Trend Micro: New breed of UK hackers will target wearables, routers and social media

A report from Trend Micro has found that attacks originating from the UK will increase in the coming year and they will be far more targeted than normal cybercrime attacks.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: that will attacks Trend Micro more targeted techno

BYOD posing major mobile security risks

More and more organisations are allowing employees to bring their own devices for work.

BlackBerry seals $1.4bn Cylance deal

Software giant adds AI cyber security tools to its portfolio.

Major SMS leak exposed millions of messages

Two-factor authentication codes were also exposed in Voxox leak.

Kid-focused smartwatches can be hacked to track location

Report uncovers worrying security flaws in popular products.

Why employee engagement matters in digital transformation

Neil Harvey, CTO at Kirona, discusses how employee-buy in can motivate workforces and drive successful digital transformation projects.

Personal cyberattacks becoming more common

Hackers are pushing bots aside as they roll up their sleeves.

Winning customer trust for physical security-as-a-service

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO at Morphean, discusses the security and intelligence benefits of Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

China says new drone-killing laser will target terrorists

The device allegedly has a range of two kilometers and can shoot down a target flying at a lower altitude, less than five seconds after locating it, state media agency Xinhua reports. Read more:

London police to use data to predict crime before it happens

Accenture's new software, resembling that seen in the Minority Report movie, relies on data that has been collected over four years. Read more:

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Warg receives jail sentence for hacking

The Swedish national has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for illegally accessing computers owned by technology firm CSC in order to download police and social security files.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

colinneagle writes "Google's driverless cars have now combined to drive more than 700,000 miles on public roads without receiving one citation, The Atlantic reported this week.

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被iPhone 6点燃的苹果财报

在过去的这个财季,每个小时有3.4万部iPhone被销售,苹果卖出了7450万部iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,单季出货量创造了记录。同时,苹果的单季收入和利润也达到单季历史最高。国际市场的崛起不容忽视,贡献了苹果65%的收入。

传播正能量——做一个快乐的程序员 - 缘生梦

引子 今天在博客园看到施瓦小辛格的文章我们搞开发的为什么会感觉到累,顿时有感而发。自己本来不擅长写文章,更不擅长写这种非技术性的文章,但是在思绪喷薄之际,还是止不住有很多话要说。

The 10 Most Popular Products Ever, As Purchased By You

September 5th, 2015 marks the three year anniversary of Commerce Content at Gawker Media, and in that time readers have treated themselves to more than 9 million products. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than ranking the most popular.Read more...



日系可定制Win 10手机NuAns Neo开启预售

日本OEM厂商NuAns的Windows 10 Mobile手机NuAns Neo现在已经于日本开启预售,这是一款可定制外壳各个组件的手机,包括8个外壳部件,每种都拥有8种选择,共64种选择方案,能够最大限度地满足用户个性化的需求。


其他答主说的都差不多了。【哨子方面】 足球裁判员用的哨子,基本上都是无核哨,价格至少都是100元以上,声音响亮。本人使用的FOX哨子声音高达120分贝,哪怕是在嘈杂的体育馆中执法,哨音也清晰可辨。 外面卖的哨子一般都是有核哨(哨里有个小珠子),或者是一些质量一般的无核哨(如中亚90),声音达不到高级哨子的那种响度。【球员方面】 就算野哨中也有人拥有裁判员用的哨子(如FOX、摩腾等),在比赛中球员也基本能分清哨音是否来自裁判。主要信息有: 1、哨音是否是从裁判的方向来的。 2、哨音发生时是否有该裁判鸣哨的情况。

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