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It's totally okay to eat pets in Pennsylvania

Tuesday night's Colbert Report dove into the contentious world of state politics. Specifically, Pennsylvania's House of Representatives, where whether or not it's legal to eat pets is a hot topic.Recently,

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Can 'Stephen Colbert' Transition to Stephen Colbert?

There have been brands that rebranded themselves and celebrities that have changed their images. But what about an entertainer whose brand is based on an exaggerated version of himself?That's the unique branding dilemma facing Stephen Colbert and CBS. Colbert,

'The Colbert Report' end date officially set

Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central sign-off has been officially setThe host announced Thursday night that the final episode of The Colbert Report will air Dec. 18, 2014, bringing to an end his almost decade-long run on the network.See also:

Stephen Colbert leads viewers through his new set — then things get weird

Breaking: The new Colbert feels a lot like the old Colbert — and that's a good thingNever was that more apparent than during this absurdist bit from Colbert's very first Late Show, which seemed to announce the role he'll be playing in the network talk show landscape.

Stephen Colbert Gives Jeff Bezos the Finger — Twice

Amazon is messing with the wrong guy.A few days after best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell came out against the online retailer for raising prices and delaying shipments of his books because of a dispute with publisher Hachette, Colbert has done the same. Colbert's plaint, however, is funnier.

Review: Stephen Colbert's 'The Late Show' looks a lot like 'The Colbert Report'

There's a new guy on the broadcast late-night block, and he's kinda weirdThank God.See also: 11 Times We've Seen the Real Stephen ColbertAnyone who knew Stephen Colbert before he took over The Late Show was probably hoping for exactly what the former Colbert Report host gave them Tuesday night:

Stephen Colbert shamelessly shills for a hummus brand on his first Late Show

Fake Stephen Colbert — that patriotic supporter of the free markets — would love the "real" Stephen Colbert's devotion to capitalism.During his debut Tuesday as host of the Late Show on CBS, Colbert gave the audience a tour of his new studio including a Captain America shield,

Stephen Colbert's 10 best 'Better Know a District' segments

As The Colbert Report winds to a close in its 10th season, we'd like to take some time to appreciate one of the show's best and funniest segments, "Better Know a District."The bit,

Stephen Colbert puts Smaug in the hot seat for a change

Stephen Colbert, meet Smaug the Mighty.The Colbert Report host welcomed special guest and enormous, fire-breathing fictional dragon Smaug to his program on Dec. 11.See also:

A Triumphant Stephen Colbert Crashes 'The Daily Show'

Stephen Colbert has won television, according to Stephen ColbertAfter nearly nine years hosting The Colbert Report, he is moving on to greener pastures — also know as network television.Colbert dropped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to officially "announce" the end of The Colbert Report,

The 15 truthiest Stephen Colbert quotes, America

You can kick and scream, America, but Stephen Colbert's character from The Colbert Report will be dead and gone come FridayThe final episode of The Colbert Report airs Thursday, and although the real Stephen Colbert will grace our screens as the new host of the Late Show, replacing David Letterman,

Nicki Minaj hilariously weaves Stephen Colbert into 'Barbie Dreams'

On Nicki Minaj's new track "Barbie Dreams," the rapper hilariously calls out a whole bunch of dudes as being, to put it simply, a disappointment.The list of well-known men includes Drake, Mike Tyson, DJ Khaled, and more. However,

Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon drink disgusting cocktails in the name of good TV

You probably didn't know Ryan Reynolds owns a gin distillery, an acquisition which he picked up earlier this year.So, in the name of good television (and an ever-so-slight promotion of the Canadian actor's libations),

MoviePass users cancelling their subscriptions find they can't actually leave

Tried to cancel your MoviePass subscription? Some users of the movie ticket subscription service are finding they can't actually leave.Former MoviePass users are venting their rage on Twitter, after finding their accounts have not been closed as requested,

Apple and Facebook could be asked by Australia to build tools to get around encryption

