Taylor Swift removes all music from Spotify after '1989' bickering

Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned. Her exes know that. And now Spotify does, too.The "Shake It Off" singer is shaking off Spotify,

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Taylor Swift removes all music from Spotify after '1989' bickering

Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned. Her exes know that. And now Spotify does, too.The "Shake It Off" singer is shaking off Spotify,

Shaking off Spotify is easy for Taylor Swift; for everyone else, it's complicated

The music industry trembled when Taylor Swift — the only artist with a 2014 release that's sold one million copies — removed all of her music from Spotify.Swift's departure, which came after the streaming company criticized her for not making her 1989 album available to stream,

Taylor Swift Confirms 1989 Will Come to Apple Music

Taylor Swift and Apple Music have spent the last week embroiled in a passive-aggressive Tweetwar over artist payments on Apple’s upcoming streaming service. Apple caved to Swift’s demands on the weekend, and now the singer has made good,

Taylor Swift's '1989' won't be on Apple Music, and that's the point

When Apple Music launches on June 30, it will be without Taylor Swift's platinum-selling album 1989.T.Swift's latest album will not be available to stream for free to Apple Music subscribers, as reported by BuzzFeed News and confirmed by Mashable.See also: Forget Taylor Swift:

Spotify To Taylor Swift: We're Not Fucking You Over, Record Labels Are

When Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify, she was absolutely right that the whole streaming music system is screwing over artists. But that's not Spotify's fault. Read more...

Stream Ryan Adams' '1989' cover album now and make Taylor Swift's cat happy

We've been waiting forever — in Internet time — for Ryan Adams' reimagination of Taylor Swift's 1989, first announced in August. Now it's finally hereYou can stream the album in its entirety on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or track-by-track on YouTube.See also:

Taylor Swift Explains Why She Knew Spotify Was Trouble

Taylor, I’ma let you finish but… Spotify is still one of the best music streaming services of all time. Now that I got that off my chest, let’s take a look at tall musician Taylor Swift, and her thoughts on the “grand experiment” of Spotify,

Apple Won an Exclusive Taylor Swift Concert Streaming Deal

Yesterday, Apple announced that its Music service will have the exclusive rights to stream a concert film from Taylor Swift’s current world tour.Read more...

Taylor Swift Put All Her Music On Jay-Z's Pet Streaming Service

Taylor Swift, part-time pop star and full-time crusader for the rights of impoverished pop artists, made headlines last year when she yanked her music off Spotify . Well, streaming Swift is back — on a service you've probably never heard of. Read more...

1989 Won't Be On Apple Music, And That's Bad News For Apple

Joke about TaySway and her army of loyal Tumblr tweens all you want (go on, I dare you), but Swift is an undeniable powerhouse in pop music. Eight months after the launch of 1989, it’s still the fourth-best selling album in the country.

Bon Appétit proves there are technically 63 ways to cook a potato

How many ways have you made potatoes? Five, six? It might be time to broaden your horizons, because there are apparently dozens of ways to cook everyone's favorite starchy tuber. In a new video from Bon Appétit, editor at large Amiel Stanek cooks russet potatoes a whopping 63 ways.

How to support the U.S. women's national soccer team in their fight for equal pay

With their 2-1 victory over Spain on Monday, the USWNT advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2019 Women's World Cup. As they're busy defending their 2015 win, their lawsuit against U.S. Soccer, which alleges "years of ongoing institutionalized gender discrimination," continues.

Grab the brand-new Echo Show 5 with a Ring Video Doorbell and save $50

TL;DR: The brand-new Echo Show 5 is now for sale and you can bundle it with a Ring Video Doorbell for $288.99, saving you $50. Or buy the Echo Show 5 by itself for just $89.99. Or buy two Echo Show 5s and save $30. (So many choices!)Amazon launched a smaller and cheaper version of the Echo Show,

Google Home Mini 2-pack is $20 off at Walmart

TL;DR: The hands-free Google Home Mini is all you need in a smart speaker assistant, and you can get two of them for just $58 at Walmart. 

How the queer community can embrace the asexual spectrum

Mashable is celebrating Pride Month by exploring the modern LGBTQ world, from the people who make up the community to the spaces where they congregate, both online and off.Pride is a time for embracing one’s identity, for shouting it loudly from the rooftops because we should, all of us,

'Cyborg botany' is a process that turns plants into electronic devices

Is it possible to replace some of your artificial devices with cyborg plants to reduce e-waste? Harpreet Sareen, an Assistant Professor at the Parsons School of Design and a research affiliate at MIT Media Lab, certainly thinks so.

Get a Gillette razor bundle for under £20 using this code

TL;DR: Get 25% off Gillette Essential Bundles by using the code BUNDLE25 at checkout, but hurry, as this code will expire June 28. Kick starting your shaving supplies can be a real hassle, especially with how expensive it can be to get everything you need.   

15 simple photo ideas for creative holiday cards

Santa hats and festive sweaters are so last year.The holidays should be special every year, so it's important to send your friends and distant family members a holiday card that will really impress. You deserve a prime spot on the mantle, after all.See also:

13 years after 9/11, it's move-in day at One World Trade

More than a decade after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, America's tallest building is open for businessEmployees started moving into One World Trade Center on Monday morningThe 104-story, $3.9 billion building is just 60% leased. About 170 employees of Conde Nast's 3,

Monster wants to find your dream job — and present it to you on Twitter

Monster usually tries to attract people to its online job board in hopes of pairing employers and prospective employees. Starting Thursday,

A Gadget Used to Scan the Tower of Pisa Is Helping Police Fight Crime

Three-dimensional scanners are one of the newest and most futuristic gadgets in a police investigator's toolkit. These magical, handheld little devices can create 3D models of a crime scene in mere minutes. And the technology just keeps getting better.Read more...    

AT&T wants to buy DirecTV for $50 billion

AT&T is in advanced talks to buy DirecTV for $50 billion, or about $100 per share, Bloomberg reported Monday. AT&T’s plan is to turn the satellite company into an AT&T unit, and keep management on board to run that unit, with plans for DirecTV’s chief executive Mike […]


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Moto 360 的后继产品会在杨元庆的这个箱子里吗?

当你有钱的时候,基本上是想做什么都可以,比如在新年期间买下 Moto,又比如在把它买下以后,随意地在网上晒出一箱可能藏有新品机密的手表。你没有猜错,我们在说的「任性」主角就是联想 CEO 杨元庆。





The Sun Just Spat Out a Massive Solar Filament

Last week, the Sun spat out a massive solar filament that extended the star’s visible hemisphere by almost half. This image of that huge lick of plasma was captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).Read more...

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