Yes, that's a kitten in your office delivered by Uber

The best two words in the English language? Kitten deliveries.Kitten deliveries!!!Cheezburger, the folks who presciently came up with LOLcats before the rest of us did,

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Developers given more tools to integrate Uber into their app

Uber has been an app that seems to have taken the world by storm, offering an easy to use and relatively affordable service that outdoes the status quo of sub-par taxi cabs in just...The post Developers given more tools to integrate Uber into their app appeared first on WinBeta.

Uber releases Windows 10 app, still needs phone to complete the ride

Hot on the heels of a new Windows 10 Mobile app, Uber has released a more fully featured Windows 10 app to along with it. The Windows blog has the scoop on the new...The post Uber releases Windows 10 app, still needs phone to complete the ride appeared first on WinBeta.

Bing for iPhone app update brings barcode scanner and real-time Uber data

Bing released a new iPhone app last month, on November 18, to be precise. It added a number of features to make utilizing Bing on Apple’s popular smartphone easier and more efficient. Yesterday, the...

Uber Announces a Program That Lets You Split Fares With Strangers

Uber announced that is testing an option that enables its users to split fares on rides with strangers who are traveling on a similar route.Uberpool works like the regular Uber service, except it pairs users up with another rider, and notifies them of their co-rider's first name.

I took my first Uber, and I’m not sorry

My first Uber ride ever got off to a bit of a rough start WednesdayI'd just signed up this morning and was feeling nervous about trusting this critical ride to what was, for me at least, an untested service.

Richard Branson keeps telling his Virgin staff they should create an alternative to Uber, Airbnb

Uber and Airbnb may just be in for a little extra competition from an unlikely source: brash Virgin founder Richard Branson.Branson, the British business mogul with the wild mane who founded the trendy Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America airlines,

Uber's Emil Michael isn't going anywhere, report says

Despite pressure to fire Uber executive Emil Michael after his controversial remarks surfaced this week, at least two investors in the company and CEO Travis Kalanick are still firmly behind him, according to a new report.

Yes, that's a kitten in your office delivered by Uber

The best two words in the English language? Kitten deliveries.Kitten deliveries!!!Cheezburger, the folks who presciently came up with LOLcats before the rest of us did,

Bing contributes $1 billion to Microsoft’s bottom line in 1Q16

Microsoft reported their 1Q16 financial results yesterday, and so far they’ve been well-received–Microsoft stock is up around 10% this morning. Clearly, Microsoft strategy of shifting from a focus on the Windows platform to a...

Lyft president: Most millennials won’t own cars in 5 years

Millennials are giving up, putting off or simply choosing not to buy cars — a blow to the $10 trillion automotive industry, but a boon for people like John Zimmer.

Watch new footage of John Lennon in the studio, dragging Paul McCartney

Diss tracks looked a lot different in 1971.Here we have John Lennon performing in the studio with his fellow Beatle George Harrison and the Plastic Ono Band. The song? A funked out version of "How Do You Sleep?" from Lennon's second solo album, Imagine.The song's lyrics take aim Paul McCartney,

20 online resources to take sex ed into your own hands

The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2.0, Mashable explores the state of sex ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, sex positivity, respect, and responsibility.

6 things Deaf activist Nyle DiMarco wants you to know about sign language

You may know Nyle DiMarco from America's Next Top Model, where he was crowned the victor of the show's 22nd season, in 2015. You may have seen DiMarco demonstrate perfect rhythm on Dancing With the Stars, where he went home with yet another grand prize. DiMarco, in short, is a winner. But DiMarco,

Snag this illustrating software on sale for 50% off

Let's face it: Technology makes life a lot easier, doesn't it? With a few swipes and taps, you can do just about anything from hailing a cab, to meeting romantic suitors, to ordering a heaping plate of lo mein straight to your doorstep.SEE ALSO:

Learn how to draw by taking this online class that's on sale

Convinced coloring and sketching is child's play? Think again.It may come as no surprise that drawing, painting, and other creative pursuits can actually bolster creativity, improve memory, decrease stress, and make you a better communicator. Not just a kiddie activity anymore, huh?SEE ALSO:

The politicians who made veganism a little bit cool

Presidents didn't always down twelve Diet Cokes and multiple McDonald's sammies per day. Some even ate their vegetables.Back in early 2010s, things were different. Better. More than a few of the country's leading political figures had decided to go vegan. In earlier eras,

The wilderness has returned to idyllic Cape Cod. That means great white sharks.

On Sept. 14, Wendy Dockray strolled down to Newcomb Hollow Beach, on the shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The waves were mighty that day, so she went to watch the surf pound the shore. The waves also attracted surfers. "I actually thought, 'Aren't they worried?'" Dockray,

A few things to consider before dressing up your dog on Halloween

When you try to dress a dog in a Halloween costume, he will likely squirm and growl. That just means he really like the costume, right? Right?On Tuesday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon laid out the pros and cons of dressing up your pets.On the plus side: A wide variety of costumes to choose from.

The 5-step process for making an Ebola vaccine

Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, was born 100 years ago this week, and the contributions he made to science still save countless lives. That's because the scientific dogma behind his vaccine still holds true: If you expose a body to deactivated, noncontagious version of a virus,

World Series Game 7: A historic showdown with no losers

After decisive World Series Game 7 on Wednesday night in Kansas City, fans of either the hometown Royals or San Francisco Giants will be left heartbroken. That's unavoidable. It's natural. But it's also crazy. This isn't just one of those trite things parents tell Little Leaguers:



诺基亚 MixRadio 进入中国市场

据估算,到2015年中国网民数量将占世界总数的 1/4。今天,诺基亚进入了中国大陆市场,成为第一个被准许在大陆运营的国际音乐流媒体业务。



微软在Lumia 930上使用“苹果和土豆”进行无线充电

去年,诺基亚展示了一项实验:在Lumia 925上导入进行快速充电技术。现在,微软和Carphone Warehouse展示另一型在智能手机上关于充电技术的疯狂想法,这项技术可以用水果和蔬菜进行充电。







Facebook's New Icons Bring Feminism to Your Friendships

The internet doesn’t always do a very good job with gender equality . But a designer at Facebook has taken control of the social network’s icons to bring a little more balance to its website.Read more...


嗯,早上看到一句话,是这么说的——“暖一个人叫暖男,暖一帮人叫热狗,暖一个大房子的叫中央空调,暖北方的叫暖气, […]

共生产375台 迈凯伦宣布将关停P1生产线

迈凯伦宣布旗下超跑P1的生产线将在完成第375台量产车的制造后关停。迈凯伦P1从2013夏天开始制造,目前所有375台车都已找到买主,每台车都是根据客户的需求特别定制的,平均每台车的装配时长为17天。『量产版2014款迈 ... ...

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