Like the FBI, Australia has been finding ways to get past encryption, with big tech companies famously not making it easy for authorities.In response,

Thor's roomie Darryl made it out of 'Avengers: Infinity War' alive

Mild spoiler alert for Avengers: Infinity War ahead.It's the question on everyone's mind after Thanos and "The Snap": What the hell happened to Thor's roommate Darryl? Was he spared? Did he make the cut? Guys, relax. Darryl's alright, but he's working weekends now,

Instagram users are reporting the same bizarre hack

Krista, an Instagram user with more than 4,500 followers on her fitness account, noticed something strange on Saturday evening: she had been logged out of her account. When she tried to log back in, she got a message that her username didn't exist.

Make playlists when you travel for nostalgia-filled mixes of your trip

This is You Won't Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team.Making playlists is a lot like journaling.I used to journal religiously — every night for almost ten years,

Metadata of Australians may be stored for two years under new law

The metadata of Australians is proposed to be stored by telecommunication companies and internet service providers for two years, under new legislation introduced to Parliament by the Australian government.On Thursday morning, mandatory data-retention legislation,

E-40 and Marlins Man are together at the World Series

Talk about #TrueDetectiveSeason2! Talk about a match made in bizarro heaven! Talk about a World Series subplot!For the second straight night,

11 free tools to protect your online activity from surveillance

The documentary Citizenfour, which debuted to a limited release on Friday, offers the closest look yet at Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who exposed the National Security Agency spying scandal. In the film,



France bans work emails after 6 p.m.

A new work agreement is being enforced by France to prevent workers checking emails and using professional devices after they have finished working for the day. Read more:



索尼IFA邀请函曝光 将发布的不止智能手机

国内评测网站 eprice 近日曝光了他们收到的索尼 IFA 邀请函,邀请函上显示了一些重要信息。  从邀请函上看到,索尼和之前预测的一样,将在 IFA 之前举办系设备发布会,具体时间为 9 月 3 日 16:15 即北京时间同日 23:

持续一个月的欧美热门话题 #玩家门# 到底是怎么一回事?

编者按:阿勒姆·布哈里(Allum Bokhari)是一名政治顾问,也是一名资深游戏玩家。在从牛津大学获得历史和政治学学士学位之后,他曾担任一名英国政府部长的实习生。

麻雀虽小五脏俱全:CES 2015上极致纤薄的Egreat i5迷你PC

在本届消费电子展(CES 2015)上,我们发现很多传统厂商都推出了迷你PC产品,比如英特尔NUC、宏碁Revo One、技嘉Brix、以及索泰PA330等。不过,在众多的产品之中,Egreat i5却着实让我们眼前一亮——尤其是它那极致纤薄的厚度。


SB4是Enbrel(R)生物仿制候选药 -三星Bioepis进入欧洲药品管理局监管审查的首款生物仿制药 -在欧盟提交的首款Enbrel生物仿制药 -一经授权,SB4将由百健艾迪在欧洲营销 韩国仁川2015年1月21日电 /美通社/ -- 三星 Bioepis(Samsung Bioepis Co.


1月22日晚,被称为平安互联网金融"五虎将"之一的平安万里通董事长兼CEO吴世雄因过劳去世。吴世雄1979毕业于台湾辅仁大学数学系,还持有加州州立大学计算机硕士学位和南加利福尼亚大学MBA 学位。


沃尔玛再度蝉联2015年美国500强榜首 深圳2015年6月6日电 /美通社/ -- 美国当地时间6月5日,一年一度的沃尔玛股东大会在美国阿肯色州费耶特维尔举行,来自世界20多个国家的2000多名员工代表以及超过1万名的股东代表应邀出席,适逢沃尔玛在《财富》杂志近日发布的2015年美国500强排行榜上再度蝉联榜首,使得今年的股东大会更加引人注目。

12 revealing moments from 'Star Wars: Battlefront'

LOS ANGELES — Now that we've finally seen what Star Wars: Battlefront looks like in action, it's time to tear that footage apart and find out what makes it tick.

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