microsoft made waves recently by disclosing in its quarterly 10-Q document that its Phone business, which generates billions in yearly revenue, isn’t performing as well as it expected.

Microsoft Predicts Its Commercial Cloud Revenue Will Reach A $20B Run Rate In Its Fiscal 2018

Microsoft announced today at its Build developer conference that during its fiscal 2018 — after the middle of 2017 for the rest of us — its commercial cloud revenue will hit a $20 billion run rate. That means that the products Microsoft lumps together as “commercial cloud” — Azure,

What To Look For In Microsoft’s Earnings Today

Microsoft is scheduled to report its earnings from the fourth calendar quarter today after the bell. The company is expected to earn $0.71 per share on revenue of $26.33 billion. Keep in mind that the period reported is the second quarter of Microsoft’s fiscal 2015. Read More

Salesforce Isn’t Going Anywhere

For the past several weeks we’ve been hearing persistent rumors that somebody is going to buy The company delivered its quarterly report last week, performing decently, seeing its share price and market capitalization grow as a result. Yet in spite of ongoing industry gossip,

Microsoft Earnings Today Will Be A Satya, Surface Double Feature

Today after the bell Microsoft will report its fiscal third quarter, calendar first quarter financial results. Analysts are expecting that the company will report $20.39 billion in revenue, and earnings per share of $0.63. Those figures are not too impressive.

Intel Beats In Q3 With $14.5B In Revenue, Despite Falling PC Market

Today following the bell, Intel reported its third-quarter financial performance, including revenue of $14.5 billion and earnings per share of $0.64. Following its earnings beat, shares in the chip giant initially rose.Analysts had expected Intel to report a $0.59 per-share profit,

Yahoo Shares Fall On Q3 Profit Miss, Recover Mildly On News Of Google Search Deal

Today following the bell, Yahoo reported its second quarter financial performance. Not discounting traffic acquisition costs (ex-TAC), Yahoo’s revenue for the period totaled $1.23 billion. The company earned $0.15 per share during the quarter, using adjusted metrics (non-GAAP).

Bing Is Profitable

Microsoft promised that Bing would stop losing money in its fiscal year 2016. Today, the company reported the first quarter’s results of that fiscal period and dropped an interesting tidbit: Bing is profitable. Read More

Taking Stock Of Tech’s Third Quarter

I trust that you are sated, smiley, and generally recharged by the recent Thanksgiving cycle. Earnings time. You may have thought that you were out of the non-GAAP woods. Not in the least. Certainly, Box still has yet report, but the majority of tech shops have dropped their digits,

Q&A: How wireless tech helps companies use screens better

From looking professional to acting professional, wireless technology is on the rise once again.

Google and T-Mobile team up with US emergency services

New partnership aims to help locate those who have dialed emergency services faster and more accurately.

8 steps to CRM success

Creating a strategy and plan before implementing a new CRM system is an absolute must.

Picking the right sales technology and training

Does your organisation have a sales tool training disconnect?

Best ways to protect your organization against advanced email-based cyberattacks

While it’s great to be able to manage email at any time of the day from anywhere, it makes security really difficult.

How biometric payment smart cards are radically transforming the payment industry innovation process

Make way for the biometric smart payment card.

When SDN breaks down

SDN brings clear benefits to the businesses that have adopted the technology but what should organisations do when their network goes down?

US retailers snub Apple Pay in favour of own QR payment platform

Just days after the service launched, a number of major US stores are refusing to support Apple Pay amid reports that retailers are developing their own payment service called CurrentC.Read more:

How to listen to offline playlists on Android Wear smartwatches with Bluetooth headphones

Google has updated its Android Wear for smartwatches so that users can download offline playlists that can be played without the need for a smartphone. Read our guide to work out how to activate it.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

UK trailing the rest of the world in wearable tech adoption

A new report, commissioned by The Workforce Institute at Kronos, has examined the difference in perception and use of wearables across the globe, with the UK seemingly behind the curve.Read more:








威锋网讯,自从在 iOS 8 的第四个 beta 中使用 OTA 的形式对提示应用进行更新后,近日小编发现苹果又对 iOS 8 正式版中的提示应用进行了更新,本次更新新增了两个功能提示,分别是快速键入互联网地址功能和存储“信息”中的照片功能。  


威锋网 10 月 15 日消息,外媒 MacRumors 报道知情人士透露,苹果计划本周举行发布会推出新品之后,在 10 月 24 日(星期五)开始在美国等市场销售这些新品。  


美国在线(AOL)CEO蒂姆·阿姆斯特朗(Tim Armstrong)周一在接受采访时表示,有关公司将与雅虎合并的传闻是不实的,AOL没有计划出售给后者。阿姆斯特朗将出席今年AOL在纽约举行的股东大会。

#woshiPM训练营#深圳站-First Blood组-你让我看的更远,我只能站你身上

10月的深圳,秋凉刚起,一场的Deign Hackathon培训,瞬间又点燃了火热的内心。在这首先感谢wosh […]

NYC Taxi Software Makes $5.2 Million In Extra Tips Per Year 

Taxi drivers already have to contend with a lot of crap. Drunk passengers, angry passengers, passengers who insist on eating tuna casserole in the backseat, Uber, criminals...the list goes on. Add this to the list of grievances:


我们假设这个问题是在做好 构思阐述 之后的问题。构思阐述 包括些什么,我总结为三点1 确定人物。相信我,所有的故事核心,绝对是人物。哪怕我们做的是一个环境题材,一个动物题材,人物也绝对是核心。

平安“福无忧”上市 为客户提供养老规划新选择

深圳2015年5月6日电 /美通社/ -- 中国越来越多的家庭正步入“四二一”模式(四个老人、一对夫妇和一个孩子),“如何养老”问题迫在眉睫,为让客户提前规划畅享老年品质生活,平安人寿近日推出银保渠道新产品 -- 平安福无忧年金保险,作为一款补充养老资金的年金产品,将为客户个人的养老规划提供有效的资金补充。

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