Jimmy Fallon and Charles Barkley are a nightmare charades team

This is probably the strangest cast of characters brought on the Tonight Show for a single game to dateIn an unlikely turn of events on Monday, NBA superstar Charles Barkley,

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Jimmy Fallon and Charles Barkley are a nightmare charades team

This is probably the strangest cast of characters brought on the Tonight Show for a single game to dateIn an unlikely turn of events on Monday, NBA superstar Charles Barkley,

Tesla releases DIY guide series for Model 3 maintenance

With an increased demand from consumers to fix products themselves, Tesla is capitalizing on that with a series of DIY guides for their Model 3 electric car.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Tesla, Elon Musk, and Tesla Model 3

LG to add Alexa support to its 2019 ThinQ TVs

LG's line of AI-enhanced, ThinQ television sets will get Amazon Alexa support soon, the company announced Thursday. The new feature will roll out to customers in North America this month, with Europe and Asia getting it "in the weeks to come."SEE ALSO:

The White House's new Twitter graphic instantly becomes a meme

If it's a day that ends in "y" then the White House probably did something that's been turned into a meme.This time it was a late night tweet follow up to Donald Trump's brief Rose Garden rant on Wednesday morning. Late Wednesday night,

Save £36 on the 5-litre Crock-Pot DuraCeramic slow cooker

We would all love to have the time and energy to spend a couple of hours lovingly creating a delicious meal for the whole family, but sometimes it's not possible.Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time meticulously chopping up some fresh veggies, marinading some meat,

This Nintendo Switch shoulder bag is down to under £13 on Argos

The great thing about the Nintendo Switch is its portability. Well, that's not the only great thing about the console, but it's certainly what sets it apart from the competition.You can play at home, in the car, in the great outdoors, or anywhere, really.

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and get up to £350 off when you trade in your old device

There's no clearer sign that we're all living in the future than the launch of 5G. Yep, EE’s service will be available in six cities when it goes live on May 30 — London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, and Manchester — and the operator says it plans to add 10 more cities in 2020. 

Beats headphones, Tower air fryers, Fire tablets, Sony speakers, and more on sale for May 23 in the

The Amazon Bank Holiday Sale started slowly but is finally gaining a bit of momentum, with a wave of new deals on everything from kitchen essentials to speakers. You can save on a wide range of devices with this deals round-up, including coffee machines, air fryers, slow cookers, headphones,

Umbrella City: Thousands still camp in Hong Kong's streets

The protesters who have brought the streets of downtown Hong Kong to a standstill for weeks are commemorating one month since police fired first tear gas into the crowd.The action marked a major turning point of the movement, drawing international attention to the student-led demonstrations,

British etiquette manual tells you how to behave in the 21st century 

LONDON — Debrett’s, the publishers of a famous handbook on social skills and manners, has released a new guide to modern-day etiquette.For the first time in its 245-year history, the authority behind the 480-page guide has shared the most frequently asked questions submitted by the public,

Feds accuse AT&T of throttling millions of 'unlimited' data plans

The FTC is suing AT&T for misleading millions of customers on "unlimited" data plans by throttling speeds by as much as 90%.The Federal Trade Commission announced on Tuesday that it has filed a complaint in federal court against the telecommunications giant.

Mt Gox曾每秒遭遇15万次攻击 传仍余10万比特币

比特币交易所MT.Gox在破产前的一个月面临着大规模的黑客进攻,每天承受15万次的分布式拒绝服务攻击(DDoS),这一攻击规模蔚为壮观。同时,就在今天MT.Gox CEO马克·卡普斯的个人博客MagicalTux.net显然被黑客骇入。


根据Netcraft最新数据显示,在2014年3月,Netcraft全球调查统计了919,533,715家网站。其中,使用Apache Web服务器的网站有354,956,660家,占全球市场份额的38.60%,环比上月上涨0.38%。可见,Apache形势终于有所好转。

Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee “stable” following emergency heart procedure

The ageing chairman was rushed to hospital after complaining of breathing difficulties that developed over the weekend and it has led to doubts over his ability to continue.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/12/samsung-chairman-lee-kun-hee-stable-following-emergency-heart-procedure/


“顾客就是上帝。”这句话被当做准则不断重复:公司必须以用户为中心。但是有一个问题:这样做没有效果。这是事实:大 […]


微软正迎来一个新的财年,值此之际,微软CEO萨提亚·纳德拉对公司全体员工发送了一封公开邮件,在邮件中“Bold […]

Windows 9的发布能否为Windows带来复兴?

有媒体报道称微软将于9月30日首次发布Windows 9 预览版。那么这将预示Windows最终恢复了魔力,还是会继续遭到批评家和用户们的抨击呢?据科技网站Verge报道,微软将在9月30日推出Windows 9预览版,之后将向用户开放。





[图]不只有同性恋 库克鲜为人知的14件趣事



Lizard Squad是一个“臭名昭著”的黑客团队,至少Xbox One、PS4玩家是这样认为的。这个黑客团 […]

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